Aishwarya Rai Bachchan gets "Iconic Beauty" Award @ DNA After Hours Style Awards

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Aishwarya Rai Bachchan gets "Iconic Beauty" Award @ DNA After Hours Style Awards

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katrina doesnt even compare to this indian beauty.


aww thats so nice. ash totally deserved it!!! congrats ash!

I don't understand what's wrong with her neck! Her neck is normal. Another point to prove that she didn't undergo any stupid surgery. She doesn't need any surgery when God himsmelf made her with care. But does anybody think she lost weight?? Or is it only me??

Aishwarya pledged to donate her eyes, and that inspired many to do so.. she is very charity driven. isn't it nice of her? yes, it is.

Oops looks like they forgot to photoshop her neck? Something about her facial expression and the way shes holding the award. Almost like shes thinking 'I deserve so much better'

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ok katrina is beautiful we get it...but she has some time to get the 'iconic beauty' award....she is young, which makes it easy to look good....we will see if she looks just as good when she is in her mid 30's like aish is now....maybe then she will deserve the 'iconic' beauty award.....

what rubbish. typical indian awards

her face oh so fine but the moment u look at her neck .. hurts to say but she should do something abt her neck lines if shez iconic beauty

Congrats Aishwarya

It's funny to read that Aish is at every award functions, all public apparence to get attention. It's not Aish who are on the cover of every magazine, or every functions and every awards fuctions. A lot of actresses love doing that but not Aish.

It's not because she doesn't scream on the rooftop what she does for charity that she doesn't care about the poor. search by yourself and you'll find her actions for the poor.

her "beauty" is so overrratttteeddd!!!!!!!!!!!! she's a pretty girl for sure but that title of hers is ridiculous! made by her PR team since she was never considered "most beautiful" early on in her career.

she thanks her parents for a style award???? LOL!!!

To the moron Anon 22:44 below, You don't know much about Ash's charity side because she doesn't believe in publicising her doing good to the poor and the affected.She's not like the other stars who scream from rooftops about their charities and social work. I'm sure you've never heard about Aishwarya Rai Foundation, nor about her association with PETA. Neither do you know she's an active particpant in Smile Train Foundation which does FREE operations to the children affected with Cleft Lip. Wait, do you know what Cleft Lip actually is? Duh. And how many of our celebs have pledged to donate their eyes???? Just shows how ignorant you are, dumbass. And hello? There is no rule that actors only have to do charity. Normal people like you and me can do a lot too. (But I guess you are abnormal) Ash is doing awesome and hearty congratulations to her!! She looks stunningly beautiful, deserves the award 400%!! xD

Aishwarya you desurve it! Congrats! Katrina?!...Don´t make me laugh!!!

Ash's Charities include - Beautifull Beginings for Underpriveledged girls, Eye Donation, Cleft Palet, Donations to medical institutions and more. So please educate yourself ....

oh GOD! Enough overrating already! lol

She is the Beauy of this Decade! She is to the 2000's what Madhuri Dixit was to the 90's and what Sridevi was to the 80's and Hema Malani to the 70's.

this woman is always into attending every award shows and wedding reception to get public attention....i have never seen her do charity or help the poor. I mean she has been in the industry for a long time and never gives back to the community. I mean how greedy can you get?

Aishwarya's PR Lee is back :-D

not my fav but she deserves it

lol katrina kee on dreaming ano anyways she looks beautifullll love her

Of course she's an icon. To poster below. Katrina? Don't make me laugh.

Katrina should have gotten it!

Her dressing does not look stylish enough to wear for Style Awards.
but she looks good.

Like her or her her, she deserves it like no one else. She is possibly the most discussed celeb in today's history over her beauty (and controversy of whether she is as highly ranked for her beauty or not). SHE DESERVES THIS AWARD!!!!!!!

Wow congrats Aishwarya. She looks so elegant and beautiful in the pic

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