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Being Human - Salman Khan Foundation

Event,Katrina Kaif
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It is said that Salman Khan is man with a golden heart and one who never tires of doing charitable work. But now Sallu has decided to make it official and has launched the Being Human - Salman Khan Foundation.

The superstar says he is ready to dole out his cash to anyone and everyone as long as you can give him a valid reason for it. Speaking at a special preview of his upcoming film, Partner, for underprivileged children at Cinemax, Salman Khan had a free-wheeling chat with us about the Salman Khan Foundation and his plans for it.

Why launch a foundation when we all know that you are already doing so much charity?

You get so much in life. My house is not so big and I don’t have so many needs. Sometimes when you have an overflow of money it gets spent on parties so I rather give the money here. I used to do this earlier also but I was very embarrassed to talk about it but now I have started being human. So I’m going to show off and talk about it – kissi ko acha lage ya na achha lage. I just want people to know that if I can do it so can you. And that’s the reason why I have started this foundation.

You know people say that an actor doesn’t even stitch his own pocket … as in that we get everything and we don’t need to spend our money on anything. It’s only a case of in flow in an actor’s life and I want to turn this set concept around and I hope that I have so much money that it can benefit maximum number of kids and adults. And if doesn’t happen I will start extorting it!

The tag says being human. What does ‘Being Human’ mean to Salman Khan?

Being human for me is…being human. We all are human beings and I think we don’t do anything human to be human so you have to do something. I mean God gives you so much and you know eventually you need to start giving it back. Everyone does that, I’m sure, in some way or the other but I wanted to start this on my own for a long time now. But I just couldn’t find the time and I’m more inclined to this now.

Your first project was underprivileged kids seeing your movie Partner. Do you consider them your critics?

I feel really bad for people like Khalid Mohammad and all. (laughs) No seriously this movie is not meant for them… it’s a movie made for children! This is my audience. This is my achievement and this is my goal that people, little kids, little babies enjoy the movie and go back home. I’m in the entertainment business, you know. I don’t want to do serious cinema. I just want people to really laugh, enjoy and go back. I think with all the suffering and misery in the world it’s nice to make people laugh.

So if I want to give the Salman Khan Foundation some money can I just call you up?

(Laughs) I haven’t worked out the details yet. I mean if someone wants to help they can knowing that it’s going to go a right cause because I really don’t need to do any of that jhol. I mean I have enough… I am putting in my own money so why would I? I don’t have a huge staff so it’s like whenever I can help anybody I will do it. And if you want to put in money you are of course more than welcome to put in your own money!

Is it true that you are hoping to sell your paintings for the foundation?

Yes. I am also painting these days so I can then sell them and use the money for the Foundation. You know when someone starts a foundation like this he becomes a beggar. I am not a beggar. Till my hands, legs and mind are in working condition I will work and I will try and do as much as I can for this Foundation. I will put in as much money as I can afford to put in.

People say you have given Govinda a second lease in Bollywood with a role in Partner. What is your take on that?

No no… it’s not true. I am nobody to give him a second lease. He is one of the best actors turned politicians. So he is trying to do a lot of good in his own way. And he did do it. But eventually he has to come back to movies. He is an actor at the end of the day. A good script came up and I don’t think anyone could play that role but Govinda…

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kindely send me a computer

salman sir
my name is gopinath.. i am doing b.tech 4th year.. my dad is a tailor, we are too poor to buy a computer..
still i don't have computer..
i am facing many problems because of the computer..
i heard about trust, i am requesting you sir...
kindly understand my problem and help me.

9299107417 yours obidiently

hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! salman .u r doing mindbloing work,i love your kind heart nature.........and i m also waiting for your next DAVANG movie........buy love u


Hey salman,

I am a big fan of yours and love you and all the great things that you are doing with your foundation. I would like to contribute to the foundation and also buy the T shirts.. but there is absolutely no way of reaching your team. can you please get back to me regarding this... Rupa +919901171023 or email thuupi@yahoo.com

Love Ya

All the Best Salman ur doing very good work for the poor people may Allha Bless you for ur good work and u vll luk young till 60

Wasim Khan

I want to buy Being Human T Shirt. Can anyone help me how to purchase them?

Ya Salman I big fan of urs.
N I would like 2 be part of ur being human organization..plz revert back to me.. I want to give my time to ur organization.

kindness regards

salman your nice job

As Salamaly Kum Salman Bhai , We want To Meet u Regarding NGO Project For Poor People in Our city We Required A small Amt of Fund For Computers Our NGo Name is Yuva Educational Tust & very soon we will Lanch our Site www.yuvatrust.com & www.yuvatrustinfo.com Plz Give us Ur Personal Cell No. to Conatact u for a Appointment This Project will Bring Big Change in Poor Student , I hope So. U will Soon reply us & we are in Try to meet u but Still we unable to reach u Plz Mail me jollyaksr@yahoo.com Allah Hafiz

salman i want to buy being humam t-stirt

Dear Mr. Khan,

I have heard a lot about the philanthropy that you do. I work for an organization called Freedom Foundation. The Actress Revati has visited us while researching for the film Phir Milenge.
Currently our foundation reaches out to more than 50,000 people living with HIV. Today I write to you because we are having difficulties with our funds and we need help.
our website is www.thefreedomfoundation.org
e-mail address is freedomg2@gmail.com

I do hope to hear from you.


pls salman sir meet me..i have big dream to become like u..my name is rahim..my email id wud be rahim.mujju@yahoo.com

being human is a great foundation.. i like it very much and i love u salman ur great.. my name is pankaj

i just want to be the part of being Human NGO,i want to work for this organisation.i haave seen lot of . i can teach dance to special kids .,.Hope to get a respond from u soon. i m from delhi ... puneetb.icici@gmail.com

namaste .....
sallu bhaiya....
me aap ka bhai ..mani..
aap se ek baar milna chahta hu..
n i would like to ba part of ur being human family..
reply me on singhanizer63@gmail.com

hi salman this one of from ur fans
i would like tio be partof ur being human
this is the golden approchunity to meet u panditkamble@yahoo.com

hi salman..
i m naveen from noida.. i also want to join ur NGO bt i dont knw how? cn u help me...

salman is really with a golden heart he is like a man who never looks back he always try to get something new i love salman really from the bottom of my heart salman can u provide some tips for studing my

HI sAlMaN sir the work u r doing is really apriciable.
i am a student of b-tech,i want to help the people who are needy specialy the small girls cute ones,my heart crys when i saw any troble happenig to childrens,babys
How can i help them..the answer is with u sir.
plzzzzzzz tel me......
Also i want to be a member of ur NGO-FOUNDATION
so plz contact me at sharma.sourabh43@yahoo.com else

hey sallu,
i m rahul frm kolhapur,
i want 2 help poor & needy person..........but how????????
the answer is with u only ,iwant 2member of ur NGO....
so pls pls contact me @ 9158822059

Salaam Salman,
This is Aadil here from Kashmir.... In Kashmir you have huge fan base, why not it should be. You are such a great soul. I am big fan of yours -- follow you since I saw you on my television...
Hope you are hale and hearty. I often heard people mostly in media say ill agaist you but the fact of the matter is your success discomfort them. The sigh of a sucessful man is when he gets criticized unnecessarily. Surely you have golden heart. I am highly inspired the way you help people without expecting anything from them. You are a selfless person. Often I take leaf out of your book. You are a great human being and i.e. why you think of needy human beings. May Allah bless you here and hereafter with his rewards. Carry on brother. Wish you a best luck annd wishes.

Hiii Salman I dont know people write lots of thing about u but Wht i know about u, U r very kind hearted and u dont love people u love humanity which is a beauty that never finish.and yes u r my favourite Hero in Bollywood I was very inspired to you specially in Excercise that u do reguraly to make u fit.I am same in NGO sector I have done MBA in Rural Development and Management.And want to b a small part of your this NGO always waiting for your golden words that u will call me.Again Take care Handsome My contact No. is 09454320156.hope see u soon Byeeeeee.

salam....luv u 4 wat u r doing salman want 2 help u in dis bt cul'nt find d way out

Hi Salman Sir,
I would like to know a address of Salmaan Knan Foundation. One of the girls burn badly and currently admitted in Washi hospital. The expences of the treatment come to Rs. 6 Lac. So please help to this child.
Reply- ani2171981@yahoo.co.in

Hey Salman,
Many thanks for all you are doing for humanity,How best do you think we can work together...

You can reach me on naturaltouchnig@gmail.com

Peace and Love Always

hi salman bhai app jo kar rahai ho wo ek wara dilwala karta hai. meri subhkamna aap kai shath hai ( Aap big fan Abid )

were can v buy "Being Human" T-shirts? plz revert on play_safe86@yahoo.com

ek bhartiya ko ek bhartiya ka pranam
shriman me ek fitness trainer hoon, kya me apke NGO ke liye ya aap ke liye kuch kar sakta hoon?

u r doing well

hi sallu g you are very cute i like you so much, i like your smile most.plz tell me how can i join your foundation. plzzzzzzzzzz

dear salman sir,
i am student of B-Tech(computer science and engineering ).i want to help poor people but i am not able to do this due to economic proplem.i want to became member of your NGO.how can i become member of this NGO.
p.no. 09897623958

r u doing help to others?

RESPECTE "SALLU SIR"i am a B.COM Graduate,i just want to be the part of being Human NGO,i want to work for this organisation.i haave seen lot of ups and downs in my life ,.Hope to get a respond from u soon, saikat1182@gmail.com
kind regards:

How to reg. being human.
From- Ravi (Kharagpur).

i want to join your NGO. At this state no one know about your NGO but from when i make tatoo of "being human" everyone understand about your NGO but also i want your help to make famous your NGO in my society.
pls think over it...
contact me at +919158822059

Dear salman sir
I m naseer khan student of MSW(master of social work) MAnuu university hydrabad.
I want to join your NGO to serve orphan and poor people.how its possible.
no doubt u r doing very good.we and Allah love for this act.
Inshaallah u will achieve all your dreams.
plz reply: for joining ur NGO
naseer khan

being human

how can i become member of being human organisation

salman bhai i am very much poor lady whose husband has died and having three children. bhai i have two doughter and one son . all are studieng. bhai i am any how managing their needs. bhai i am living with my brother who is also any how managing his livelihood.bhai myself is job less and any how living under so many problems.bhai now i face so many problem and thinking about my childrens future but there is no any support. i need help and if you will support me the god will give you his blessings. bhai you can inform me your willings on my id. ms. shashikala35@rediffmail.com

Iwant to be a member of your Respected 'BEING HUMAN' foundation... Having least Idea about how can I be a part of this..I would be Greatful If you could please guide me for the same...

salman bhai please help ma

salman you are great I am your Brother



my name is "EZA AHMED"I saw ur show that with Karanjohar, sabse bada fan,.and u had given some amount for poor family.ofter that i became ur fan.sallu.realy ur being human n iwanna be a part of ur trust.i cant give any money but because of i am a not in giving stage but i can show U such a bad position family's. if Any one like this u can contact on[eza.mohd@gmail.com]

i salman and katrina i m your big fan and big fan of bieng human thats why i want join to bieng human trust

hi SALMAN JI i m a big fan of urs
sallu i want to join BEING HUMAN and start it in my town so will u pls tell me d processor dat how can i join being human charity trust......... if u really want to serve humanity then u must help me out so i can help d needy.............
yours fan
dhiru gautam

dear salman my name is ravikumar,from guntur,andhrapradesh.i am an orphan,i got an oppurtunity in the field of sales and marketing,for that i need a bike to perform my duties.i,2 and half years back adopted a girl of 16 days old.kindly help me in getting the bike.if u dont believe in my worsds it isd my bad luck.i studied in article that you helped a physically challenged girl in buying a laptop.from thar i inspired and asking u the help.one bike will chang3 my future

iam from australia and would like to know how i can buy salman khans paintings or Tshirts...or how can i make a donation


salman rocks

bhai i want to join BEING HUMAN and start it in a town where never have visited it is in maharashtra"s beed district so if u really want to serve humanity then u must do it.
love u bhai i ressemble like u a lot. u can call me on this number +919860000626
your chotu
mangesh chate

salman bhai hamari society garib logo ke ladka ladki ke shadi kar rahi hai please hamare ngo ko help karo

Dear Salman
It gives me immense pleasure when I see u doing so much for needy people..This shows how humble and kind you are... I am a great fan of yours..when I saw you on Neutrogena Lift karade helping that Old person I was filled up with tears... I've been giving charity to an orphanage where there are girls from age group of 3yrs to 15 yrs... Being inspired from you I started doing this.. Now Iwant to be a member of your Respected 'BEING HUMAN' foundation... Having least Idea about how can I be a part of this..I would be Greatful If you could please please guide me for the same...
HUMANITY IS WHAT I BELIEVE IN..and as a human being I want to be a BEING HUMANITE...

Yours Sincerely
Nancy Narang
New Delhi

i wan2 be the member of being human foundation..can u pls help me out in dis...

this guy was drunk driving and ran over and killed a homeless person and got away with it

Hey.. does anyone know where I can get the 'being human' t-shirts from?! pls lemme know.. thanx :)

hi salmaan,
hpe u r fine, well wanted to knw hw can i donate funds for being human organisation. also wanted to tell u tat i will like to donate atleast 5% of my annual income every year so tat i can do something for ur organisation..
email id : kedar.kiaraa@gmail.com.

Hi Salman Bhai, Kaise Ho Aap, Aapki Har Kamyabi Hum Sabko Bahut Khushi Deti Hai, Aap Har Ek Jaruratmad Ki Madat Kharte Ho Aap Yaise Hi Aage Badhte Jawo Yahi Hum Eshwar Se Prathana Karte Hai, Mai Bhi Aapne Taraf Se Kuch Karna Chahata Hu Aapke Foundation K Liye Lekin Mai Aapne Jindagi Me Kuch Khas Kamiyab Nahi Hu, Ha Lekin Jab Bhi Jindagi Kamiyab Hogi Tab Aapki Foundation K Liey Ye Santosh Ka Hath Hamesha Sabse Aage Rahega, Mai Ye To Nahi Kahata K Mai Aapka Sabse Bada Fan Hu, Ha Lekin Mai Aake Lakho Fan Me Se Sirf Ek Aakela Sabse Alag Fan Hu, Mai Jiindagi Me Ek Baar Aapse Milna Chahuga Kya Ye Possiable Hai..........SANTOSH SN (MUMBAI) 9987857518

salmaan Bhai hope u r good.very frank i m not ur fan. not ur wellwisher i am just wellwisher of humanty and i see humanty in u .
i never seen god or even never try to find him.I feel people who are helping without any profit they are more then god. may be aap wahi ho.that why god send u
zimi par.u r gr8 god


salmaan sir i want to be part of your foundation. i want to work for my india. my name is hanish arora. my contact number is 9772010820

salman sir i need ur help urgently else there wud be no way in front of me except to commit suicide. My parents are in great trouble and i guess only u can help me i dont need any monetary help so plz give me a call if possible may be u can save three lives.
ravi jaiswal
contact 09336363738
email id- ravi.iert@gmail.com

bhai i want to join BEING HUMAN andstart it in banglore love u bhai i ressemble like u a lot. u can call me in this number 8095196026

i want you so badly salmaaaaan

how r u,remembre me I met u 2nd september last year in delhi,there the place u mostly stay,n I told u that r my life n I wil not marry with any budy,wel I want to join. ur being human foundation plz reply me how I can.wel I m always with u I love u ,paas to nahi dur bhi nahi.
Kanchan salman
plz contact Me on my mail(kanchan4sk@gmail.com)

how r u,remembre me I met u 2nd september last year in delhi,there the place u mostly stay,n I told u that r my life n I wil not marry with any budy,wel I want to join. ur being human foundation plz reply me how I can.wel I m always with u I love u ,paas to nahi dur bhi nahi.
Kanchan salman
plz contact Me on my mail(kanchan4sk@gmail.com)

hi salman im a grt grt fan of urs and adour u n admire u i have always wanted to do something for people but being from amiddle class couldnt please let me know if theres anything that i can do to help u achieve ur cause

hellooo salman bhai plz suggest how to be a part of ur foundation



salman ji i m in need for money to buy a house. Please can u help me?

hi, salman... i m ruby agarwal frm delhi and i m a gr8 fan of urs... i also wnt 2 be a prt of ur foundation..please contact me as sson as possible..i m waitin eagerly...
EMAIL ID: agarwalruby96@gmail.com

Blessings of allah be upon you,
upon those you love
and those you shall never know.
Blessings of allah be upon your steps
and upon the vision of your eyes.

Blessings of allah be upon your health,
and the descendants many
who fall from your branches
who are the fruits of your love.

Blessings of allah be upon you in all circumstances;
joy and sorrow,
for wisdom rests in them,
twin experiences with different faces.

Blessings of allah be upon what lies before you,
the sun, mostly unseen
the challenges and decisions
the pain and the relief.

Blessings allah beupon you, my dearest bro.for the good work you are doing ameen..mehraj khan your so called sister in ma group mahake_4562004@yahoo.com

hi sal, this is one of your fan from himachal, i congratulate u for all this great work u r doin,i want to join being human plz mail me at manikkanwar_143@yahoo.co.in. or 09817603408

hey salman , your foundation is doin a great work....... keep it up....

hi salman, this is with regards to my mail to you on Sat, 2009-10-10 14:53.
for which i have no reply..hoping to hear from you soon..Thanks and Regards,
Clarissa Martin
tel no:28123910,9867851090
email id:sophiamartin24@gmail.com

dear sallu bhau, this is yuvraj having my aim and committed to work with children basically who belongs to very poor families affected by natural and manmade calamities and denied education and work for a square, meal can we work together towards possitive change

hi dis is sparsh.......
sir muje b human bana dijeye.........plzzzzzzzz
plz mail me sparshkukreti.1704@gmail.com

PLEASE REPLY ON dua_viShnu@yahoo.com

hi salman, i wanna join ur being human foundation. and want to do something. i have a distributorsip at valsad in gujarat & i m big fan of yours so pls tell how can i join your voundation. in favour of Being Human please tell me at nigamdesai.1981@rediffmail.com

salman sir i want ur help.......

BROTHER MY EMAIL ID IS subhanptrpro@yahoo.com and my call no. is 9322030219


happy new year mr. khan..
u r doing a great job wid ur foundation "being human", keep up da good work..
m also wanna be a part of ur foundation..
nikhil, delhi

salman bhai your having big heart which makes people like you its not that be no 1 in bollywood your the king baadshah and shahenshah that is sharukhkhan or amitabh bachan every body in bollywood dont help new comers in bllywood as you do ....tumhe har waqt hum aapko duwa mein yaad rakath hainshafeeq ahamed bangalore

Salman sir wish many many happy returns of the day....
May God bless u. AND our best wishes are always help u in future.
I want to do a lot more for your BEING HUMAN FOUNDATION.In future if I would become a success full man,i will definitely do something for your foundation. INSHAHALLAH

Egg. Student.
frm Aurangabad.

happy birthday mr. salmankhan

where is the love of his life katrina on his birthday?

happy birthday salman. may u get sucess always. love u

salman, wishing u a very happy belated birhtday. may u get success always. be always bachelor like this la.

hello sir salman khnan happy birthday i am ur big fan in this world ???

Hi Salman khan ,this is Sonam wishing you a very happy birthday!I am your best fan .


hey Salman...i am so glad tat u have come up wit this foundation...n I promise tat one day, when I start earning...I will surely contribute to this great cause..

salman bhai kya mai aap ke foundation ke liye kuch kar sakta hoo?
if yes my contact 9999708237

salam salman bhaijan.........
aap kaise hai...
mai ek student hu.....aur delhi university mei padhta hoo
mai aap ke struggle ke bare jana na chahta hoo
u r my source of inspiration...

hi salman khan this is manish agarwal..i am a big fan of yours...n by opening a charity to help the masses and promote peace u have done a brilliant job and created ur place as godfather in millions of hearts...i just wana met u and learn from you so that i can also help people like you...my email-id is manishthuj@yahoo.co.in

hi salman, how r u & ur family. happy merry christmas to all of u. i m rajiv. i m in trouble. i want 2 a little help from u. my mail id is rajivdotsainiatrediffmaildotcom.

salman bhai i am rizwan shaikh from pune.
i like to do social work if you can give me some time to work in your foundation it will be great please reply.

salman khan lik ma uncle wid golden heart.

Salman... all is one, one is all !!!! GO SALMAN GO SALMAN GO SALMAN

dearest salman bro i want to work with u for y(our) being human foundation.... kindly do take some time in readin this... raghavendrarag06@yahoo.com

Dear Salman, I am a retired officer having managerial skills, with no liabilities,placed & well setteled at JAIPUR.Please let me know if I can do something to expand & promote the work of this "Being Human" organisation.In ahope to get our response.Thanks. Sincerely Yours-P.C.tanwer.
My mail id is- pctanwer@rediffmail.com

you r great............

hi salman bhai,i m sadik pathan from surat,i m ur fan,i like to wear ur foundation t shirt,but i could not know how to purchase it?Pls let me know how to get being human T shirt,so that s way i can do some thing for ur foundation,insaallah.

Dear Sallu bro.. I work for so many yrs in Tasc devision .. will lv to join u if u wish .... Nikhiljsingh@breakthru.com ... reply if u r looking for something for this wonderfull job...........

hi salman bhai i am yr no 1 fan in this universe & i am an engineer. i want to support yr foundation in best possible way i can

I live in thane if i can do any thing for your foundation pls let me know and when are the t shirts being launched my e mail id is rajatagarwalx@yahoo.com

hi salman bhai ur a golden hearted person.

hi i just want to buy t T-shirts or shirts how do i buy those please email me thanks

hi salman, i really wanna join your being human foundation and really want to do something in favour of Being Human i am Web & graphic designer working with a co. so anything related in to the step of humanity please mail me inventive_thinking@yahoo.co.in
Ashish Malhotra

hi salman, i really wanna join ur being human foundation. and really want to do something. i am web & graphic designer working in a co. so any work in favour of Being Human please tell me at inventive_thinking@yahoo.co.in
Ashish Malhotra

Hello Salman, I am Anjum Choudhry Ex.Principal. I would like to work with your NGO, The Being Human . I stay in Delhi .I am 48 year and single person. I lost my family 15 years ago in an accident . I am MA in English ,hope to hear from you. In advance Marry Christmax and Happy New Year 2010 to you and your Dear . My Email ID anjumbest@rediffmail.com.

hi salman bhai...u r 2gud boss,nd u will live in indias hearts.May being human gets those heights which u wanted.ND BEST OF LUCK 4 VEER....DEEPANSHU

hi salman bhaia..... i pray to god, he alwz live with u, ur family, & ur being human foundation...... m a 22yrs old guy nd blong 4rm a social work family,,,,,, we r divers nd hum pichhle 45 yrs se apni nishulak sewa dete aarahe hai.... people say us MALVIYA BANDHU...... we r 4rm jodhpur[rajasthan]......... m rly inspired to ur b.h.foundation..... i wnt to join dis group. my id r.23.malviya@gmail.com............ rinku.....

Dear Salman Bhai,
Mujhe or India ko aap per bahut GARV hai ki aap itna accha kaam kar rahe ho....We love you BHAI................

Aapka Bhai

khan is good

salman is good

Hi Salman Sir
I Am A Student From Pune and i want to be a part of being human. How Can That Be?
Also can i know how from where will i get your T-shirts,jeans and all that yo have launched because n pune i have found no store which has your T-Shirts..
My id is nachi23apr@gmail.com

salman bhai plzzzz humari help kijiye plz

salam o alikum bro i want to join ur charity being human from riyaz husain nepal pls reply 009779848030375 riyajaan_m@yahoo.com

First he shld start acting like a human being then promote something which promotes it.

hi salman bhai i want to join being human plzzzzzzzz...

hi salman, we really wanna join ur being human foundation. and really want to do something. so please if possible then get back to us with the proceddure of joining.

hie salman me from surat n i really wan 2 be a mamber of being human

hi...salmaan ji,
i want to know that how can i support your foudation because i m a student.i want to do for your foundation.
my id priya_mishra0701@yahoo.co.in

i love salmaan khan.i watch his movies.he is great human being.i support his foundation.whatever people say about him.i do not care

Hello Mr Salman Khan good to hear and see all you do for good cause ,writing to you through this medium as i have a proposal beneficial for the foundation as well as for myself how to send it across to you officially.I am at mailtopraval@gmail.com pl advice.

R the people below seroius? Wake up murdering sallu does not read your comments. This is a publicity stunt organisation to whitewash his tarnished image.

sir u have been a idol to me......aapne jo iss naek kaam ko shuru kiya hai for that i respect you a lot......i really want to join this superb misson to help those children.....9708668435 mayank singh rajput

AS-Salam-Alikum.Salman Bhai Mare Duvaaen Ap Kae Sath haen.Ap nae Jo Kam KIa Hae Wo Inshaallah Ap Ko Akhrat Mae Us Ka Acha Sela Melae ga.Ameeen

Hi Salman Khan,

I really want to support your foundation..I am not like other who just say..Please let me know the way..how can i support your foundation...I will be looking forward to hear from you...You can rech me through my email manish_ferrair@yahoo.co.in

to sallubhai
sir i want to join you to be a human i dont have that much money to help but i want to spend some quality time with handicap childrens i dont know any organisation which do so i decided to contact you . i am confident that you will help me about this and let me be the part of being human.
do reply on following mail add.

Salman sir,

mera naam chandrakala hai main aapki help chahti hun ,mera ishu ye hai k main ek muslim ladke shaadi karna chahti hun lekin muje koi bhi kisibhi tarhaki help nahi kar rahe hai muje meri shaadi ke liye aapse help chhiye aap plese muje help kijiye -9920968428

hello sir
agar mai aap ki founation ke liye kuch help kar saku to mujhe bhaut khishi hogi
pankaz aggarwal

superb sir . god bless u.

how can i help lucky

hi salman its me suraj sahu it's really very good and i like ur being human foundation and i want to help ur being huaman foundation but i dont know what's ur mebbership rule

gud joob keep it up
yadi koi help chaye to kahna

duniya me kitna gum hai mera gum kitana kam hai?

Salman we all know that you have a golden heart.May god bless you with all the happiness health & courage to forgive people who even heart you badly.
with warm wishes
Manish Vasudeva

Hi salman,m lakshay hw r u???....plz get me a chance in ur film..I rlly want to get into entertainment industry..i m ready to do any advertisement...hehehe..you are doing a great job through this foundation..I rlly like your being human t shirt..i rlly want that t shirt..give me one..I hv tried to get it but i dont know from where i can get this t shirt...i hope u will help me..my e mail id is love_88g@ibibo.com ...i really want that t-shirt..my size is 38 or 40...bye...take care..

hi sallu bhai jaan...i need help....i wanna talk to u dont knw how??

hi salman bhai being human ka rop ma aap bahot acha kam kar raha ha plz isa karta rahiyaga sir mana 3din pahla apko lekha tha ki ma aur mare famaly ek bahot badi parashni ma ha plz sir aap mare help kar digiya ma aap ka ehashan kabhi nahi bhuluga plz sir mucha kahi bhi aur rasta nahi dekh raha ha jaha sa ma madad mag saku aur sir agar ya madad nahi mely to ma aur mare famaly badi musibat ma pad jayada plz sir plz aap mare madad kar digiya sir wo problam kya ha ma apko yaha nahi bata sakta isliya plz sir ek bar to mare id par joki om9080@gmail.com ha par contact kar ligiya sir ma aap sa wada karta hu ki ek bar aap sa bat hona ka bad aap chaha mare madad kara ya nahi kara ma jis id sa aap muja cotact karaga wo ma na to kisi ko batauga na uska dusre bar use karuga plz sir ma aapka hath jodta hu plz mare help kar digiya THANKYOU SIR

HI Salman

I was workinh for a MNC company ,from past 6 mnths i am at home, i am a graduate,due to recession there is no job in mumbai , i am asking for any money help me to get a job,i am ready to do any kind of job ,make me youe PA ,your Boy /diver any thing ... i am very dispaerate for a job , hope to here from you thanks ,my email manojnair76@hotmail.com

this is saroj from orissa.let make take this opportunity 2 announce that i am a die hard fan of urs. i am a lect. in english . iwant 2 do sth noble for the poor. But i am crippled by financial hurdles. would u like 2 come 2 my rescue n help my dream project come true.salman, iwould like 2 add that i have twin daughters aged about 9 years.but, tragededy struck on their life when they lost their mother on 30 june,2008. they are crazy to hear from u. their date of birth is 27 december,2000. do write 2 me,plz as it can hel their wounded heart. my e-mail id is sarojjitm@gmail.com
with love,

hi salman khan..how r u?hows life...all the very best for ur work and ur dreams...luv & regards

hi salman i had dream last night that u and me we was sitting togetherand we had a lot of fun that night was a best night in my life.............

hi,salman bhai sir ma bahut prashan hu kya aap mare aur mara parewar ki help kar sakta ha plz sir mucha aapki madad ki bahot jarurat ha ma is bara ma yaha pa jayada nahi likh sakta plz sir aap ek bar mari id pa contact kar ligiya sir mare id om9080@gmail ha plz sir ek bar contact kar ka mare aur mari famaily ki problam dak ligiya ma aap ka ya ahsan zindgi bhar nahi bhuloga plz sir i hope aap isko thoda sirisly laga plz sir dakhiyaga THANKYOU SIR

salaam...BHAIJAAN kaise hain....bhai aapse milne ki badi tamanna hai....1nce i came 2 ur house....ur father called ma father 4 some reasons....but u were not there....

hi sallu bhai,
Its really fells good that u changed ur behaviour with media people after a long fight, we really appreciate ur patience. GOOD LUCK WILL BE CUMING TO MUMBAI SPECIALLY TO MEET YOU LUV YOU

hi salman Im navin gaur in ujjain .m.p.mujhe aapki foundetion acchi lagti hai.aap sub ki help karte ho esi tarah sub ki help karte reho.

this is rahul i'm frm indore mp
frankly speaking i m not a big fan of urs but wat you do for the needy , common and poor people makes me to respect you alot..........
good luck......best wishes and plzzz patch it up wid srk

we are group of physiotherapists who believe in the concept of being human

we are conducting a voluntary blood donation camp in lucknow.

we want to support your organisation kindly guide us through.

we are expecting response from your side.

kamaal khan


hello sir we r arrange the blood donation camp under the name of being human foundation.just use ur name in lucknow and we r the student of physiotherapy and my self arif khan.
and donour's blood will given in medical college 4r handicap people.
so we can use ur name 4r this work?
we r waiting 4r ur responce.
firanakh@yahoo.co.in its my email id pls send me ur responese.

hi salman,
i am chetan kapadia. my son harshit who is 6 years and 9 months old is having problem of mild mental retardation. he does not fall in the category of a normal person nor is he totally mentally retarded.but he has the probem that he is not able to speak properly at this age also. he is a big fan of yours. at this age he is not able to speak my name but on seeing u on tv he shouts salman khan. i was working in the stock market since last 6 years but i suffered heavy loss because of others and had to shut down all my work. my request to you is that i have one intension since a long time that i would like to have a good life insurance policy for my child in such a way that after my death he should get proper money for his survival as he will not be able to work or earn money in his life now will he get married cause of his problem. i request u to do something.my e-mail id is careinvestor@yahoo.co.in & my mobile no is 098690 76401.

hi best of luck for ur future u have done very good job

hi salman very best of luck in feature when i will be in good position than i will help

u r doing a good job..........
help peoples n proud ur country........

best of luck for future salman

sir ! Regards to you all the way from Nepal..!!!

as-salam-o-alaikum... salman bhai, may Allah grant u all the happiness u desire n deserve . well very good to hear n see that u work soo hard for charity , we hyderabadies hope that u will b setting up an important branch of being human or any thing important of urs over here , so that we r directly in contact with u .global warming is allso a concern n it very very importnat to work on that issue too . as am an wildlife enthusiast would to see u in coming n helping conserve the tiger n its habitat espically in andhra pradesh .... md.nazimuddin faisal {hyderabad}

Dear Sir , Congratulation from RARE for the noble initiative Being Human Salman Khan Foundation . We a rural based NGO working for child rights and issues related to development of people with difficulty ,people with disability and women May we be associated with / colaborate with your foundation >We will be happy to share our work profile and organisation mission. Looking forward for a appreciative gesture . With Regards
Ambuj Bihari Satpathy
Researc Academy for Rural Enrichment(RARE)

Salman ji namskar!
we are working with computer education for poor people. but are source is limited & we need help for your foundation. can you help us.
srijan educational society, dehradun, uttarakhand, girish saklani-09897689649

Knowing about charitalbe trust of salman khan is amazing. i am from the Valley of Kashmir which has been badly hit by the voilence for the past 20 years and the situation has created thousands of orphans.We would like "man with a golden heart" to do something for the welfare of orphans in Kashmir....Khurshid Aalam(email:aalam.khurshid@gmail.com)

salamwalekum, che khabar aaga? salamatiya khubi?khujai shumma? mum injo from jodhpur ur brother remeber ?rohit kalla ? i miss u sir when itis possible to meet u aaga jaan.?

hi salmaan bhai ur the person who has the biggest heart, ur doing good work for the poor and needy in the society, well wat can i give you m not a person who can give you anything i just can pray to god that may god always help u,n i know u love ur mother very much and those who loves his or her parents as u do they are always booned by almighty... bhai their is nothing to take from this world as we came without bringing anything and will not take anything when we leave this world,do gud be gud, bhai never get dissapointed with life i know ur bit dissapointed with ur personal life but u never show it.... bhai whatever lifegives u have to accept it. i know ur an emotional person as i am too... bhai their are 100000000 people who want to meet u and try to impress u by saying this and that.. but i dont wat any kind of such personal desires....i just want to boost up ur moral as ur really doing god job and support you.bhai keep it up and tk care bhai m from sikkim...

Hi salman bhaiya.... u are the second god of mine after my mother... i respect u a lot n love u.... i wanna see you once with my naked eyes... plz help me .....

Hi SALMAN BHAIYA.... i love u a lot... i always pray 2 god 4 a chance 2 meet u atleast 1nce in my life.. i dont know when it gonna be happen but umeed hai.. love u soooooo much.

hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii salman you are very smart boy for bollywood

Hi Salman it was great to see you interacting soooo.... naturally with our patients at Sparsh Hospital,Bangalore.some of the kids still remember you and your visit still remains the highlight of their hospital stay. I always thought that film actors were artificial and do such things for publicity but you proved me wrong.Thank you.

Salman Salim Khan


From Parag Nanaji Bedse

salman u r awesome honey....!!! every thing u do is gr8..., love u alway...!!!
ur my margdarshi....,

hi salman,im really impressed with ur plans of being human charity.very few people think so much for others.u r a true indian.wil like to work for ur charity.do mail me tanya_singh_21@yahoo.co.in.wil wait fo ur response.


Dear sir,
I m student of ITM college of Gwalior.we the student of electronics branch are organising an event called KALEIDOSKOPE.It is a national student convention .I on behalf of my branch want to promote ur foundation BEING HUMAN.I just want permission to use ur tag on our t shirts..I hope u i"ll look forward to it
my id is abhisheklonde@yahoo.com.

hi salman ur doing a wonderful job, my prayers to god will always be to give you strength and courage for the wonderful thing which ur doing.

salman bhai asalaamaleikum from mujaffar khan bhai i want join ur foundation with my thousand friends....

hello mr salman bhaiya.i am suchitra pore from jaipur i am a orfen child.i want to do something in my life.i am a good dancer.boz i am orfen so no bodi
help me for my carrer.its hy heardly request to you plz help me.my mail id is suchi4documents@yahoo.com

even i want too join our foundation how could it will be

salman khan

east or west salman is the best in all over bolly and holly wood
bcoz he have a very big huart

happy diwali sir ji from ur younger bro lucky

i m sorry it is very late to say happy diwali and as wellas to ur foundation

Salman bhai Salam to you. you are a golden man and a true human. may Allah give you more strength and good health to serve the poor. long live SALMAN.

salman sir, im a student of national law institute university bhopal. i have read about ur being human foundation and im realy eager to do an internship with the foundation .i would be obliged if i get an opportunity to work for the cause . please sir if there is any scope please let me know my email id is yashnliu@yahoo.in. thankin u in anticipation
your's faithfully
yash buchke

Be lated Happy diwali sir,
Now i heard about your foundation on tv show with Farah khan. so i can search it.
You are doing very good job sir !
Can i able to join your foundation ?
If u give me an apportunity i will try at my level best.Because i am more intrested in that thing than study.
Study is my need but "ji jan se samnewale ko help karna" is my hobby.

Thank u sir !

i want to join being human

no one is like salman khan

salam salman sir!!!
Jst wanna know where do i can purchase "being-human apparell"?

to salman bhai muja es foundation ka member bana chata hu kuki ma akela hu mare koi nhi ha dunya ma plzzz contect me my pho no is 9450444799 check jarur krna

To Salman Bhai,
Hats off to you Sir, millions of humans have millions of money but very few generously donate. Great effort & initiative, confident that this will help several in need. A very HAPPY DIWALI to you, your family & to BEING HUMAN FOUNDATION.

Would like to be a part of your intiative.

Subhash Mani

namste salman sir meri tarf se being human charity ke kid's aur adult ko diwali ki shubh kamnaye.Wishes you and everyone in your family a very very happy diwali.

namste salman sir meri tarf se being human charity ke kid's aur adult ko diwali ki shubh kamnaye.Wishes you and everyone in your family a very very happy diwali.

I would like to congragulate you for your initiative for welfare of the people. I have deep interest in joining you. Guide me...
Santosh Shetti

How come Salman Bhai doesnt reply to people who genuinely want to support for good cause .

How do they get in touch .

Regards ,

Laxmi Rai

Dear Salman,

We are kids leading newspaper across India with the name -- "PRIMARY PLUS". We are almost an NGO. We have Educationist from across the globe who are in the panel, including Dr. Charles Branton Shearer, USA (Phd. In MI),Mrs. Shyama Chona (Principal, DPS), Mrs.Swati Popat (Podar Group- Mumbai), Derick O'Berain (Kolkata)and others.. We have an objective to develop the brain of a child by inculcating in them a reading habit with the help of 08 MI (Multiple Intelligences)This indicates that every individual posses 08 types of intelligences more or less in them. Like, you have Kinesthetic Intelligence (Dance/ Acting/ Stunts) Linguistic Intelligence (Ability to hold to a stage successfully), Naturalistic (Love Animals and nature) and Visual (Good painting through the visualization and imaginations), Interpersonal (Good at expressing yourself) and Intrapersonal (Good at entertaining people). You have mastered in almost all the 08 types of intelligences.

Schools across the country including the chain of schools do these activities in their classes to help nurture a child’s growth and making education – fun to learn. Our initiative through MI based activities not only helps a child to nurture these Intelligences but also they inculcate a reading habit among themselves. We cater to 3-5, 6-7 & 8-12 Age groups. Every year we organize a National Event. I want to send you some sample copies of these newspapers for your perusal. Besides that, on behalf of the Kids across the country, we want you to write something for our paper to encourage kids. Any articles or drawings or any tips for the Kids/ Parents/ Teachers will be appreciated. We are aware of your effort for “Being Human” society and would like to encourage and spread the awareness of helping others in need among the children of India. Activities or messages planned by your organization can be published regularly in our fortnightly magazine and will help the society to improve. The mission and vision of your organization needs to be spread to the entire nation. We at media will be more then happy to join you as a media partner in carrying the cause ahead.

Primary Plus is a well known name today in the field of education and our Managing Director Mr. Manbir Singh Bedi, has recently been felicitated by the honor of “Innovation in Education” by CMS School, Lucknow. We want to inculcate moralities and sense of helping others among our young society today. We need someone like you to support us as you are been looked upon as a role model among all we Indians and leave a deep impact with your words and movies. This shall help our society gain the best from you and some will definitely change their thought process. Its not what we say but how we say that makes a difference and this is what we have learnt from you. You make that difference and we need you to make that difference to all our readers.

Even I remember that every time I go to Mumbai I wait in front of your flat to see you once but never got a chance. But I will never give up going Mumbai every month and wait to see you once in the evening.

We look forward for your kind support and guidance.

AGM (Marketing & Promotions)
Email: gopal@primaryplus.org

dear sir,
i am working in NTPC,indias, largest power generation company.
sir i don't want to work here because i want to do social service.
we are planning to open a chain of hospital here because here in india we are not having good hospitals........
so sir if u can help plz tell us.
my number is +919827158575

hello salman bhai
myself anoop want to give my support to being human foundation please help[ me

u been rock these days.... keep up salman

Hello SALMAN SIR,I am SHYAM JI VERMA from ALLAHABAD UP.I want to be a part ur NGO.I am M.Sc(math)from A.U,sir i allready have a cirtificatecource of HUMAN RIGHT in UNIVERSITY OF ALLAHABAD.I want to become a member of ur NGO.PLE sir give a chance . E-MAIL ID shyamjv@gmail.com CONT.NO-09358461530 THANKS,SIR ,plz give me Add.& CONT number.

hi salman bhai i m ur big fan m name is deep .can i get a life time oportunity to work in ur organization?this is my e mail address.deep6power@yahoo.co.in

hi thisd is vishab bandhu i m a physiotherapist want to join ur organisation i m working in mumbai only please tell me hw can i do this my email id is vishabbandhu@gmail.com n my no is 9987128058

hi bro, i m reema panchal,firstly happy diwali.

Salman Khan
I m Izzat Ali Khan I m an Electronics Engg. I belong to Aligarh nearby a village.
I want to give the education to the under prevelege children.
Now I also teach them free for Entrance Exam.
I m also a student so I haven't lot of mony to spend on them .
I heared about you. You help the poor student So I remind you that there is nothing
most precious than education.I you have in this so I have an aim to open a school for poors student So please suport me in my aim.

I waiting for your reply.

Er. Izzat ALi Khan

E-mail: izzatalimba@gmail.com

I am SHAAN SHAIKH from PUNE,i want to be a part of your NGO(FOUNDATION).
I am B.SC. GRADUATE from AURANGABAD UNIVERSITYI am willing to join ur NGO, & i want to become a member of ur NGO,
sir, here so many people are willing to help to ur NGO.
so plz sir can u give ur address or to whom should i contact
EMAIL ID- shn_shaikh@rediffmail.com...cont. no. 9767081141

hi bhai this is akash k. saxena from delhi i need ur permission to start being human foundation in delhi itself please give me the permision my id is akash_saxena30@yahoo.com
akash k .saxena

hi salman i want to meet u pls i m ur fan i never feel happy in the life becse when i meet u that is happy day in the life......... please...

Hi Salman,

Subject:A cry for help.
this is Clarissa Martin.
I had a stroke eight years ago.My whole right side was affected due to this.My speech was also affected.Infact I was a vegetable.
Now I walk with a limp after doing a lot of treatment.I cannot use my right hand at all. I feel very helpless as a result of this.I am dependent on my mother in law for basic things like combing my hair,lifting objects and so on.
Recently I have been told by a doctor that there is a surgery i can undergo for my hand.I have consulted a hand surgeon who has recommended me physiotherapy for my hand for a month. after a month he will decide about the surgery.
I am very badly in need of financial help as the surgery would cost a lot of money which I do not have.I shall be grateful to you all my life if you can please provide me with the financial aid and I can become independent once again.
I am looking forward to your reply.
Thanks and Regards,
Clarissa Martin
tel no:28123910,9867851090
email id:sophiamartin24@gmail.com

hi bhai this is shekhar bhosale n i m ur big fan
and ur like a big bro for me...........

hi bhai,
kahna to bahut kuch hai par kaha se suru karun batao tum.
sab ko samjha apne me kese samjhaun batao tum.
is dunia me dhukiyaren dhundhe. kabhi apna gam to batao tum
kisi bhi parayen ka dard samjhane wala aise hi nahi ban paye ho tum.
aaj tak jo kisi ne na puch chalon aaj mujhe batao tum

bhai is dunia me paisa sab ke pass hai bus lagane wale ka kalja hona chahiye.
aur wo sirt hum do logon ke pass hai. pahle to tum aur kabhi khuda ne chaha to me bhi. khuda khush rakhe.
wasim pathan +919928472371


hi salman bhai im gurwinder singh i wana join ur NGO as soon as pls help to join my id is gurwinder1@gmail.com moible no 0061430450339 i m in australia . pls help tc ur self

Hi salman khan.
I m totally surprised 2 c comments from peoples to join your organisatation,but i wanna know r u really a being human golden hearted, if so i would like to give charity to poorpeoples of kargil as you know there are thousand,s of NGO,s in metros and donears but kargil is a farflung area and nobudy donates here as i m also from kargi but i cant do much for poor peoples,for thi i need your help if you are agreed plz do reply me my cell no9419176837.and email id shaaan4u2003@yahoomail.com waiting eagerly for your reply.

Dear sir,

I, Akash Jain going to be an engineer next year. sir, u r doing a fantastic job and I wanna join this foundation. sir please help me and send me the details.
My email is akashjain0311@gmail.com

Akash Jain

Dear Mr.Salman Khan,
Sir when you will be reading this message, you may feel it, it’s the same what you read every day, But this might be a different from others. This I not to take your attention to this message, but this is the fact. Sir.
Myself Mr.Sumit Deshpande wish to become a Commercial Pilot, from ROYAL VICTORIAN AERO CLUB, Australia, Melburne, I come from a MIDDLE CLASS family from Pune. Sir I had tried from Many banks for my educational loan process, and none of the bank is SANTIONING me the desired Loan Amount which I am looking out for.
Sir I do not have the Collateral security, to get the Loan
Sir I need your some help, after getting the job in the AVIATION INDUSTRY, a PILOT I would the part of your Foundation and wish to repay it, to YOUR FOUNDATION.
Waiting for your reply.
Happy Landing
Sumit Deshpande

Great work Salman
Keep it up...

Hi bhai I am akash k saxena bhai I am from delhi. I want to start ur foundation in delhi. I am a manager in a co. Not so rich. But I want to help just give ur permission so I start ur being human foundation my e mail I'd is akash_saxena30@yahoomcom and my mobile no is 9310218668 thanks a lot take care bhai

Hi bhai I am akash k saxena bhai I am from delhi. I want to start ur foundation in delhi. I am a manager in a co. Not so rich. But I want to help just give ur permission so I start ur being human foundation my e mail I'd is akash_saxena30@yahoomcom and my mobile no is 9310218668 thanks a lot take care bhai

hi.. this is NEHA..i am a B.tech student.. in wat ways can i be a part of this noble deed..
and to do something by wich salman wud b happy..i'll do it surely..
he is such a gem. a true hero.. love the way he is.. love the way he lives.
even i want to be the same.. make me worth of something..
waitin 2 hear the response soon.. love u salman..

Dear Sir,
My name is Madhumati I would like to work for your organisation, and would like to do something for the blind students. Kindly contact me at the following email id- rinnisa@gmail.com.

Hello Salmanbhai,

I am Nitin Manghani from Ahmedabad. At this moment of time I need your urgent help. I am pursuing M.B.A. and I want some money from you for my study. Before one week E had also posted you one letter at galaxy appartment. So it might be readed by your any assistant. And he/she may be not informed you about this. So sir you can contact be on my mobile no: +919925768236
email address: nitinmanghani@yahoo.com.
Sir please help me. I am waiting for your call

hey bro, u r a gem. u really respect others and r trying to do something that can make oneself feel proud of being human. i would love to provide my helping hand in such noble causes. please inform me how to be a part of BEING HUMAN. waiting for a reply.
(0061) 430019829 (melbourne, australia)

Good work done here!!!!!!

i'm nidhi upadhyay.i'm from khandwa(m.p),kishore da places.mai abhi job serch kar rahi hu,aour mai mumbai aa rahi hu magar i don't no about mumbai.i have done my p.g in journlism in bangalore.agar aap mari help kar sakte hai to please guied me,kyoki media mera subject hai aour mai television mai bhi kam kar sakti hu.mai aapke is foundation ke bare mai nahi janti thi vo to jab aap tere mere bech mai dekha to patp laga.this my email id-ndh.upadhyay@gmail.com

WHAT A WINNER... !!! SALMAN IS BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Salman jee Can I get a life time opportunity to work in your Organization?
Waiting eagerly for your kind response at saralgandhi5@gmail.com