Bips kissing ronaldo

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To Anonymous on Fri, 2008-04-04 02:11.... Is that the best you can do? U r silly!!!

no i dont wish that lol.
If I had a boyfriend, doesnt even matter if it is someone like John Abraham, I would just not to that..and if in your dictionary it's legit, I suggest you re-evaluate how you handle relationships with a guy lol

he is cute i wish in bipasha's place Don't u wish that?

bipasha u r a black stinky bengali with dark underarms

she is too close to him for comfrt. but then, at this point when all this was happening, maybe john and bips had had a fight or something or maybe she was taking revenge for someone he hurt her with. possible? oh well, i dont know. but i must say she is drunk here i think, and that is very irresponsible of her.

i really don't remember john being linked with anybody while with bips?


at 1st i thought the media is blowing it out of proportion...but the last pic def doesnt look like ronaldo was sayin somethin 2 her in her she was 90% a kiss...i wl give 10% for benefit of doubt!

tzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz he s a gayyyyyyyyyy
yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy he is pussy giiiirlsssssssssssssss

she sucks
she doesnt deserve 2 kiss him

2nd pic, the one on the right is more like Bipasha staring at Ronaldo's lips and going ..hmmm yer lips look a lil too yummy!

oh yeah I heard Ronaldo was with some girl named Gemma something. I really want to read her (ronaldo's gf's) feedback about BIPASHA and ronaldo about this. She is actually billion times better than Bipasha. I guess Ronaldo is a player too. But what pisses me off is Bipasha gets all the good looking men eg. Dino, John and now Ronaldo. She needs to leave some for good looking actresses.

Yeah I agree with John being a player. But hell no, Bipasha is not any less.

LeoChick- you read my mind. I agree with every word of your comment.

But mind you john is a player himself. I believe he is the one who is a flirt amongst the 2.

I wonder what is john going thru now

i thought so oo. but check out bipasha all over him. this is very unlike indian girls... they dont show any PDA unless they are dating that person rt?

am shocked!
BUT ... it doesnt quite seem like they were KISSIN-KISSIN you kno.
it's like he's kissin her cheek, not her mouth

one more here -

She is such a cheap lady. i hate her now!

I heard this is true. I got one more image to add.

omg.. i cant believe dis

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