Cannes 2013: Ameesha Patel at Shortcut Romeo Portrait Session

Event,Cannes Film Festival 2013
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Shortcut Romeo, which stars Neil Nitin Mukesh, Ameesha Patel and Puja Gupta premiered at the prestigious Cannes Film festival on May 22 at the French Riviera.

Seen here is Ameesha at a portrait session for 'Shortcut Romeo'.

She is looking gorgeous in a Manish Malhotra creation.


many many happy returns of the day amisha ji apko janamdin ki bahut bahut hardik shubhkamnaye god gives u success in every field n gives u success name, fame

She looks absolutely stunning!!!

she is looking nice for once. the colors suit her and she doesn't have that awful garish makeup from the red carpet. she has lost a ton of weight, and also lost weight on her b00bs (or had reduction, i don't know).

Outfit and make-up 10/10.
She could have done without the 'dangle' of hair on the left hand side, but OK, I'll give it to her.
Overall, pretty and not too forced as she has been looking recently.

I actually prefer this look to her red carpet look.

She looks good for the first time... N not tacky

WOW this is the veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy FIRST time I like what she's wearing! And it's also the first time she's not revealing her disgusting huge boobs! I wonder WHY? Weird, since she's in Cannes, I thought she would do anything to get attention lol. Also the natural make up is nice on her.

she is looking old, espec around the eyes

Lovelii!! Woah!! Elegance Personified !

it seems as if she does a lot of effort to give a simple looks like she is pretending to smile ! not at all an honest expression!

She looks good after so long.

beautiful stole and lower portion of anarkali

she looks good.

Ameesha's good looking, looks much better than she did in her Kaho na Pyaar hai days. What she needs is a better stylist to dress her properly. The dress is nice ,but is it a gown or an anarkali?

she looks good and classy but not gorgeous , Maybe she's not beautiful, but average look.

The make up is delightful and shows a level of restraint that I don't think anyone knew Ameesha had in her.

Did she pay to have her movie promoted there?
They paid for Heroine last year.

She's got a gujju look about her.

Nice ,Elegant and Classy but what went wrong at Red Carpet?

She looks exactly like she was in 2000!!!! So young I must say.

Really nowadays 30's are the new 20s especially when girls nowadays are not having children or not taking care of themselves like the older generations.

Make me feel good about myself when I'm still in my early 20s:)))

lovely & minimally classy outfit (both design & color combo). pretty hair and makeup. but ameesha is looking kinda old & haggard. like ash, she hasn't aged very well :/

Beautiful dress. :)

Beautiful Lehanga.

Classy Amisha is a good look on her. She's lost so much weight, love this dress.

She looks lovely ! Manish Malhotra has picked good outfits for her.
Her clothes are even better than all the Sabya costumes worn by Aish and Vidya this year.

Looks great.

BEAUTIFULLL .... I luved ameeesha and Nandita das entry the best ... TRULY representing INDIA

She looks best..beautiful, chic and simple....elegant:-)

looking old here.glamour dresses better for her

Amisha's look has been the best at Cannes among other actresses so far, so simple and so gorgeous.
Well done!

Wow...finally she looks good!!!

Yes! There is hope for you yet Ms. Patel. You lost the a super classy outfit with fabulous makeup. Top marks..

her outfit looks good , but her face is so old now.

Looking absolutely gorgeous....everything right with the make up, hair, poise and that is a fantastic MM creation!!

Sabya - please take note that you dont need clothes to SCREAM of your identity and Indianness.... there are far more subtle ways of doing it!!

wooooooooow!! well done Amisha. who says you can't look indian and gorgeous at the same time.
Sabya, please take note.

Beautiful,nice and miles better than her previous appearances put together

She looks gorgeous! That's a beautiful MM outfit!

Love the entire look, but Amy looks old. Kudos to the stylist!!

Lolz she was one of my favourite heroin for her I even hated kareena fir years bt thn started hating amish bt now it seems tht iam loving her again

@Wed, 2013-05-22 10:11 — Anonymous
I totally agree, it really is unexpected that Ameesha could look so good. Simple and traditional is the way to go.

i did not expect this from ameesha: she looks gorgeous, everything looks good: make u, hair, expression and her dress!

imo she looks much prettier than ash (if u compare their cannes pics)!

OMG since when did Ameesha get stylish?! This is surprisingly tasteful...though a strawberry red or pinkish lipgloss would have been better. But still, MUCH better than her usual tacky look.

ameesha was always n will always be beautiful,she just need to change her stylist..She is the only actress who could look beautiful even without make up..

shocked to say this, but she actually looks great! simple yet chic with a subtle indian touch. much better than the OTT looks of the other bollywood ladies. kudos to ameesha and manish!!

love it


Better than anyone else from india who done it at cannes. She is really looking like an angel.

She looks absolutely stunning!!!

That outfut shes wearing is gorgeous

covered up for once and she looks lovely.

her outfit looks nice, but her face is so dead looking.

She looks very feminine and lovely! Good for her. Hope she keeps this up.

seriously one of the best i've seen yet at Cannes, she knocked it out of the park!
Well done Ameesha, and MM!

I thought she was going 2 look like a complete trash but she manged 2 look good

Finally someone to redeem India and who would have thought it would be Ameesha Patel?

Gorgeous I couldn't recognized her on the thumbnail

I was about to LOL at the fact that she's at Cannes & that too, for ShorcutRomeo but after I saw her, must say impressive. In fact quite impressive compared to certain appearances by others.

love the whole ensemble, the look. And can't believe I'm saying this but she hasn't managed to cheapen the look but rather made it appear really simplistically elegant. I really like her outfit.

Good for her.

She looks so pale I feel very sad for Ameesha I don't know what happened to her, she was so appealing, so young, so good to look at, what happened.

I just pray she gets things right this time but some how I feel her recent gimmicks have become pathetic and sad, I think it is just too late.

She should just pack up and find something different to do it is becoming silly and desperate.

Please post.

Very classy. Love this dress, it's so lightweight and breezy.
But she needs some coral lipstick to liven up her monochromatic makeup.

she betters aish and everyone else at cannes :O natural .. minimal .. and pretty... aish looked fake and overdone.

she looks ravishing..

the dress is so simple for the cannes appearance

Shocking hey! Did not expect THIS from Ameesha!

She looks "GREAT" and perfect! I love everything she is wearing, I love her hairstyle and also makeup :) Kudos!

First time Iam proud of what Amisha is wearing...
She looks flawles...not madeup..simple and beautiful...

Wow. She looks lovely!

dress looks good
even though it looks like a cross bw sabya anarkali and proper dress!

Amisha looks amazingly beautiful:)

her eyes r looking very tired, her aging can be seen easily, she should sleep more drink less :p

She was at Cannes?
I love what she wearing!

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