Celebs at Ritesh & Genelia's wedding

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Celebrities have started arriving at Genelia and Ritesh's wedding. Spotted are Kajol, Ajay Devgan, Abhishek Bachchan, Jaya Bachchan, Shah Rukh KHan, Rhea Pillai, Leander Paes, Sophie Chaudhary, Ashish Chaudhary, Maria Goretti, Karan and Hiroo Johar, Suniel Shetty, Shahid Kapoor and Sajid Nadiadwala and wife.
Credit to Jitesh Pillai and Sophie Chaudhary on twittter.


Sari is gorgeous.

shahid looks good!

Lol at that punjabi! Such womanizer!

Gauri at the sangeet without SRK, SRK at the wedding without Gauri.....need to say more?!

shahid look dude. ajay outfit is not good.ashish shud close few buttond of his kurta,its look incomplete. and abhishek not wearing same clothes of sangeet coz in sangeet his kurta had border work but not in this one but its same color and design,he shud have choosen diff color.

So where is PC? Wasn't she invited


So Gauri attended Sangeet night without SRK. Now at the wedding vice versa... Odd

Shahid kinda looks like Siddharth Mallya in this pic :) Shahid's too handsome.
Maria Goretti, she looks amazing! beautiful.

ohhh finally ppl hv dressed apropriately!! not a single guy in jeans or a woman in a herve leger

Shahid, why full black for a day time wedding? Please button up a bit.

Maria's Paithani, nice.

Love the cut of Ajay Devgn's sherwani and salwar.

I like Karan's outfit.
Ajay looks like a blind guy

SRK mius Gouri, I really think all the rumors are true, marriage is just a fake facade now, shame on SRK..

Shahid & black shalwar kameez = me drooling.

kajol looks awesome!

who the hell wears an all-black outfit to an indian marriage?? Shahid this is a marriage, not a funeral--lol!!

lol ajay came in singham look.

KAJOL !!!! :O SRK !!!! :O

@Fri, 2012-02-03 06:26 — Anonymous
AB is not wearing the same outfit. This one is white and has a different design, while the one at the sangeet is off white and longer.

I'm not Indian & live in USA. Thanks to all that posted the wedding pictures. I really enjoy looking at them. It very beautiful and colorful. It's just like wedding in the bollywood movies. India is so rich in culture. I love bollywood movies. I wish the movie are dubbed in English, so I don't have to read the subtitle all the time.

i love kajol

kajol looks beautiful

ok, what's wrong with ajay.. he looks both mad and blind, what's with the glasses? and shahid, you've come as a guest for a wedding, or a stage dancer?? maybe he was both?

Drool-Shahid :)

shahid is too handsome

Ajay looks like a blind man helped by kajol and ab 2 b able 2 walk.

OMG, Karan look the Best of the Rest. Karan is an Icon in his own right. :)

abhi is wearing the same clothes that he wore for the sangeet...come on man, step it up!

shahid kapoor ....is this how u will dress for ur marriage...........absolutely shameful

Beautiful couple!God bless them both!!!!!


Can't believe Aishwarya is not there!

SRK minus Gauri? u would think she would come to the wedding

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