First look: Genelia & Ritesh's wedding

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The picture of Genelia was posted by designer Nishka Lulla, who tweeted: "My sweetest @geneliad makes a gorgeous bride in @neeta_lulla wedding saree and styled by me :)”

Also spotted is Ritesh and his baarat.


cute couple i love genelia in velayudam

Both are really very good, gog bless you guys and enjoy...................

She is too cute. God bless her and her man and their marriage.

The thing around her forehead ruins the loon...didn't mean to offend anyone but it doesnt look very nice =( also is there going to be a church wedding too..considering that she is catholic?

Cute. But Ritesh isn't looking very happy.

Hey Anon who claims that all anyone are the same bashing Genelia for not having the church marriage, you are the biggest idiot and trolled here are u sad kitty by any chance, get a life.

she is 31

how lucky to have 2 weddings !! wow.
she looks gorgeous in both attires. Genelia is so beautiful that she could wear rags and still be gorgeous.

she's stunning............... she does not even look 22.. how doe she look so young and gorgeous?

Genelia looks so beautiful. she's what??? 29// 32?? she looks like she's 19! wow.. she's so fresh and lovely.. what is her secret.

what a stunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnning bride

She looks gorgeous and truly happy! Riteish's sherawani is also nice! But is she wearing a sari and not a choli bride? And why is she wearing that hagging thing on her FOREHEAD???

Please somebody tell me I am not a Indian, never saw that thing in my life! lol

Genelia an ACTOR married Ritesh also an ACTOR. Same profession. who r the nuts who say it is a marriage of politiccs and bollywood? ritesh will never become a politician.

they had a chrsitian wedding too

im from genelia's school she is infact very young she is 24.....

Can't believe Genelia is 32....she looks early to mid 20s...just the opposite of 20 something deepika, sonam, katrina who all look 30ish

just for info the had a church wedding too at St. Annes, Bandra

I got this comment from another post on this pinkvilla...

kaayyyyyyyy vilasrao........sun kashi kay vatate...........ata dokyar padar gheun latur madhe kashi kay rahanar...............

Its cute and something that one can smile in lighter vein... :)

People have to remember Genelia is married in a POLITICAL family. Big Shots.... So even though the family respects Christian religion and wedding in church, it might be difficult for them to convince their masses (read: VOTERS).... we all know how politics in India works....

so I guess they will have Christian wedding as Private family affair. The very fact that they have been together since past 8 years proves that she is well accepted by the family!!

@Fri, 2012-02-03 12:25 — Anonymous


They both look so happy and content! God bless them! :)

OMG!! They are perfect JODI!! what a Bride, Genelia looks soo and soo beautiful!! Mesej to Ritesh : PLease take care of Gd'Z lovely and full of honesty k.

Congratulations to both of them, he is also almost a decade older than her, but no one says anything but putting the finger on kareena and saif... however, wish them all the best for their future

She's beautiful but her age is 29 not 24.

she entered movies after she has done with her post graduation!

@Fri, 2012-02-03 18:37 — Anonymous

who said she is 24??? do you think a actress will get married when she is 24 when she had the chances of becoming a top actress in bollywood? she is 32..her cousin sister who is 30 is my friend!

Genelia looks so happy and pretty and gorgeous.. what a bride!!!! A total reflection of Indian beauty.

STUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNING. Genelia is such an under-rated beauty... she is a gorgeous bride. Ritesh must be so proud.

genelia's parents, family members or anyone else is not seen...or talked about. I ges they prefer to remain away from limelight....
She is just 24 and a good actor..i wish to see her more on screen. Hope she continues to work.

Hey troller anons: Fri, 2012-02-03 12:25 — Anonymous:

Looks like a bunch of trollers (same anon) is going around bashing Genelia for not having a Christian wedding, and saying all sorts of rain in the parade nosy comments. Same comment as from the other post to all you anons (one anon)?:

The reality is they are having two weddings- and the 2nd one is Christian in a Church which will be private. Google this.

AND! people need to mind their own business. it's two people's decision on how they want to run their religion-- it's no one's business but their own. Religion is meant never ever to divide. they are not harming u, why are you so concerned over completely private matters??

The new era where religions, races and cultures are all marrying has started.. and the judgements better stop. Many times, ppl can only afford to have one wedding (unlike the wealthy Genelia and Ritesh)-- and often, the wedding is done by the side paying for it. Shudders. It may be of a culture that's different from either the bride and/or the groom's.

TOUGH. deal with it. The great thing about marriage is both sides belong to each other and each other's culture. That is the era now... deal with it.

They are adorable, congratulations to the happy couple!

I realllly wanted to see Genelia in a white dress too!

To " A christian changes her religion for a guy" no idea what that is supposed to mean, if he was christian and she was hindu she would you have said the same thing? I wonder, you must be a fanatic! They look like a happy couple!

Gorgeous! So happy for them! :)

Awww, so sweet! I wish them a happy wedded life!

Congrats. God Bless...Wish you a happy married life :)))

a Christian changes her religion for a guy!! no church wedding....disappointed

I'd like to see Genelia's and Riteish's parents. Are they in any photos?

Genny looks gorgeous I love her & wish her all the best

lovley, she looks marathi mulgi.. awesome dress choices for both.. Geni looks gorrrrrrrjus..

Too Beautiful. No words. Wishing you a Happy Married Life. God bless.

good job.. finding these

CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A wedding is a great blessing..

They both sooo gud!!!!! God bless them!!!!

i think i have never seen such a beautiful bride ever in my life.... genelia looks fantastic ....

God bless them.

She became a marathi mulgi for him! So beautiful...bless them!

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