Freida Pinto at Saint Laurent premiere at Cannes 2014

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And here she is again to blow off your minds. The gorgeous Freida Pinto walked the red carpet at the 67th Cannes International Film Festival to attend the premiere of Saint Laurent.

She was looking radiant as ever dressed in a Michael Kors gown.

Freida made her Cannes debut in 2012 as one of the brand ambassadors of cosmetic giant L’Oreal Paris.

She has always been getting a thumbs up from fashion critics across the world for her red carpet looks at Cannes. But she left everyone amazed with her look in 2013 when she walked the red carpet in a Sanchita gown followed by a custom made Gucci gown for the next day.

Well Freida has definitely given us some ‘wow’ moments, and after day one, we certainly hope for some more stunning looks.

The 67th Festival de Cannes kick started on May 14 and will continue till May 25.

Here's some behind the scenes action. Freida appears at 1:40 -

Credits: ZIMBIO

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I like her video where she is playing with the dress . Hilarious.

Yeh, Blake Lively nailed it.

Gorgeous girl. I like the makeup and hair!

Hair and makeup look great. The dress, however, leaves a lot to be desired. I don't know, I just feel I haven't seen a single Cannes look so far that looks amazing.

Have you seen Blake Lively's pics from Cannes? Now SHE is a goddess!

indian dusky beauty rocks the red carpet!!!!!!!!! so much proud........ waiting to see bipasha

She looks gorgeous but im not feeling the look.It is dated.

Wow! gorgeous!

Here's a pic of the extremely beautiful Freida Pinto getting ready for appearance.

Stunning! Not exactly a Bollywood celeb though but gosh one cool personality though as seen in Koffee..takes a lot of guts to defy such strong powerful traditions and norms our culture has.

Love loveee this. The hairstyle and makeup makes her look very vintage-esque. I absolutely love it on Freida :)

Bizzaare !!! Boring !!!!



Gosh! VERY beautiful.

Absolutely gorgeous

Simply STUNNING Freida! Sonam and Ash cannot better this...


She looks effortless gorgeous:)

Love!!!! She always looks so gorgeous whether she dressed up or dressed down.

its high time ash makes an appearance!

ash is the real queen of india!

Yes!!!!!! The gown looks very familiar but she nailed it nevertheless.

If DEEPIKA WAS A HOLLYWOOD STAR, no one would care about anyone in the cannes red carpet, NOT EVEN AISHWARIA!!!

Stop it Kareena fans, You're going too far with posting stuff like this on every Aishwarya post to start fan war.

She looks amazing!

Freida looks gorgeous. But her face is prettier than the gown. She should have picked something better. L'oreal usually gives a breakdown of the products used, would like to see that too.

Yay gorgeous.

The dress is pretty but it overwhelms her frame. It would look better on someone curvier, like Blake Lively.

Wow Wow Wow.

Face, hairstyle => Vamp! Gorgeous. But not really a fan of the dress..

Dress is meh! but She is looking good, very stylish, although she does not have aura that Ash has.. and yes I am not a fan of either but seriously no one is like Ash, classy, and elegant.

You mean the contrived fake aura? Ash is a beauty no doubt but's it all covered up with the OTT make up and bling bling. She needs to wipe off the make up and loosen up and be real. But it's too late... She's looking good this year but has lost the youthful freshness and middle age puffiness has set in.

I am not even that big of a Freida fan but she can literally give the women in Bollywood a run for their money (coughsonamcough). This is what its called to have actual style, and yes I know she probably has a stylist, but so do the rest of them and yet they turn up looking like the contestants in a "who can look tackiest" pageant.

she looks nice, but I just noticed she has a really short neck its really stout looking. but the gown and her and makeup look great.

Her hairstyle

She looks so fresh, young and lovely. Not trying too hard. Just wearing what she likes .

She looks stunning. That is a beautiful gown. Perfect hair and makeup. One of her best appearances.

btw she looks like mixture of anu malhotra n padmalakshmi to me

simply love the look..she looks superb

Nothing new about this dress, but the woman wearing it is gorgeous :)


i don't love the dress

She looks good.....but there is no WOW factor in this look!!! Wait for tmrw.... Last year she lookd better...btw the haristyle is aging her

rlly? i feel tht the hairstyle is making her look younger :)

agree with you Fiza Khan...she look gorgeous..very classic

may be.... She would hv rocked d look with tied hair!!!!i just felt that way..

Ooh, I love the look :) I love her makeup (esp the bright lipstick) and her hairstyle is just perfect, the gown could have been better but its still gorgeous. Overall, she just looks too stunning :)

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