Kangana & Emraan at an Event for Raaz - The Mystery Continues

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Credits :India FM


Thats not kangna .......... or probably its photoshoped ..... but I'm sure its not a total original pic of her because sumfin seems diff in her jaw line n forehead ! Well well wateva it is ! Its awesome !

I love her halter dress!!!

she looks awesome. i think she was made to model.

she's beautiful..what happend to her driver, who got slapped around for an ice-cream?? somehow that makes me hate her, even though she looks beautiful..

in the last pic she looks a lot like depika
but i like the straight hair on her--looks clean

wow she looks beautiful!

she looks different here for some reason:S

i like kangana, love how she looks in the 2nd last pic

she should become a full time catwalk model...she looks great

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