Priyanka Chopra at 7 Khoon Maaf press meet

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Priyanka Chopra at 7 Khoon Maaf press meet
Where: Taj Land's End
This is definitely a creative way of promoting the film.

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love this!! she is so smart, promoting this movie in unique appropriate ways! im gonna see this movie first day first show cant wait!!! im goin to prebook my tickets! wooo

seriously the dresses look CHEAP! why does she wear pantyhose and then those cheap heels

omg she so needs to dress better

insensitive promotion

i love a big fan f hers. bt her nose!!! eeewwww...she dosnt look like a world beauty, wch she is!!! pri...u need a nose job sooooooooooooooonnn!!!!

Wed, 2011-02-02 18:13 — bebo4eva
goshh, your full of hate!! every single page you put somevhing bad about pc, yh well after all your a bebo fan what can we expect

The true exotic beauty of India. Love her

she looks horrible as a bride look @ her nose lol

She will do anything for attention...even looking gross-out as bride & creepy widow. OMG! ppl will go to any extreme to sell their wares in public.

omg this is soo cute! wot a refreshing way to promote a movie! am lovin the theme and especially the funeral outfit and decorations! this film is gonna rock! cant wait! pc is killerrr (literally) LOL

she is hardworking and that has shown in her work and will keep on i believe

we have seen excessive promotional avtivity for Kites and TMK recent one...both r complete pls guys if you think your movie is good..dont do all this tamasha....I look fwd to watch this movie!

have to say, she has gotta a really nice body, i dont watch movies but i started noticing that once when i saw the khatron ke khiladi episode.

Hope the story is real and believable and not something weird. Love Pri's choice of this project. It's very different and I believe she has had a tremendous scope for performing as a total actor here.

she looks gorgeous

The whole funeral concept of this press meet is kind of creepy, even if it goes with the film!

gr88888888888 .. only Pri can do the exotic look of Western and Easten and look so unique.

wow they r seriously promoting the movie lol

stunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnningggg in only a way Priyanka can do. she is so exotic.

Is there anything that she has'nt done.?? She is trying out everything..

she is not6 looking like a bride, but I definitely want to hear what she has to say becos she is the only intelligent talker and smart actress in B town cute is this? Priyanka looks gorgeous, especially love the black head peice. And even Vishal looks really sweet and well-groomed in the grey kurta. He's definetely one of Bollywood's few original, intelligent directors. The 7 Khoon Maaf trailer looks fascinating and its one of the most interesting trailers I've seen from B'wood ever. Its even going to be int eh panorama section of the Berlin Film fEstival (a rare honour for an Indian film) so haters be quiet

love her dedication to her projects. love her!!



couldnt she at least have worn a long bridal dress? will make anything short!!!

ugh, all this gimmicky promotion is starting to give me a headache. a film should speak for itself...

its got flop written all over it..

Honestly, I find her very sweet. She just ruins her face with bad makeup.

She's truly talented and beautiful

I had no idea Vishal Bhardwaj was so short!

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Pinkvilla has updated its Privacy and Cookie policy. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and show you Personalized advertisement