Priyanka Chopra at L'Oreal Femina Women Awards

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Priyanka Chopra at the Loreal Paris Femina Awards 2012.

In Priyanka's words - "Femina changed my life forever, I didn't know what to do and Femina told me what to do"

Priyanka is wearing a dress by Gauri Nainika.

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Beautiful is not enough for her ... she is perfect actress & perfect girl !

And she is carrying a matt magenta Nokia Lumia :)

My gorgeous babe. Pink is so much her colour.

Finally! She rocked this time. Loved it.

Love the colour on her.

Looking Great.

wowwwwwwwwww not my favorite but for PC this is a huge change! no more teeny bopper jeans, mini skirts, and tshirts

she looks absolutely stunning and we have the same phone.. haha..


too mush work done also whats up with her never showing her real eye color????

She is emerging out as a new hot fashionista.

Its make up and lighting that makes her look fair.


whats wrong with her complexsion. in reallife she is dark and here she is very white. pc done a lot of job on her face sorry


Junglee Billi is pretty.

This dress is quite a nice creation. I like it a lot.

She is lovely. I always gotta click on her pics to see her. And two posts both with knee length dresses on Priyanka? Is this change here to stay? :-) Good going.

Oh! What a hot figure.

Elegant and beautiful!

Ileana wore similar dress in a cover of Мумкуб is PC copying her co-star??

The most beautiful actress without any doubt

YAY such a beautiful dress..
this is actually the very first time PC wears something elegant not cheap !

This colour really suits her. She is looking gorgeous in pink!

She is perfect from all angle
The best & most beautiful actress !

Oh god...these lips :-O , so horrible!

she looks very nice

I really like stuff designed by Gauri & Nainika. Very feminine. And they always seem to get it right :)

I hate her like i hate no one else!!!!!!!! always running around married men!!!!


My princess. God bless her.

So hot.

Graceful and elegant. Way to go girl!!

Ahhhh! I hate that dress!!!
But besides that she looks really gorgeous!

Perfect perfect perfect

Ah! finally priyanka wearing something nice..The pink dress really suits her..she look beautiful here

perfect 10 on 10.

Priyanka in pretty pink. She looks lovely!!!


Simple and elegant. I love her diamonds too.

I love this babe. Pink so much suits her.

True bombard! Speechless.

She is next superstar of bollywood.

she looks great neck down, but i really can never adjust to her equine face and equine mouth especially

she is looking like a princess.........stylish and classy!!!!!!!!

She looks like a beautiful fairy. Words are beyond description as to how ravishing she looks.

God has blessed her well....


She was definitely not crowned MISS WORLD for nothing... LOVE HER.

breathtaking Beauty!

Congrats. She got 'women we love' award.


Super gorgeous

Jungli billi rocks

She is just perfect girl
Very beautiful, highly talented & gr8 personality !

she looks nice.simple as that.not too great...not bad either.

Thats why she was miss world
The most beautiful lady in d waorld !

Very beautiful

Omg stop injecting your lips already!!
And LMFAO @ bag o er the face comment- couldnt agree more!

Priyanka is looking so gorgeous an classy these days she is back to the PC I always loved. The teeny bopper dostana style was getting irritating and she really went through a bad phase. Now she is looking just stunning!

looking good

nose looks really bad, but drss n color look gud

finally she's starting to wear dresses that r below the knees. at least now she looks classy not a woman trying to dress like a teenager.

Love the dress!!! And the styling least for me.

Now if I can put a bag over the will be perfect

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Pinkvilla has updated its Privacy and Cookie policy. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and show you Personalized advertisement