Rani Mukherji at Zee TV's Dance Ke Superstars

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Rani Mukherji is seen having fun making chapatis (Indian bread) with the little contestants on Zee TV's Dance Ke Superstars. Rani is here to promote her upcoming movie Aiyya. Also seen is veteran star Mithun.

Rani is wearing a Sabyasachi maxi dress.



Her hairstyle and accessories resemble those of LORD SHIVA in Mahadev.

What Rani is wearing doesn't bother me, the dress that see wore to Karan Johars 40th birthday was a disaster but this dress is nice, its not her best look but I think she still looks cute.

Rani looking very Nice/Cute= Total Shona:) her appearance reminds me of childerns story books characters...like Mary had a Little Lamb kind of stuff. Rani = Entertainment .... this time with AIYYAA its gonna be a bit actually more then a bit Wakda;~}




RANI! Didn't you look in the mirror before you stepped out? To much of everything: hair, jewelry, dress material. No.


At least she's dressed appropriately for a kids show!

She should've ditched the necklace!!

Gorgeous dress but bad styling. Rani needs to either tone her arms up slightly or wear more flattering clothing. She has the same kind of arms as Kareena Kapoor, they don't look great in sleevless clothing.

Her smile and vivaciousness [is that even a word?!] makes up for it all though.

Don't mind the maxi dress on her so much but the choker part of the necklace is annoying me. Makes her neck look way shorter.

she looks gypsy....

looks like she has put on weight again...

The gorgeous & fabulous
Rani's the best
Love u so much

she should reduce a lil weight.. specially around her arms/hands..
otherwise she looks pretty good.. and the reason i guess she wore a maxi is to cover her tummy up!

Fat??? are you for real?
what is wrong with your thinking? This woman is far from being "fat"

Tue, 2012-09-18 04:55 — Voiceswriter

Hey! I know this dress....I've seen it before.

i guess Kahani,vidya?

Not very flattering pictures of Rani sadly here she reminds me of her early time in Bollywood when she was bit fat :S

That is a wrong choice of outfit. That dress doesn't compliment her height or figure sadly.

Also, her cheeks are fuller now. Kind of similar to the way Madhuri Dixit's got hers done.
Suits Rani's Bong persona. hehe.

Mithun needs to get a new stylist. lol

Beautiful & CUte As ALWAYS

too good rani ji


She is so beautiful and looks so young! Gorgeous



She looks really pretty but the dress is eating her up!

@Voiceswriter, possible - Sabya outfits do have a similarity and lot of actresses are wearing him now, previously it just used to be Rani, Sabya's original muse.

Hey! I know this dress....I've seen it before.

she is looking veryyyyyyy pretty very young...but i dont really like the dress!

with a different hair style and minus the necklace that Maxi might have worked better.
Not liking this look.

omg what the hell is she wearing?


I don't really know why but that dress doesn't look flattering at all on Rani - it may be the angle at which this photo is taken or it may just be the proportions of the dress. This maxi dress would look a lot better on a taller person.

omg what the hell is she wearing?

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