Ritesh and Genelia at CCL post party

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These two people as a couple ROCKS!!!!! Ritesh and Genelia they smile from their heart and so beautiful!!

It's very nice of them to have shared their wedding pics with the public unlike that fame hungry but arrogant Bachchan family.

They are both so lucky to have each other.

The cutest couple in bollywood. May god bless them forever!

Ritesh and Gen are rocking together!

The fact that these two could hide their relationship for 10 years says something about Bollywood. If a couple wanted to hide their relationship, they can. Not all those media hungry people who love controversy and throw their names in the news, and then get all diplomatic and defensive when people ask about it.

Sohail also likes to write about himself on pinkvilla?? who knows this much about this dude....

those 2 don´t know their limits. its partying and going out partying going out. take some rest plzz

Genelia seems so open and bubbly.. the type one could be friends with instantly.. so un-snobby.. Ritesh seems more reserved of the two... maybe bcoz he comes from an elite politicial background, he stays more quiet.

Hindu men are not required to wear a wedding band. The woman has to wear a mangalsutra.

to anon: yes, he does. Sohail is the owner of mumbai heroes and he is the judge of comedy circus! He is also going to make Sher Khan with salman

sohail khan always looks stoned!! what is the matter with him?

If I had just gotten married, I wouldn't get out of bed for anything!

We dont wear wedding rings in India .....

I totally love this couple because "NO Hype, No Body Gaurds, No flashy designer clothes and finally they are at some ease with other"and That is true Love, God Bless them!!!!

Does Salman's brother do anything besides go to parties?


woooowww ...they are inseparable now!!!!

they didnt go for honeymoon??

They look tired, and of course after a whole week of ceremonies and parties and finally the romantic night! ;D LOL and on next day going to the CCL game, it would be impossible to have energy left!

what happened to Varun badola. He was my favorite tv star

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