Sameera and Sushma Reddy at the Skyfall premiere

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Sameera and Sushma Reddy at the premiere of Skyfall.


Make - over asap!

Sushma, what is with her legs, she is NOT standing straight even in one pic...looks so weird
Wonder why Sameera wud try to look so bad

Sushma is looking pregnant here

Sushma Reddy's style scares me. Sameera all night and all day.

Like Dia, Sameera seems to be stylish in her own way, unlike Sonam who just copies runway fashion and just tweaks it a bit. Sushma has a very pretty face.

Nice pants. But never liked make-up on Sameera. It always seems off for some reason.

The original Kardashians :)
Where's the youngest sister disappeared to ? Haven't seen Meghna since she was a VJ.

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