Sameera Reddy walks the ramp for Neeta Lulla at Lakme fashion week

Event,lakme fashion week
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she is the most beautiful world in the entire world and she looks so....beauts as the word means and i want to marry her

smthgs up with her tum tums

omg! she should've waited till her 6 pack abs is all built to put on display! her stomach looks veryyy yukky right now

The outfit is just out of this world...


Anonymous on Sat, 2009-09-19 02:51. Her stomach isn't weird...its on the way to become completely flat.

her stomach looks weird because its not completely flabby and not complete built/toned. shes working out that's for sure...well i hope she keeps it up cuz she aint got nothing better to do anyways HAHA

wth is up with her stomach?? that shud nt b on display!

eww whats wrong with her stomach area?

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