Shah Rukh Khan at Asian lifestyle

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This is Suzi Mann interviewing Shah Rukh Khan at the Asian lifestyle

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"Stay in sync with the latest and hottest" & "SUBSCRIBE TO PINKVILLA"


You are a good actor


hello sir you are smart but not cool like me so be ready for new comment

Srk,u r my favourite film stars.

sharukh sir u look so look with smart girls..........

Shahrukh sir, ur sch a gr8 personality al ovr bolywood n i jst lik u vry much.......


I just love SRK!!!!!
I love him and he may do whatever he wants to but i'll still love him!!!!!!
And that's for sure!


SRK rocks

ay q lindo srk ... tkm.. soy de peru muxos saludos y besos suerte con tu esposa gauri los tu fanssssssss

you are measing and you loock so good......Good Bless You

Oooh Suzi look at you rubbing shoulders with King Khan-lucky girl!!

chill annon your taking this far too seriously.

LOVE SRK!! he looks so cute and young

Cute. long live sharukh khan you rock!

No woman should be described as hot what kind of demeaning word is that? so cheaply used. Thanks for sharing Jeena great show from what I remember, can't wait to go again it's a real opportunity to meet the stars in person. Lovely pics of both. Nice sari.

Oh great pics! thanks for sharing the girl is hot and Shahrukh is always HOT!!!!!

i dont think she is hot. she looks too average.

Suzi Man I think that's who she is. What do you think of the new look of Shah Rukh in OSO?

WOW lurving the leather look of SRK which actress is he with? Rahul.

She is Suzi Mann of Sunrise Radio presents the Bollywood Top 20 with all the latest scandals and goss!! I'm in LOVE with her voice!!!!

she is nice yeah. not sure who she is

Who is the girl she's HOT!! SRK looks fine with his long hair hmmm nice....


wow SRK looks very young! and sexy!

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