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Shahid and Priyanka at Kaminey press meet

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Shahid and Priyanka at Kaminey press meet

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wh pc always wear short short skirt AND DOESN'T LOOK GOOD AT ALL


wow.. ultra California hip mod cool couple they r !

Hello, Fri, 2009-08-07 19:43 — unthinkable->
Shahid is no baby =face (luckily for us, we dont like baby face looks.. anyhow and find Shahid very handsome)..
but two baby-faced couples is just plain weird looking. seen them in parties and often , they give off too much youthful looks which becomes childish after a while. opposite looking couples definitely bring more energy to each other. there is a definite beauty in looking 20-something!! why are desis obsessed with teen-looking faces?

perhaps Shahid and Priyanka don't have major chemistry as they seem to be good friends (rumour is that Pri is not trying to get close to avoid being hurt by guys and is NOT trying to get into a relationship with Shahid)---- and suppoedly are good friends. but they are still VERY good looking together. VERY

and yes, if this same Priyanka had very fair complexion and perhaps light eyes... she would not be made to be such a negative 'trashy' thing all the time and an elder cougar (!!)...and in fact, a lot of people might be praising that same face and looks. it is because she's dark-dusky that she seems so hated on this pinkvlla all the time.

Sat, 2009-08-08 21:24 — Razmo -> Priyanka is a year younger than Shahid.. and she looks like his didi??

And Fri, 2009-08-07 19:43 — unthinkable -> aunty ???!! and your justification is that Kareena , who is two years older than Pri even looks 'older' next to Shahid??

it's funny how we label some people as women (Pri) (even if they are younger) and some still as girls (ie. Kareena). it has a lot to do with maturity levels.... not the actual physical looks.

Shahid is dressed down like a teen, and his aura is perhaps more younger.. but come on, Priyanka does not look his elder. please people, see the photos again. she seems to have more vitality and energy in the photo than him. opposites attract.

lol !!! people.

well, guess it's a compliement to Priyanka that she's perceived as Shahid's and even Kareena's elder (and in one post, she was compared to Priety and Aish's age).. but in fact, she's younger than them. but she seems so smart, she does appear to be very wise and very very beautiful too.

she looks like a very free-spirited vixen ... full of zest and bubblines...

did someone say they like baby-faces on adults.. and they wanted 'baby-faced' Shahid to go out with a baby-faced actress... why??? it's scary to go out with a near-30 guy (Shahid) who can pass as 13. when a 20-something looks like a 20something, that is super-attractive !!! And both Shahid and Priyanka are super attractive looking couple, who are NOT baby-faced.. .but rather hip-mod-cool and super good-looking.

granted, desis like the fuller-cheeked baby faced looks (and they're lucky.. even at 50, they look 20!)-and the near enitre Bollywood and India is filled with that type of baby-faced looking couples-- but isn't it refreshing to see a different looking couple for once? this is a very Hollywood LA looking couple....

Unthinkable, people who work out or get very thin (lose weight)-- lose their baby fat on their faces faster. Shahid looks young, hip mod and VERY HANDSOME .. but he does not look baby-faced. sorry. actually, baby-faces are not liked by a lot of people too. a lot of guys in their 20's who don't work out and have cheek fat still look 13 and that's ok-- but it's not Shahid. don't know why though desis like baby-faces so much, a lot of people find that so unattractive.. and still call people nearing 30 girls and boys, who act immature to hold on to their 'silly teen youth'.

both he and Priyanka look like 20-something fitness freaks and look fine together !! very mod hip couple. a low-key cool guy with a wild cool girlfriend. Pri is in fact a year younger than him and 2 years younger than Kareena. but she is pegged as a cougar-- funny ! but people can feel differently if they want...

Very surprised to read the anti-Pri comments time and time again, waving her off.

Priyanka's allure is there, strong.
Being a Miss World definitely adds that allure of being a woman of the world, esp for a pretty and talented woman like Priyanka. (and yes, calling her a WOMAN at 29 is a compliment to her-- when in Bollywood, those types are still labeling themselves as girls and trying to win the teen crowd).

In addition to being beautiful and an award winning actress, she's known to be very computer brainy and educated (coming from a Dr family, etc.)-- it's very easy to see why guys do get obsessed with Pri. An article came out that in Brazil, a rich guy kept following her around asking her to marry him-- but she said she's only interested in Indian guys ...

Priyanka does dress bold and wild often.. it's her signature style reflecting her personality. India is a free land, and that's her look. it is sad though that she gets negatively stereotyped much faster than her fairer counterpart stars-- and is a target of being LABELLED 'trashy', and really non-sense post titles etc. (being dusky)-- because Katrina and Kareena wear bold, mod clothing quite as much-- and are hardly ever LABELLED that. yet she remains sweet and humble and hopefully does not get bitter by all the rejection she keeps facing, possibly due to her darker coloring in the industry. she's really 'made it'.

my friend won a beauty contest pageant once, and she said she started to look twice as good, because she just accepted herself more.... she said got asked out 3 times more and had many more guys obsessed and falling in love with her and having proposals. the reality is most of the guys did not know she won the contest. it was because she walked and talked with an extra air of sparkle and smile. it just ADDed to her looks by making her all the more confident.

and the same--
confidence and bubbliness if the key to Priyanka's good looks, in addition to her in-born good looks....
she just SHINEEEEEESSS....
she looks good with anyone..

even in not her best look and pose, she manages to shine out in the photos.
and yes, Priyanka often does not take good photos- she is much prettier than this.

Shahid looks good with her ((and not vice versa)).. sorry, but in this case, Pri is the star and Shahid the rising star, and SEEMS her junior. Priyanka has been in the industry for a while, a past Miss World.. and no dis-respect to the very handsome and talented Shahid, but even though he is a year older than her (yes , he is !), she seems way more wiser than her years and seems to have accomplished a lot in the short time in her industry. this sort of wise-vixen quality of hers of being a very assured woman gives her a very wise air. in fact, that's the one thing that stands out most in her. (it does not make her look older though, or an aunty).

And yes, she has looks. we saw her all at Queens at a beauty pageant and everyone's eyes was on HER, not any of the contestants, once she arrived. she managed to outshine everyone. she is often praised for her figure and very fit looks --but really, she has an amazingly pretty face too . dusky beautiful. amazing proportions and aura. and VERY down to earth-- her key is charm. hopefully, she will not 'change' like so many stars who start out charming and turn bitter and full of airs once they make it. perhaps being not as accepted by desis-- has helped keep her on her toes to remain in the background and keep working...

Fri, 2009-08-07 19:43 — unthinkable

lol Shahid has a boyish face so even when he would stand next to Kareena --> Unthinkable, what is this 'even" if he would stand next to Kar? Kar is 2 years older than Priyanka.. . , Priyanka is actually younger. People often compare Priyanka or Preity and Aish's level at times (who are in their mid-30's). fact is, Pri is very young still and acccomplished at lot from Miss World to films now.

and since when did Pri give off the aunty look? that is NOT an aunty, sorry.
women are look smart and know their mind have an air of maturity that comes off sharply. Pri does look very bold, wild and strong.. but sorry, she doesn't look like an aunty. she does look fab with anyone..

Pri's got a gorgeous smile ! she's one of the few actresses who genuinely seems to smile and not just pose.

leave her alone hypocrites! india is a sexist country still living in the middle ages. If she dresses like NORMAL people so what? just jelous because 95% of indian women are as FAT as the michelin doll. Oh i forgot...asians are narrow minded, shame on you

Antis stop bad mouthing Priyanka-- she looks gorgeous ?


ppl, if she likes wearing dresses then leave her to it. seriously u would not like it if someone came up to u and sed that u luked really bad in an outfit

she feels comfortable in a dress good for her
and i dont think she should be ashamed cz ive seen actresses like kareena and katrina with shorter dresses

Pri is such a pretty girl but had to ruin her look with this bad outfit and hair :S.


oh my days, how can she wear this type of dresses?
i think shahid is lookin better than her

PC looks hot because she can't look anything but. Still, much prefer the hair she sported at the recent Nokia launch! Shahid looks cute cute cute! I think they are friends with benefits at this stage, haha.

Both look fine...just not together i suppose=I second that
For me they look so much like bhai/didi and zero chemistry..No offence Shapri fans..

Priyanka!! LOokz Hott and beautifull wow..

shahid looks very short while sitting in 7th pic. lolzzz

Priyanka looks weird with her long hair and short dress..She should either keep her hair short or wear some proper clothes with long hair!

her hair is not done right....luks like she had extensions done.....anyways looks like lion's mane....n shahid is too petite for her

I always love her hair.
shahid looks damnn cuteeeeeeeeeeee

lol Shahid has a boyish face so even when he would stand next to Kareena he would make her look like an aunty when respectively & when by herself she looked just fine and of her age! ..I think the same is happening here.... Shahid would look good next to someone like Amrita or Anushka as they both have baby face as well

Both look fine...just not together i suppose

HAHA jealous freaks!!!
The truth is she looks BEAUTIFUL

they look great together

Submitted by Anonymous on Thu, 2009-08-06 22:06.
i agree with u,

shahid looks so cute, love his looks

her shoulder n chest makes her luk lyk a man here
but pretty
shahid lukz hot

her shoulders are as broad as shahids

he's sooo cute!

she looks awful she cannot do a ledger like shilpa

I want to watch this movie

priyankas head luks bigger than her body lol she luks very short

PC looks like a man !

love the last pic..they seem more like good friends than anything else..hope they stay friends

priyanka needs to change a hairstyle, syop wearing short dresses always...she looks the same everywhere. She needs some style

wow they look lovely together. Unlinke Kareena who was all over him n he never used to give ny importance to her

shahid looks so shy...PC pretty

she lux really gooooddd but girl stop wearin those dressesss!! every event u c her wearin those dressess doesnt she has nice pair of jeans n a cute top or sumthin sumtimes!!! or long gowns she has an amazin figure she can carry off nething bu wuz wid these dressess!!!

she looks awful eek!how can u wear such a short dress besharam woman shahid luks nice

he looks hot

don't like the hair the dress and the couple!

I think they look good together! =D

priyanka doesnt look good. i dont think they look good together. but shahid looks HOT!

They look Pri's hair, extensions I guess but they look nice!
And Shahid should get his "Kaminey" look back; it looked hotter...

I think she's wearing hair extensions.....her real hair is shorter these days...the hair is a disaster

shahid is lookin gud after a long time, thnk god he chopped those long tresses off and priyanka looks like a tranny here! shes gta small frame with big head n big hair so y wud u wear a leger emphasising it!?! someone shud go into her wardrobe n throw those dresses away

big hair, tiny dress- hehe.

Can priyanka's dress be any more tight...

they look perfect together. Shahid looks hot.

omg shahid loooksss HAwt!

he looks awesome!!

i don't like her hair here but otherwise she looks okay

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