Sridevi unveils the Telugu English Vinglish trailer

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Sridevi unveils the Telugu English Vinglish trailer. She is wearing a Manish Malhotra sari and jewellery by Gehna Jewellers.


she hasn't aged gracefully...looks bad, extremely bad now esp after million n millions of nose job

there are many guys who drool over older women. i mean in a good sense. older women like sri appear lot confident and comfortable. so sri hands down has made a good comeback

tickets at TIFF for EV sold out in 15mins...that is the power of true talent..... I am so bored of reading about her nose. GET A LIFE PEOPLE, its her body she can do whatever she likes. LOVE YOU FOREVER SRI.

She looks like Shilpa Shetty's older sister.

Her nose has been reduced to one-fourth size of its original should watch her earlier movies in tamil and telugu to get her real appearance....on second thoughts, her elder daughter has inherited the same that's really funny....god has amazing ways of getting back.

Sridevis Mother tongue is Telugu but she was born and brought up in Chennai.. She is very popular in the Telugu Film Industry.

bad saree, tacky looks

She has Telugu and Tamil Origins. Father Tamilian, Mother Telugu.

i have heard she is quite popular in Telugu film industry!!!

Gorgeous Sridevi!!!!!!!!!

Michel jacksons look alike lol

These pictures are so low in quality. Sridevi in this event is just sooooo beautiful. please take proper pics

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