Vidya Balan at an AFL match in Melbourne

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Indian Film Festival of Melbourne Brand Ambassador , Vidya Balan was given the prestigious honour of handing the ' Match Ball' to the ground at the MCG ( Melbourne Cricket Ground ) . Vidya is not only the first Indian , but also the first woman and first non - former player to have this honour
Vidya charmed the thousands of Australian crowds at the MCG as she lifted the Match ball to a thunderous applause before handing it to the umpire to signal the start of the match between Melbourne's Richmond Club and Sydney Swans.

She was also interviewed by Eddie Magquire who is one the most respected Media person in Australia before she stepped on field
Vidya was in Melbourne to launch the Festival program that commences from June 11 in Melbourne

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hottest vidya

I hope Western audiences catch Kahaani, I truly believe Vidya could win an Oscar for that role!

Lovely Vidya, I love her confidence, she does not give a damm to what people think, awesome, she speaks with her awesome acting.. I love her for that, but I also agree if she looses little weight she will be perfect, just may be 8 pounds less, we do not want size 0 but yes little bit light will suit her.

Vidya Balan is truly an inspiration!

love the saree and the look

Only Vidya could carry this off. Wearing sari on the pitch and still charming as ever.

can i set fire to her wardrobe pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

she is gorgeous !

Red hot.

She looks lovely. sari works for her on many levels and am glad she chose this instead of another that I'd have been afraid might not have shown taste or might not have worked on her bodytype. this is good. vidya is such a charmer in her own way.

though not for the occasion n place where she is

Omg ,,, saree at a footy ,,i live in Melbourne so I no nothing could hav been more ridiculous .u don't hav to always wear a saree to represent ur country .and if she really wanted to,, for hiding her flabs or watever atleast another colour not RED for god sake .

Looking like a dive
and like a seductress at the same time...
Love this color on her...

My first comment was omg in a sari then I realized she looks her best in sarees & she knows that well. Come to think of it she wud look like a commoner in salwar & western wears there

she is an indian... so she wears sari when she is representing indian culture...she looks beautiful.... she is brave becos it was soooo cold in melbourne yesterday....

She looks like she is still promoting 'The Dirty Picture', with her red saree, those curls and the way she is standing.
Not that I like heroines who stand cross legged at all events (read Kareena, Malaika Arora etc..)

The last picture is not taken well...she looks fat b'coz the saree was either ont draped well, or just moved out of position

Love her confidence in her own style, she is not trying to be something she is not.

she looks soooo nice. i love the colour of the sari

awww beautiful !!!

She looks really good!

OMG absolutely gorrrrjus.. LOve this lady and her confidence.. She is so elegant...

aww god bless her dedication to who she is ans the women she has become! I love the way she looks...

she wore a saree to the afl?!? omg this woman... btw i'm a melburnian, and even i've never been to a match LOL

true desi beauty.

can she wear something other than sari some time??
i love sari.. it is a beautiful Indian dress. but she should try other things too.

sweet & simple saree !!!

She wore a saree to a footy match!! Gosh its not cricket :P

She looks pretty. Love the sari and the colour. Good choice.

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