ZNMD In Ahmedabad

ZNMD team was in Ahemedabad promoting their movie. They have undertaken a road trip covering several Indian cities. The team is doing great promotions and I really hope the movie gets a fabulous opening.

Credits: pv

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lol at the comment that said that kat speaks the language of the world which I am assuming is ENGLISH as it is the most spoken language in the world.
You want all bollywood actors to interact with indian audience with english?
I dont mind but I bet at least 30 people will not understand and majority will prefer their stars to speak in hindi.

Kat cannot speak HINDI and she is a bollywood actress.Every other bollywood indian actress knows hindi.
The fact is that she takes audience for granted.You would think that with all the years she was in india from the day salman khan brought her to his house, she could have at least try to learn hindi or take hindi classes knowing she wanted to be an actress in BOLLYWOOD.Nothing but pure lazyness from her part.
If I wanted to act in a french movie, I would learn french to connect to the french audience.

I agree hrithik has changed after krissh and dhoom2.We miss the humble sweet hrithik from kaho na pyar hai days.

everyone complains about Kat's cheeks but they are what makes her so cute and young. I llove her because she speaks the language of the world unlike the rest of them. atleast Abhey tries to connect with his world fans. hrithik on he other hand has become such a prude - he does not connect to mother earth - he has joined all the gods up there somewhere and the old hrithik is surely missed. maybe one day he will come down to earth....and find it a very cold place indeed.
mods post this the inquisitive minds want to know

WOW! Hrithik looks cute! Myy duggu, I love uuu :) Katrina looks nice! She looks simple. :)

Katrina is so gorgeous, her skin is flawless and glowing. never ever saw her look bad.

Zoya please take a shower.Gen-x doesnt care abt ur scruffy look.

simple and nice-kat

Hrithik is so hot

my god!! i was seein the harry potter premiere that took place in london, and the stars were gushing over the crowd that collected. they should totally see this...!! there crowd was like a classroom compared to this. go india.. population crisis!!

kat is looking so sad. i think she is very reserved. abhay is looking so happy

I do not think she looks old but added a bit of weight
But what scares me that everyone Loved Kat because of her body and her Flat stomach
What will happen when all this disappears????

I can not wait to see the movie Everyone seems wonderful.


hrithik needs a shower...

miss kat u are lookin bestest of all....kat is very popular...

wowwwwwwwwww ive never seen a crowd like that for a film promotion!!!!

Ahem is She not well or something! Why does she look so dull!

OMFG! India IS overpopulated!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm having a panic attack just looking at the pics of the crowd

HUGE crowd!

i love hrithik especially his haiiry chest

She looks good in ANYTHING!

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