EXCLUSIVE: Amid COVID 19 pandemic, Raj & DK discuss difference between shooting Unpaused & The Family Man

Updated on Dec 18, 2020 10:16 AM IST  |  1.1M
Unpaused releases tomorrow, i.e. December 18, 2020
EXCLUSIVE: Amid COVID 19 pandemic, Raj & DK discuss difference between shooting Unpaused & The Family Man

Nikkhil Advani, Tannishtha Chatterjee, Raj & DK, Nitya Mehra and Avinash Arunto provide us with five different short films under Unpaused, which look at the COVID-19 pandemic from a new lens, in a more positive approach. When it comes to Raj Nidimoru and Krishna D.K., the filmmakers have directed Glitch starring Gulshan Devaiah and Saiyami Kher. Glitch's intriguing plot centers on a hypochondriac man who meets a delightfully strange girl on a blind date in a post-pandemic era.

In an EXCLUSIVE interview with Raj & D.K., we asked the filmmaking duo about their experience of shooting for Unpaused and how drastically different it was from shooting for The Family Man. "The Family Man was poora phela hua, like what we want, where we want. One of the times, I used to pick up a second camera and shoot, it was all over the place. We were doing anything and everything and wherever, whatever. Here [Unpaused], it was a very controlled idea. It's one of those very rare instances where... again, going back to independent filmmaking roots ki you have a guitar and a turtle, how do you make a short film out of it?" Raj recalled.

Nidimoru added, "We have two actors and we're pretty much indoors and a handful crew. So, what do you do? And how do you make an impression? What can we do? So, it became that for once. For once, the restrictions created the guidelines or the foundation of the story, a bit. Now we have to think, 'What can I do? Should I do something about people stuck at home? Should I do something about two bitter couples stuck together' You come up with all the first ideas and then you think what can I do beyond that. For us, we're looking at it like a piece that we would look back a few years later also and still stands the test of time so, it wasn't just that it was only relevant for that time. So, you could still be proud of this piece that we made. We had too many objectives to achieve. (laughs)"

With a similar stance, Krishna explained, "We were trying to not let the restrictions define the quality of the film. Restrictions automatically come into play as in, there are no extras, there are only two actors. Given those, the rest of it should feel like you made a film that had no restrictions. That was the idea, to make a film that looked like it."

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Unpaused releases tomorrow, i.e. December 18.