EXCLUSIVE: On Children's Day, Arslan Goni reveals his one childhood habit that hasn't changed till now

Updated on Nov 15, 2021 01:42 AM IST  |  86.6K
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EXCLUSIVE: On Children's Day, Arslan Goni reveals his one childhood habit that hasn't changed till now

Actor Arslan Goni was recently seen in the web series Mai Hero Boll Raha Hu. The series was highly appreciated and also starred Parth Samthaan in the lead role. The Television's handsome actor had made his digital debut with the show. Well, today is children’s day and many actors have recalled their childhood memory. Arslan Goni also shared his memory and revealed his one habit which has not changed till now. Well, he still drinks a lot of soft drinks. 

Speaking on the occasion of Children's Day, which is celebrated on November 14, Arslan also revealed his childhood habits which have followed him in his adulthood. He said, "There's actually one bad habit I have, I drink a lot of Cola, Pepsi, Thums up. I have had this habit since I was a little child. I love it and I still drink it like anything. Even now I have to have one diet coke or something. Secondly, I used to love playing basketball and I still play when I get time. Last year I played in a tournament in Podar school. Third, I don't like when someone touches my hair. I hate it, like even my mother does it but I can't say anything to her but I still hate it." 

"I still have a child-like behaviour and it helps me a lot in life. At times, my father also thinks I am foolish to not behave like I should and that I should comprehend things and do things, but I think it's nice because I like being real and not being pretentious. I think a lot of people believe they are smart, I feel that I am intelligent because if smartness means cunning then I'm not. I'm mature also but I have that childlike attitude and I like that side of myself more. Innocence is basically you cannot lose it, you have to lose it at some point of time and that's the sad part. But I think I still have kept a lot of my innocence intact because I do not take things seriously," he added. 

When asked about an unforgettable childhood memory, the "Jia Aur Jia" actor shared the time he got caught when he returned from watching a film. "We would bunk lectures and go to watch movies. I can't forget that I used to climb a 20 ft wall with the help of a tree to go watch a film. I was in 7th standard and my friends and I went to watch Pardes but we were caught once we returned. I was made to stand outside for seven days, facing the Litchi tree. I started bunking from the movie DDLJ and finally got caught in Pardes," he said. 

Any favourite kids' songs? "My most favourite song was a black and white song Tu Hindu Banega Na Musalman from Dhool Ka Phool. One of my head masters used to sing that for us. My grandfather also used to sing it to me," Arslan concluded.

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