EXCLUSIVE: Dino Morea on Saif Ali Khan's performance in Tandav: When you say action, you see a fine actor

In an EXCLUSIVE interview with Pinkvilla, Dino spoke candidly about what makes Tandav a special 'twisted' watch as well as his positive working experience with Saif Ali Khan and Ali Abbas Zafar.
EXCLUSIVE: Dino Morea on Saif Ali Khan's performance in Tandav: When you say action, you see a fine actor
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This Friday, the highly-anticipated political drama Tandav will drop which features not just an intriguing storyline weaving through relationships, love, betrayal and deceit but also boasts of an eclectic cast including Saif Ali Khan, Dimple Kapadia, Sunil Grover, Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub and more. Amongst the several key players, we have Dino Morea playing Jigar Sampath, a political science professor.

In an EXCLUSIVE interview with Pinkvilla, Morea spoke candidly about why he chose to star in Tandav. "Tandav, for me, is many reasons. First and foremost, it was the story. I read the nine episodes and it was like binge read for me because I couldn't put it down. The writing was excellent. The web, the relationships, the deceit, the problems, the resolutions, the characters. It was just wow. You really needed someone fantastic to think these stories up and put it together. All nine episodes really got me," Dino confessed.

Elaborating further on his character, the 42-year-old actor added, "My character, which is that of a political science professor, was really interesting and is a very important part to the whole process of the story. I get to work with a director I've been wanting to work with, Ali Abbas sir, and then I'm working with these really brilliant actors. Every actor, everyone, every character has been portrayed by a brilliant actor... For me to say no to something like this would be foolish and hence, I said yes."

Given that Saif plays an integral role in Tandav and is the link associating all the other characters, we asked Morea about his working experience with the 50-year-old actor. "I did a lot of scenes with Saif. Like I said, working with this ensemble cast of remarkable actors was one of the reasons why I said yes. I know Saif personally so the chemistry we also shared on set, the vibe was just so lovely and it was nice. But then to watch him perform is something else, really. He's experienced, no doubt. He's got many years of acting behind him. But when he comes [on set], when you say action and when he's over there, you know you see a fine actor. It was a pleasure to watch him. Really, an absolute pleasure to watch him and to work opposite him and act with him," Dino gushed.

Furthermore, Dino teased how fans can look forward to many Ali Abbas Zafar "twists" in Tandav. "There's not 'a' twist. There are many twists. I like the way he's dealing with more so the characters and relationships. Most characters are, they're not black and white, they're grey. That gives every character, sort of an option. This is true human nature. Everyone's ambitious, people are greedy. So and so forth. People want to succeed. People want to do well. There are many aspects of relationships being fleshed out over here. Deceit and betrayal and love and games being played. This is Ali Abbas at his finest because he's really gone into twists and turns and he's brought out the best in most characters, and he's telling a really good story. The story on paper was excellent and all you need to do is just shoot it really well and I think, he's done a great job," Morea concluded.

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