EXCLUSIVE: EVERGLOW talk about expressing themselves, defying stereotypes, their latest album & more

In an exclusive interview with Pinkvilla, EVERGLOW opened up about their goals with Last Melody, living up to fans' expectations, and more!

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The official concept photo for EVERGLOW's Last Melody
The official concept photo for EVERGLOW's Last Melody

If you’ve been a K-Pop stan for any amount of time, it is certain that you have heard of EVERGLOW. After all, EVERGLOW has become synonymous with the genre, representing the path-breaking novelty of the same. This revolutionary girl group has time and again redefined the standards of beauty and femininity and gone viral for the music they created as a result. From powerful and intense performances to addictive hooks that simply won’t get out of your head, EVERGLOW has finally marked their much-awaited comeback with their 3rd single album ‘Last Melody’. 

Pinkvilla had the incredible opportunity to interview these amazing artists, co-ordinated by MAXPERIENCE (MPE), and delve deep into how they’ve been able to construct a unique musical colour for themselves. As it turns out, not only are the members unbelievably gifted but they’re also incredibly mature in their understanding of art. 

Stay tuned until the very end for a special shoutout to FOREVERs, all across the world and especially in India!

1. First of all, a warm welcome to Pinkvilla and India. Many FOREVERs in India have been waiting for you wholeheartedly. How do you feel about all the love and support you receive from fans worldwide?

Sihyeon: I am very impressed and thank you for listening to, loving, and supporting our EVERGLOW music. Whenever I see the fans, I think we should always try harder. I'll show you more awesome images in the future.

2. EVERGLOW’s music has transcended all barriers and gained worldwide fame. What do you think has helped you attain success in such a competitive music industry?

Mia: I think that EVERGLOW’s unique color was able to captivate many people’s hearts with an intense performance with an addictive melody and beat. And it seems that you love a lot of attractive voices that are different for each individual.

3. EVERGLOW is known as a certified hitmaker group because of all the amazing and catchy songs that you have created. Do you feel burdened by this title and fans’ expectations when you’re trying to make new music or does it inspire you?

Aisha: Somehow, when we make a comeback with a new song, I feel that I have a burden to show the fans a better music than the previous album and to show an improved image, but that burden becomes a good driving force, so I can prepare harder.


4. Through all your songs and music videos, EVERGLOW presents a much-needed strong female representation in the K-Pop industry. Can each of you name something that makes you strong?

E:U: I think it is myself who makes me strong. I believe in myself and strive, and I think that I am growing as I take a step by step.

Sihyeon: I had a lot of thoughts that I wanted to become stronger myself, but that thought fits perfectly with our concept and seems to create more synergy. What makes me strong is my family. When I see my family, I feel stronger and want to be a proud daughter.

Mia: I think it’s my family and all the fans who watch me that make me strong. When I see them always cheering me up, I feel like I’m getting more power which I didn’t have.

Onda: What makes me strong is my family. When I feel weak, I tend to contact my family a lot! I was able to hold my heart once more with the mind that I should become a proud daughter and sister to my family.

Aisha: Probably it’s ‘FOREVER’ who always love us!! I feel like I’m getting stronger because I want to show them a better image.

Yiren: I think I can be empowered on the stage thanks to the support and affection from our ‘FOREVER’ and family and friends. We will continue to strive to become a better and beloved artist in the future.

5. EVERGLOW is always redefining and breaking down conventional notions of beauty through music. What is beauty to each of you?

E:U: I don’t think beauty can be defined. I think it’s because everyone has different standards. For me, the beauty is our fans ‘FOREVER’. 


Sihyeon: I just think that human life itself is beauty. Sometimes I am grateful for living in such a beautiful world. I think it’s cool to express my thoughts without being trapped by the stereotypes set by the world.

Mia: I think that beauty begins with loving yourself. First of all, it seems that true beauty can come out when you know how to care and love yourself.

Onda: I think it’s confidence above all! I don’t think there can be a beautiful atmosphere if I don’t have confidence. That’s why I think it’s most beautiful to love myself more than anyone else and act confidently.

Aisha: For me, beauty is my inner beauty. I think that we have to be healthy inside, we can be truly beautiful.

Yiren: I think it’s love. All these processes in which you and us love and empower each other are the most beautiful. I hope this beauty goes together all the time.

6. On a lighter note, who is your bias in your own group and why?

E:U: It’s too difficult to choose.. If I have to choose one, my favorite is Aisha. The rap and vocal style of her charming voice is good, and Aisha’s eyes are really cool, especially on stage!

Sihyeon: I have the same MBTI with Mia, but sometimes I am surprised because she has similar personalities and thoughts with me. But I love all of them so much that I can’t rank them!!!

Mia: For me, it is Sihyeon. When we talk, I can see that she has deep thoughts and is a really fun person.

Aisha: I think it’s E:U unnie. She always listens to me and supports me when I have troubles.


Onda: It’s so difficult because I like everyone... If I was FOREVER!, I think I will pick Sihyeon as my favorite!! I will probably fall for her voice after listening to the song, and I'll fall into Sihyeon more with the rabbit’s front teeth. Hahaha.

Yiren: Since there are always a lot of things I am learning and influenced by Sihyeon unnie, so I will choose Sihyeon if I have to choose from among the members.

7. One of EVERGLOW’s biggest strengths is the intensity and power of your performances that always go viral. Do you all actively participate in the process of choreography?

Yiren: I always feel lacking while learning, and whenever I see myself growing more, I get strength and I want to show my fans a wonderful look, so I work and participate very hard!

8. You’re constantly pushing the limits of genres and musicality with every release. What would you say was the hardest part and the easiest part about making this album?

Onda: I think the most difficult thing is that it was the first time we challenged ourselves with a new performance. We are all really the first to have a performance that is as powerful as this album, so we worked hard to improve our physical strength and practiced a lot of performance. And the easiest thing is... Actually, it wasn’t easy because everything was new, but it was a strong gaze! One is what I’ve been doing so far, so it was a little easier! Again, we worked so hard to push our limits! I hope you look forward to it a lot. Haha!

9. The song ‘FIRST’ carries the message of a new beginning in the search of light and hope. Have you ever had moments where you’ve had to start over for good?

Sihyeon: When I was a trainee, I was very discouraged because I had a lot of friends who were better than me, and I could not imagine my debut, but it was a moment when I had to start again. As a child, I felt that it was very difficult to start over and stand up at that time, but I think I can be who I am now because there were such processes.


10. ‘Please Please’ is an emotionally charged retro-pop ballad which truly shows your unique vocal colours. The concept of time travel is refreshing to say the least. If you could travel back in time and change one thing, what would it be and why?

E:U: If I could change one thing back in time, I had a fun imagination of what it would have been like to stretch well and drank a lot of milk when I was younger. I had a fun imagination that I would be a little taller than I am now.

Sihyeon: I don’t want to change anything, but if I go back to my student days, I want to play with my pet, Darong-e, Haerong-e more. Because I don’t live at home now, so I can’t play with the kids often, but the kids are getting older and I get sad every time I see them. I want to go back to the past and play more with my pets.

Mia: I want to go back to my childhood and make time with my family and travel a lot together.

Onda: I want to go back to my childhood and drink the milk my mother gave me eagerly. haha. When I was young, she brought milk every morning, but I used to drink it less often. If I drank that milk, I would have grown a little taller now. Haha

Aisha: This is the debut showcase!! Looking back it now, there are actually so many missing parts, so I want to show you a more perfect figure.

Yiren: I want to go back in time and go back to my trainee days! Even then, the first experience was interesting and fun, and although I learned hard and worked hard, I was not good at dancing and singing. I want to learn more and experience a lot more to become the best Yiren in everything if I can go back in time!


11. In ‘DON’T ASK DON’T TELL’, you explore the beauty of pleasant and bright memories that overshadow the difficult times. Has there ever been a moment since your debut where you seemed to struggle but when you look back now, it’s a memory you wouldn’t want to forget?

Mia: I don’t want to forget when we decided on a fandom name called ‘FOREVER’. It was decided on the day of our ‘Adios’ showcase. It’s a name that the fans gave themselves, and when it was decided, the fans were with me. At that time, I felt like we’ve gained a thousand troops supporting us, because there were people who really trust us.

Aisha: I think it was the moment when I debuted and won the first place. As much as we prepared and worked hard, I was so happy and so grateful to ‘FOREVER’.

12. You’ve achieved unbelievable success throughout your illustrious career both in terms of fans’ love as well as breaking records and topping charts. What is your goal with this comeback?

Yiren: The goal of this comeback is to hope that the music, stage, and performance that EVERGLOW is showing will be known to many people around the world! It’s our goal to listen to many fans’ words like ‘EVERGLOW can be a good influence and strength, and they are the best artists!’

13. All your music videos have very carefully fleshed out narratives that are like short films themselves. If you could make a movie about EVERGLOW’s Universe, what would you name it and what genre would it be?

Onda: I’d like to title it ‘No limit’. Haha. I think we try to push our limits every time we comeback and the universe is endless! The genre of the movie is science fiction, and I want to show the endless world and endless development of EVERGLOW, like science that is constantly



14. Finally, is there anything you’d like to say to FOREVERs all over the world and especially in India, who love and adore you endlessly?

E:U: First of all, thank you so much for allowing us to tell ‘FOREVER’ what we want to say through this interview. I really wanted to say that I thank ‘FOREVER’ for waiting a long time, and we will work harder in the future to become a proud singer to ‘FOREVER’! Indian ‘FOREVER’ thank you for loving EVERGLOW!! And FOREVER around the world! We really miss you and love you.

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