EXCLUSIVE: Gurdip Punjj gets candid about what she learnt from Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain 3, Ekta Kapoor & more

In an exclusive interview with Gurdip Punjj, the actress talks about her role in Ekta Kapoor’s Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain 3, OTT being the future of the entertainment industry and much more.
EXCLUSIVE: Gurdip Punjj gets candid about what she learnt from Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain 3, Ekta Kapoor & moreEXCLUSIVE: Gurdip Punjj gets candid about what she learnt from Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain 3, Ekta Kapoor & more
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With the Coronavirus lockdown prevailing for over two months now, the OTT platform has managed to have a strong foothold in the entertainment industry. Every week, we have a new web series to choose from. Joining this league, Ekta Kapoor’s new production Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain season 3 starring Ronit Roy, Mona Singh and Gurdip Punjj will be releasing soon. The makers have recently released the trailer of the web series and it has opened to rave reviews from the audience.

The show has been a toxic tale of relationships and the powerful performances of the cast have managed the keep the audience intrigued for two seasons. And while the team is gearing up for the third season, Gurdip Punjj got candid about her role in Kehne Ko Humsafar Hai 3 and revealed what she has learnt from the series, her experience of working with Ekta Kapoor and much more.

Excerpts from Pinkvilla's interview with Gurdip Punjj on Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain 3 below:

The trailer of Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain 3 has witnessed a positive response from the audience, how has been your reaction to the response?

We are overwhelmed with the response. While it was being made, we could gauge that it is going to be a great season. Normally when you are doing a series, there are most of the times the second season fails and then the third does not see the light in the day. But here surprisingly, the first season was well received, the second season was a hit, now three looks like a fire-cracker. The response has been amazing, now we are just keeping our fingers crossed.

Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain 3 seems to be a dark and toxic tale of relationship. How was it different from the two seasons?

What is happening in season 3 is all the repercussion of season 1 and 2. If you have seen and if you have followed the character, everybody has done what they feel like not thinking about what will be the result of their actions. Now whatever has happened in the third season is all because of what they created and they did in the first and second season. It is a very good take on relationships, on different personalities, how they react and respond to a repercussion in a relationship.

Your character of Poonam has also grown with every season, and this time it is even more complex. Please throw some light on your character.

For Poonam’s character, divorced turned as a therapy for her. she found Abhimanyu. She thought love was completely over for her, she was so hesitant, she didn’t want to be with Abhimanyu, but then she felt that this guy really loved her, so why not give love a second chance. Now that she has given a second chance to love because you have experienced such sour relationships in the past, you want to be very careful with the second chances. So, that’s what she is going through. She is fearing that Abhi should not fall out of love now. Here the fear is even graver because he is younger than her. She has seen that Rohit once loved her, but he fell out of love. She doesn’t want this thing to happen again. she has these fears. She is trying to keep herself young, she is working make herself more desirable. So, she is working out on external beauty. The good thing is that Abhimanyu sees internal beauty. And that’s might appeal and urge to everyone that we should keep our personality alive and make that tempting, not the physical beauty. That is something that Poonam needs to learn in season 3.

How did you get into the skin of the character as she is bolder now, more outspoken?

I spent times with my women folks, my friends who are a part of this urban world, who relate to stories like that, who have been divorced, who are seeing younger men. The story KKHH is very prevalent in our society, it is not something new. It is there that is why it has been accepted so well by the people. So, I spend much time with my friends and I really felt that it’s good to be around these people as I am playing the same character.

What is that one thing that you like the most about Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain series that made you say yes for this?

When you get a call from Ekta Kapoor’s camp, you will be a fool to say no. And when I got to know that this is such a loved show of her, and she has given so much time on the show, she has looked into each and every detail, every character, I would be a fool to say to it. I was already looking for something like a mature love story to act in. Also, it was debut on the web, so I had to say yes to it.

How has been your bond with Ronit and Mona as a co-star?

They are great actors. Now exactly we know each other, what cracks Mona, what Mona doesn’t like, what Ronit likes, what he doesn’t like, how he talks. We are actually friends now. The first season we broke the ice, the second season, we got better, the third season was like house on fire. We all got along really well.

How has been your experience working with Ekta Kapoor?

She is a genius. I call her a genius; I call her a boss and she doesn’t like it. Who can wrap up the shooting in March quickly before lockdown, do the edits and get the show ready and launch it during the lockdown and make the most of it? I think it’s a brilliant move and a lovely decision to come up with a launch of season 3 during the lockdown. Hats off to her and only she could pull it through. There is one of her kind.

Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain 3 has been releasing during the lockdown, do you think it will give an edge in terms of the possibility of a better reaction?

It is a series that I am sure that people are waiting for. So, what better than to cater to their needs in a lockdown. You know that people are going to go full out. they have nothing to do. I think it is a brilliant idea. I am so grateful to be a part of the series that is waited for.

One thing you want the audience to take back from the series?

We are in a world where you talk about YOLO – you live only once, you talk about a bucket list, you talk about making yourself a priority, you talk about all these things, putting you first. But you if we do that in relationships, won’t relationships become sour, won’t relationships have an impact? We should think about it. You can’t just all the time put yourself first. If you are in a relationship, a marriage transforms your life, it gives you responsibility, you have to think about the future. You have to be ready to get married and to take on marriage. So, that’s what my take is. Marriage is not easily brushed under the carpet you can’t forget when you are married to someone because fall out of love and fell in love with someone. You have to take the onus of a lot of relationships getting hampered.

You have been in the entertainment industry for almost 2 decades now. Do you think OTT is the future of entertainment industry?

Absolutely. OTT was always the future of the industry. It didn’t take time for people to get hooked on to it. And now because of COVID-19, it is all the more, because the moment your internet is fluctuating, your heart goes up and down because you can’t see a series because that’s the only way of entertainment. So, it had come only to eradicate a lot of other platforms and it has done that. content is the best on OTT. There is no censor board. The vision of the makers, they are catering to the needs of the viewers, there is no middle man to put an axe on anything here which is lovely and it is great for the actors, viewers and the makers.

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