EXCLUSIVE: A Love So Beautiful actor Yeo Hoe Hyun opens up about love, similarities with Woo Dae Sung & more

Updated on Feb 12, 2021 07:13 AM IST  |  2.8M
EXCLUSIVE: A Love So Beautiful actor Yeo Hoe Hyun opens up about love, similarities with Woo Dae Sung & more

One of the most significant rising stars from the world of Korean entertainment, actor Yeo Hoe Hyun has officially stolen millions of hearts with his character Woo Dae Sung in the Netflix drama 'A Love So Beautiful'. Pinkvilla had the incredible honor to sit down with actor Yeo Hoe Hyun to discuss all the hard work that went into creating Woo Dae Sung and bringing him to life with all the charm that could melt hearts with a smile. From preparing for his role to identifying with him, the artist opens up about everything that made this experience special.

Before anything else, a very hearty congratulations to you for your success with 'A Love So Beautiful'. Fans are simply head over heels for your character Woo Dae Sung. How do you feel about this accomplishment?

First of all, I sincerely thank all the fans who loved ‘A Love So Beautiful’. We worked really hard on the shoot. I'm so proud and happy to receive so much support and love.

What made you choose 'A Love So Beautiful' as a project you want to work on? How did you feel when you first received the offer?

When I first received the suggestion and read the script, the script was so much fun. Above all, I thought the role of Woo Dae Sung was similar to me. I thought I would be able to do well, so I decided to appear in the drama.

Your character Woo Dae Sung is a talented swimming champion. How did you prepare for this role?

First of all, since I am a swimmer, I thought that external appearance was important, so I worked out really hard. Since I'm so skinny, I remember having a hard time for months, starting with eating to gain weight.

Woo Dae Sung is extroverted, cheerful and immensely caring which makes him loveable to all. Is your real personality similar to Woo Dae Sung?

I think my personality is similar to Woo Dae Sung because I am very active and playful. But I don't know about the lovely part.

If you were in a similar situation as Woo Dae Sung, how would you deal with your feelings towards someone?

In the drama, Woo Dae Sung shows Sol Yi a straight forward approach, but I'm actually a little timid when it comes to the opposite sex, so I don't think I can do that. I think I would approach them carefully and slowly.

One of the best things about your character is how selfless he is and how much he cares for his friends. Are you as close to your co-actors as your character is in the drama?

After shooting for 3 months, I got really close to my co-actors.  We met a lot in private and hung out together, and most of all, we were able to get closer because we were in the same age group.

Every scene in which Woo Dae Sung appears on screen is made meaningful by how well you can express his emotions with sincerity and compassion. You have a beautiful ability to make fans laugh and cry with you. What inspires you to be an actor?

I am always thinking about acting. For example, if there is a situation, I remember it and later when I am acting in a similar situation, I draw out the feelings from that time and act.

Can you tell us about any funny incidents that happened on set while filming for 'A Love So Beautiful'? What was your most memorable moment on set?

The filming location of the school in the drama is located in the countryside, so I had to stay there a lot. It was fun and memorable to have a beer with the actors at the dorm after filming every time.

Finally, please say something to your fans all over the world and especially in India who love and support you endlessly.

Thank you so much to all the Indian fans who loved ‘A Love So Beautiful’! There are many more interesting and exciting stories left, so please show more interest and love! And please show a lot of love for the role of Woo Dae Sung! Once again, thank you very much. It's a difficult situation, but I hope you're always healthy and happy!

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Anonymous : Love you brother!! How i wish i will have a grandson so handsome like you. Im your fan
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Anonymous : I really enjoyed a love so beautiful. I think all the actors played there roles very well and the ending was great !
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Anonymous : Yes,a very good looking youth he us,Woodaesung..saw hin in Kbs drama "Marry Me Now", 2 yrs ago.Now in Love so Beautiful.Here,I am a fan fr Philipoines!!
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Anonymous : His character is so impressive and he cares a lot about his friends in the drama . I loved his character a lot ❤️❤️❤️❤️.
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Anonymous : Beautiful drama good work I re omens to watch.
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Anonymous : Love you "Brother".Thanks a lot Pinkvilla for such a beautiful interview.
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