EXCLUSIVE: Paatal Lok star Neeraj Kabi decodes why Sanjeev Mehra stuck to FAKE NEWS during the climax sequence

In an EXCLUSIVE interaction with Pinkvilla, Neeraj Kabi spoke candidly about his character Sanjeev Mehra's actions in Paatal Lok's climax sequence and why he chose fake news over being honest about his own story. Read below to know what the 52-year-old actor had to share on the same.
Neeraj Kabi plays Sanjeev Mehra, an acclaimed journalist, in Paatal Lok.Neeraj Kabi plays Sanjeev Mehra, an acclaimed journalist, in Paatal Lok.
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While watching Neeraj Kabi as Sanjeev Mehra, an acclaimed journalist, in Paatal Lok, especially during his final sequence, I am taken back to Jennifer Aniston's climax scene in The Morning Show where her character, Alex Levy, goes ballistic, live on air, revealing the truth about her ex co-anchor, Mitch Kessler's (Steve Carell) misdeeds. However, when it comes to Sanjeev Mehra, he sticks to his own story, i.e. fake news! In an EXCLUSIVE interaction with Pinkvilla, we asked Neeraj to decode Sanjeev's thought process and why he chose to tweak the truth.

"This is the way the character arc is. It does take you to the sense that... he will carry forward or he will shift now, he will take the truth now to the people. And then, he suddenly decides that 'No.' The reason for doing this is because there is that scene in the series where he says about the audience, 'You troll me. You shoot me and harass me. If you're going to be doing that then why must I have my integrity towards you? Why must I have my honesty towards you?,'" Kabi shared.

"That's the time he shifts because he realises that the old school of journalism where he belongs to, where he was a hero, a poster boy because of his honesty and integrity... he's the one who actually pioneered investigative journalism as well. He exposed so many scams and did so many wonderful things in his past, the character. Till he comes to a point that this has gotten him nothing. Now, there are other channels, other journalists and other kinds of journalism that are happening where people are mixing entertainment with journalism and the TRP's are going up with the audience more than willing to watch them than to watch this amazing person called Sanjeev Mehra," the 52-year-old actor added.

"Which is where he takes that shift and threatens ISIS as well saying, 'I am not afraid of you.' He becomes another kind of journalism. He shifts from his levels of integrity because what he thinks the audience is doing to him, he says, 'I don't want to give my blood and sweat to an audience like this. I'd rather go and join the bandwagon and probably be a very powerful person than to be somebody honest and less powerful.' It's a shift and a conscious decision that he takes. Also remember, that when he is doing that, he has a personal life as well. His wife, his family, his love interest, his best friend Jai, everything. All of them suffer the backlash of all these things in his decision. It's all co-existing, it's all mingled together and what makes him finally take this call and go ahead. Now, he becomes even more lonely because he is not what he is supposed to be. A man of such high integrity joining the bandwagon, you can imagine how lonely now he is going to become," the Talvar star reasoned.

What did you think of Neeraj Kabi as Sanjeev Mehra in Paatal Lok? Let is us know your views in the comments section below.

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While Jaideep Ahlawat exclusively confirmed to us that Paatal Lok Season 2 was in the works already, when we had asked Neeraj if there was a possibility of seeing him in the next season, the actor revealed, "I would be up for it, absolutely! I've shot this whole thing in season 1. I would love love to do another season but nothing can be said now by me because this is the producer's decision and the channel's decision so there's nothing an actor can say on this."

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