EXCLUSIVE: True Beauty star Kang Min Ah opens up about life as a child actor, role models & upcoming projects

In an exclusive interview with Pinkvilla, actress Kang Min Ah reveals her beauty secrets, goals, aspirations, and more. Stick to the end for a special shoutout to Indian fans!
EXCLUSIVE: True Beauty star Kang Min Ah opens up about life as a child actor, role models & upcoming projects
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One of the most charming, bright-eyed, talented and ethereal actresses that the Korean entertainment industry has ever known, Kang Min Ah, stole the hearts of millions as Choi Soo Ah in tvN’s record-breaking hit drama ‘True Beauty’. Not only was she the brightest ray of sunshine in the show but her real personality blew us away just as well. With how sincere, beautiful and angelic she is, it is truly difficult not to fall for her.

Pinkvilla had the incredible opportunity to sit down with actress Kang Min Ah for an exclusive interview where we discussed all about her incredible career as an actress, what inspired her from such a young age, ‘True Beauty’ and more!

First of all, very hearty congratulations to you for your success in ‘True Beauty’. How did you feel when you first received the script?

When I was first preparing for the audition, I didn't know exactly what role I would play, so I tried to feel the overall atmosphere of the work. The work itself was bright and pleasant, so I thought, "This will be a drama that viewers who are tired of modern society can watch with a smile!" and that "I want to participate in such a pleasant drama together."

Your character in ‘True Beauty’, Soo Ah,is loved by an extraordinary number of fans worldwide. Who is your favourite character in the drama?

My favorite character is Soo Ah, and other than Soo Ah, which is the character I played, my favourite character is Joo Kyung who was intimidated by her complex, eventually overcame her pain and even scolded her friends. She helped a junior who was in a similar situation to herself, punished her opponent, and went to school without makeup. I was comforted while watching the drama because it seemed like she was growing after overcoming the pain. That's why she became my second favorite character after Soo Ah.

Many fans have said that they wish they had a friend like you in their lives as well. Do you have any advice for people who have trouble making friends?

There was a scene in the drama where Soo Ah learned about Ju Kyung’s secret and was avoiding her. She avoided her because she felt sad because Joo Kyung, who she thought was her best friend, didn't tell her about the way she looked or what pain she was going through.

I think honesty is the most important thing in a friend relationship just by looking at that scene. If I want my friend to trust me, I think I should be honest with them without lying. Also, I think that being good to friends who love me or to people around me than trying to be good to people who hate me is a way to maintain a good friendship.

Your chemistry with the other characters is adorable in the drama. Are you close with the actors in real life as well? Were there any funny incidents that happened behind the scenes while filming?

The director created a lot of opportunities for the actors to get closer even before the shoot. Thanks to that, the drama also seems to have an intimate and warm atmosphere.

Since I was a child, I have been working as an actor, so I have few memories of my school days. Actually, when I was in school, I kept shooting so I couldn't go on a school trip. There was a school trip episode in 'True Beauty', and I was happy to make memories with my friends even in the drama.

Out of all the characters you have played in your illustrious career, which character is the closest to your real personality?

I don't think I've met a character who is 100 percent like me yet. Instead, every time I work on something, there are times when I feel the emotions that the character feels and act, and in that case, I think, 'I can act like this in harmony with the character. I think that's the fun of acting for those who act like that and not just me. I think it's my job as an actor to try to act and feel those moments often.

You started acting from a very young age. What inspired you to become an actor? Do you have any role models that you look up to?

It's hard to pick just one role model. Because I'm a greedy person as an actor, I want to resemble the acting skills of many seniors who show great acting. So I thought, "Let's not choose one person as a role model, but become a sponge-like actor who can absorb all the advantages of great actors."All the great actors and actresses are role models now, but I would be very happy and proud to grow up and become a role model for someone.

Out of all the actors you have worked with, who was your favourite co-star? Is there any actor you would like to work with in the future?

There are so many seniors that I respect but one day I want to work with actress Kim Hye Soo together. When I see Kim Hye Soo's work, I always wonder how she could produce such a big presence and energy on the screen. So if I work with Kim Hye-soo, I think I will be able to learn a lot from her just by watching her.

Among the cast members of True Beauty, is there anyone you want to work with again in the future?

The actors in 'True Beauty' are all very close. Most of the actors became close friends with each other rather than just being peers. Because we're friends, we shared stories about our work and thought that we could meet in other works. I think I will be able to act with better chemistry if I meet any of the 'True Beauty' actors next time.

You are known for your gorgeous and flawless visuals. What is the secret to your glowing skin?

Thank you for thinking of me so beautifully. Actually, I don't have a special secret, but there are three things I always keep in mind. I drink more than 1 liter of water a day, and when I come home after going out, I immediately wash my face and I apply sunscreen. When I'm wearing makeup for a long time, my skin feels stuffy. So even if it's annoying, I tend to erase my makeup after I come back from going out or from filming. Also, makeup is essential when I work, and I do it for a long time, so in my personal time, I rarely do makeup, and I only apply sunblock lightly to rest my skin.

Do you have any plans or resolutions for 2021 that you would like to fulfill?

It's the year of the ox, and I was born in the year of the Ox. I thought I wanted this year to be special and work hard like a cow. Now that ‘True Beauty’ is over, my drama ‘Monster’ will be broadcasted on JTBC for the first time. Soon, I will be filming for the work 'Blue Spring from a Distance’
I think the fans want to see me act in various works, too! I hope to see you while acting hard in a good drama.

When choosing a role, what are some factors that make you want to accept a role or reject it?

There is no genre or role that I don't want to do yet. I want to greet my fans while acting for the rest of my life but if I have likes or dislikes for a work or a character, I think I'll only be able to show you a limited image. And I think acting is a profession where an actor has to show various aspects of themselves. So I tend to look at the overall story of the work as more important than the character. Of course, rather than choosing, I am grateful that I can act and I want to act faithfully in the works and characters that are given to me.

Finally, is there anything you would like to say to your Indian fans who love and adore you?

Looking at the comments and messages on Instagram, I feel a lot of love from Indian fans. I think sometimes, “What is it like to love actors from far away countries like this?” and "Can I receive this much love?" I think the way to repay your love is to show good acting and good performance. I can't thank you enough.
I'm always thankful. I'll show you better acting from now on. Thank you for loving True Beauty’s Soo Ah and Kang Min Ah. See you in the next work!

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