EXCLUSIVE: TXT teases first solo concert, TAEHYUN’s mixtape and YEONJUN’s rap single all in 2021

In an exclusive interview with Pinkvilla, TXT opened up about their new year's resolutions, dropping some spoilers along the way.
EXCLUSIVE: TXT teases first solo concert, Taehyun’s mixtape and Yeonjun’s rap single all in 2021
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In a recent exclusive interview with Pinkvilla, TXT or TOMORROW X TOGETHER opened up about how they have been coping with the pandemic and what they would like to do when this is all over. They got candid about their aspirations and resolutions for the new year and spoke openly about what they’d like to improve on or work towards in 2021.

When asked about what resolutions the members have for 2021, SOOBIN answered that “Performing in an empty venue without our fans doesn’t feel quite as fulfilling as it does when we perform for our fans in person. I can’t wait to go on stage once again in front of our MOAs and hear their cheers with my own ears. A personal resolution of mine for the year is to make it a habit to practice the piano until I can get really good at it.” MOAs already know that Soobin can master anything he takes on so it will definitely be interesting to see him play the piano for MOAs on a concert or even an official song.

YEONJUN continued by saying, “I sincerely hope that this situation gets better soon. Once it does, I’d like to have TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s first solo concert. Another hope of mine is to create and release a rap song. It’ll be a new challenge but I’m ready for it!” A Yeonjun rap solo that he will probably write and produce all by himself? MOAs, are we ready?

BEOMGYU shared that, “My resolution for 2021 as an artist is to meet our MOA more often. Like everyone else, I’m also hoping for the pandemic to quickly pass so everything can return to normal and we can once again spend time with the people we love. Personally, I’d like to go on a trip with our members as well.”

At the same time, TAEHYUN also elaborated on how he would like to keep working hard so as to release a solo mixtape soon. This news, in particular, is overwhelming and immensely exciting because his mixtape will provide a good look into his artistry in particular and will explore his own authentic and original sound. He said, “I want to continue to work very hard on my music so that I can hopefully release a mixtape soon. My personal resolution is learning how to cook!” Chef Taehyun is coming!

HUENINGKAI however, brought it back to basics, saying that his health and meeting MOAs again are going to be his only priorities this year. He said, “Being healthy and safe is my number one priority for the year. I’d also like to perform for our fans at our own offline concert as soon as the situation permits!”

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