Exclusive variety shows, music, pictorials & more: Here's all that UNIVERSE has in store for you

Published on Jun 17, 2021 02:37 PM IST  |  157K
NCSOFT's multi-platform, global fan interaction platform, UNIVERSE

The newest global artist-to-fan entertainment platform, UNIVERSE, offers a completely new world to fans in order to get closer to their favourite idols. Since the start, UNIVERSE offers interesting contents to global fans that have drawn their attention more to the platform. The platform offers colourful worldviews and concepts that have never been shown before in any entertainment show, raising the bar of fan to artist (and vice versa) interaction. 


Each artist is given their own 'Planet' in the UNIVERSE, which becomes a safe place for fans to join and pour their love. Emerging as an 'Entertainment Cafe' on the market, here are 


three distinct things that make the platform different from the rest. 


1. Choose from 403 self-made 'UNIVERSE Originals' series



There's no such thing as 'less content' on the UNIVERSE platform. The UNIVERSE Originals is the exclusive Dramatic Variety shows, which have 10 main videos, three making videos and three behind-the-scenes videos, with the addition of multiple short-form contents. These are self-produced entertainment series that offer a variety of distinct worldviews from existing entertainment shows. 


Some UNIVERSE Originals that have incredible reviews from fans are Kang Daniel's 'Agent Blackjack K', MONSTA X's 'Area 51: THE CODE', WJSN's 'The Secret of the Grand Mansion: The Missing Girls', ATEEZ's 'Pirate Reboot: Five Treasures' and ASTRO's 'Space Force A: A Secret Golden Bowl'. 


2. Original music and pictorials to help fans immerse in content


As UNIVERSE Originals gives each artist their own exclusive 'Planet', it isn't just limited to variety shows. It extends to other types of content such as exclusive music and pictorials too. 



For the UNIVERSE Original series 'AGENT BLACKJACK K', Kang Daniel released a track titled 'Outerspace feat. Loco'. Even the former Wanna One member Park Ji Hoon, who has his own exclusive show called 'Prince Escape: Prisoner 5959', released his new song titled 'Call U Up feat. Lee Hi' via the platform's channels. 


3. Offers services in 134 countries + Provides customized content


One of the most distinct and competitive features in UNIVERSE is the customized content that fans can create and also get from the artists. These include highlights, pre-release videos, teasers, main videos, behind-the-scenes, cooking videos, various other VODs (Videos-on-demand) and more, offering a completely rich exclusive content roster.




With these major distinctions, UNIVERSE is rapidly growing into a new 'entertainment restaurant', attracting both K-Pop artistes and their fandoms' honesty and friendly charms, which are unlikely to be seen on general entertainment shows. 


UNIVERSE is now writing a new paradigm in the world of web entertainment and everyone is eagerly looking forward to the global K-Pop platform's future moves. 


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