EXCLUSIVE:Celebrity agency MPE talks global promotions; reveals why INDIA is on the radar for Kpop world tours

With the ever-expanding reign of K-Pop, Maxperience reveals why India might or might not be ready for a larger scale K-Pop concert.
Music,BTS,Maxperience EXCLUSIVE: Celebrity agency MPE talks global promotions; reveals why INDIA is on the radar for Kpop world tours
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Korean entertainment and East Asian entertainment in general, is taking over the world. Especially, in the last year, the Korean wave crash-landed on parts of the world that couldn’t even be pointed at on a map. With such a proliferation of the global market for K-Pop, K-Dramas, films, and more, the importance of connecting the world to their favorite artists is more crucial than ever before. This is exactly what Maxperience aims to do. 

Pinkvilla had the opportunity to interview the Founder of Maxperience, Max Jang, the COO of Maxperience, Raymond Cho and Celebrity Agent Will Kim to discuss the significance of connecting Asia to the world and vice versa. At the same time, we also addressed the major reasons why India has not yet grown into a viable market for K-Pop artists and Korean celebrities in general, leading to the dearth of K-Pop concerts, fan meetings and conventions in India. 


Keep reading to know what the team behind the global promotions of BLACKPINK, Kang Daniel, Jackson Wang and more, have to say about the state of the Korean entertainment market in India, why India could be next on the list of world tour destinations of major K-Pop groups and why fans are the strongest pillars behind any artists' strength.

Please introduce yourself and Maxperience.


MAX JANG, Founder:

We are MAXPERIENCE (MPE) and we are the leading celebrity agency established in 2015.



Our mission is that we are dedicated to maximizing the value of our partners, celebrities, and brands.


As a result, we are now collaborating with major celebrities for various projects such as live/online events, endorsement, and global promotion mainly in Asia.


What was your vision for Maxperience when you first started it?


MAX JANG, Founder:

I believe entertainment is the gateway to culture.


Thus, I initially thought If I could build a professional celebrity agency that can lead global entertainment projects with celebrities in Asia, I can possibly impress and inspire fans around the globe by making their dream come true.


Furthermore, In the U.S., there are numerous professional agencies such as WME, CAA and UTA with more than a few decades of history.


These agencies have now become billion-dollar companies representing a myriad of renowned celebrities in Hollywood and the Western market.


Unlike the U.S., there was no Hollywood-style celebrity agency with a giant scale and great expertise in the Asian entertainment market.


At this point, I was motivated to launch the MAXPEREICNE (MPE), an agency that solely focuses on accelerating the growth of Asian celebrities and maximizing the experience of brands and fans.


Why did you think it was important to connect South Korean celebrities to the rest of Asia?


MAX JANG, Founder:

First of all, we are mainly working with Korean celebrities because they have high demands in Asia.


Therefore, I would say we are connecting and accelerating the growth of celebrities regardless of their backgrounds as long as they have potentials and demands from specific markets.


We do this because our vision is to become a pioneer of Asian entertainment culture so that the definition of Asian entertainment culture does not fall into specific geographic or linguistic barriers.


What do you think about India becoming one of the biggest consumers of K-Content in this day and age?



It is always a huge pleasure for us to have a market like India which has a huge majority of the population aged 10 to 30 years old, with high potential interest in K-pop.



In terms of K-pop, Indian fans are showing great support for their favorite celebrities and they are rapidly growing overseas fandom for K-pop.


As we all know, pop culture is all about interaction.

If there are no fans, there will be no celebrities either.


Therefore, passionate Indian fans are important and will serve an important role for not only K-pop but other international pop from other countries as well because India is the country of Bollywood and they have a well-structured local pop market.


What do you think has been the key factor which has prevented K-Pop groups and Korean celebrities in general from promoting in India?



Major obstacles would be infrastructure and market size.


Firstly, infrastructure plays a major role whenever K-pop celebrities decide the destination for their tour because wherever they are, their main concern is to deliver the best experience for their fans.


Secondly, the market size for K-pop and other international pop should increase more.

It is because promoters are the major investor for those events and their only concern is whether they can make a profit or not.


Thus, market size would be one of the main indicators for promoters to consider making an investment decision.


However, there is also continuous support from the Korean government to increase the market size and popularity of K-pop in India.

Furthermore, Korea and India have been maintaining a good relationship for more than 45 years and have also invited a K-pop idol group called Snuper in New Delhi for the K-pop event arranged by the Korean Culture Center in India.


I believe this kind of continuous effort to increase the market size of K-pop will come to fruition in the near future.


Do you think Korean entertainment companies would consider India a possible destination when planning world tours in the future?


MAX JANG, Founder:

As celebrities always wish to perform in halls full of their fans, at this point, India will be one of the most ideal countries to be considered for the world tours of major celebrities once market size increases to a meaningful level and the investment and essential factors such as infrastructure and hospitality for large scale events are supported and prepared.

Besides this, India has a vibrant young population between 10 and 30 years old with huge support for K-pop and there are numerous brands which are interested to support and sponsor those events to share the happiness with their customers.

How has your workflow changed with the pandemic and the dawn of the era of online events, concerts, fan meets etc?



WILL KIM, Celebrity Agent:

In terms of workflow, there have been no significant changes for me.

However, transitions from offline to online meetings were a minor obstacle at the early stage of the pandemic but me and my clients are settled with this now.


As we are a flexibility-oriented team, we do not usually get affected by external factors and tend to adapt rapidly to new business situations.


However, the major difference is that the fans are not available to have offline meet-ups with their celebrities.

At the same time, it is true that the prolongation of the pandemic has caused numerous celebrities to halt their tours and concerts for overseas fans.

To break through this situation, we are now supporting the global promotion campaigns of Asian celebrities such as Kang Daniel, Jackson Wang, YoonA, TREASURE, WEi, P1Harmony and more through local TV channels, magazines and press overseas to create exposure and interaction between celebrities and their fans in each country during this pandemic.

Do you think online concerts are here to stay? What would you say are the pros and cons of the same from the perspective of MAXPERIENCE?



I would say online concerts will stay but not in the general streaming format like today.


I believe online concerts have full of potential to be evolved with the latest technologies such as VR, AR, AI and 5G.


Therefore, pros of online concerts will be scalability with those latest technologies and cons will be the transition of user behavior which will be the most difficult obstacle as fans are getting used to offline events for more than few decades.


What are some goals you have for MPE now that you’d like to achieve within this year?


WILL KIM, Celebrity Agent:

As a celebrity agent, my goal for this year is to support more successful global promotion campaigns to help many K- pop artists gain global popularity and create more business opportunities.


Also, we are not only collaborating with K-pop artists but also we are planning to cooperate with Asian artists from China and Japan to lower the barriers and challenge new overseas markets. I am doing my best to fulfill my role as Celebrity Agent and to achieve our vision which is the pioneers of Asian Entertainment Culture.

Finally, does Maxperience have anything exciting planned that K-Pop fans all over the world can look forward to in the near future?


MAX JANG, Founder:

This year, we will mainly focus on arranging global promotions and brand endorsements for Asian celebrities and we believe these to be the best opportunities for providing a contact point between celebrities and fans and accelerating the growth of celebrities at this moment.


Moreover, we will be expanding our collaboration pool to Chinese, Japanese and Hollywood celebrities to create and provide broader interaction opportunities for their fans in Asia.


As the leading celebrity agency in Asia, we are always dedicated to maximizing the value of our partners, celebrities and brands.


The one main reason behind this dedication is fans and this is crucial because we believe nothing can be done without fans.


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What do you think about the potential of India as a market for K-Pop? Share your thoughts with Pinkvilla in the comments section down below!

Anonymous 1 month ago

At the end of the day its all about quality infrastructure, profit and number of fans. Until all of this happens, i would say digital is the best way forward for India. Maybe in future when young Kpop fans start earning and are ready to spend on live events, we can then hope for tours. It will take another decade. Ticket cost also needs to be reasonable enough taking into mind the per capita income and market inflation. Wrong pricing strategy and lack of proper marketing are some pitfalls the agencies should avoid when addressing Indian market. To reap good dividends, they have to first develop and create the market. India is not a big market like China but a sum of multiple markets like Europe which are at different stages of development.