EXCLUSIVE: Kangana on being ousted by Hrithik, "Exes do Silly Things to get Attention"

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If you have heard about how Hrithik Roshan got Kangana Ranaut ousted from Aashiqui 3, your heart is bound to go out to her. Or may be not?

Kangana has time and again proved that she can fight her own battles and can do without sympathies. When we wanted to find out more on why the casting of Aashiqui 3 fell through, Pinkvilla contacted Kangana. She rubbished the rumours with a sharp retort, "Yes, many lame rumours are doing rounds, even a dumb ass can tell where these rumours are coming from. I don't know why exes do silly things to get your attention. For me that chapter is over and I don't dig graves."

Kangana and Hrithik were an item sometime back and both of them kept mum on the rumours of their relationship. In her words, the relationship is now a thing of the past.

Quiz her about the rumours of her impending engagement and she laughs them off. "There is no truth of that rumour. It is a idle talk that will fall through," Kangana signs off.

Well, someone has made her stand clear. We wonder, what the fabricators of the gossip have to say about their petty little lie now!


Hey peeps, after reading and re-reading this comment of Kangana, I don't think she is talking about Hrithik.... She clearly says its a rumor and is blaming an ex of hers for doing that... so what she actually meant is Hrithik did not oust her from the movie.. so how is she maligning him??.. I for one don't belive this...

Kanganator !!!!!

Those saying Bollywood A lister don't want to work with Kangana must be in some kind of delusion. Kangana rejected Sultan. She is working with Vishal, Saif and Shahid in Rangoon. She gave the most successful movie of 2015. She rejected two other movies the details of which were here on Pinkvilla. If this is not called being in demand than I wonder what is.


How do people suppose that Kangana should have reacted? She dates a man, gives him the much needed moral support when he was going through his rough patch. But he never finds her classy enough and than throws her out of a movie that she totally deserved. She is a good actress and given a good project she is bankable too. Viewers these days are after content and good acting. Kangana has the skills and talent. She reacted very smartly. People blaming her cannot even imagine the kind of humiliation she would have felt. It is her class that she never named anyone. Only if HR had shut is mouth matlab fingers this wouldn't have become such an issue. People calling her vile and manipulative must not even understand the meanings of these terms. Manipulation is when you make lame excuses for all the media games you play. Kangana isn't manipulating. She just gave it back to him. Why take girls for granted. Don't respect them, don't date them.

This is what happens when people hook up for reasons other than love. When break up happens neither of them have any respect for each other nor there are any touching memories which you want to protect.sad

I don't really like kanagana's offscreen attitude, but i love watching her on screen. hope she dosen't turn the entire industry against herself through her "honest" statements and end her career prematurely...

She is so bitter.

BREAKING news Kangana just won a National Award for Lying Club. Kangana is the Queen winner.

Congratulations Kangana your post is no.1 on PV all thanks to Hrithik Roshan. Even when she posed in lingerie for a magazine her post got very few hits. That's her actual power LOL.

Kangana reminds me of Praveen Babi who was mentally not well. Kangana interviews are not consistent.
Kangana may have National Award but false rumors spread by her will end her carrier in Bollywood very soon.
Kangana only people will give you the work in Bollywood who cannot afford to pay you.

Kangana is surviving because she does movies for free. Kangana is not popular among commercial film makers
or A Listers.

spot on.

Hats off Kangana Ranaut...you are the best

I love the purity of Kangana!

why I like Kangana? It is not focused on the top actors. Not that she says "I do not want the top actors," it really chooses a role, not an actor. Remember that said my favorite Bebo? "Of course I want to play with Salman. He who says that he wants to, he is deceiving," Kangana is not cheating. It is not against the Khans or Akshay other leading actors, but it first looks at the role, rather than on who in the film opposite her. This is the only woman who thinks like a man who is not afraid to do something that many are afraid to even think

Wow. Such double standards going around here. If this revelation were to be made by a guy, he would be publicly lynched for not respecting the woman's privacy and for bashing her publicly. Kangana does it so people are celebrating her "honesty" and "forthrightness"? Even if they had an affair/fling, it's a personal matter between two adults. Neither in the relationship owes any explanation or answer to the public. She clearly has a problem with him, why doesnt she call him up and sort it like an adult? Isn't Kangana the one who gave DP an earful for publicly giving her an award instead of calling her up? And here she is playing the victim card and washing her dirty laundry in public! She herself admitted that she is a bad girlfriend and is usually is the devil in the relationship. Can't blame Hrithik for realising early on that they don't have a future, especially since he is a divorcee with kids. Obviously he would keep it low if it wasn't serious. Kangana, the media will abuse you and use you for making such tactless comments. If you want to be honest and open, discuss issues like an adult instead of discussing people.

Deepika also said that in Bollywood no friends between the two leading actresses, and then she called Priyanka.her best friend Deepika with all the "friends", although until recently claimed the opposite. As we can see, celebrities can not always believe and it is not always honest with us. But Kangana really says something that feels.

why are you dragging Deepika everywhere, and about some issue that is not even close. This is like stretching your imagination to somehow connect Deepika with something, anything, so you can bash her. Leave her alone. And it is an open secret that on this board, half of Kangana's admirers are a bunch of Deepika haters posting multiple posts.

Bollywood A-Listers don't even want to work with Kangana as their lead heroine. Forget about dating her. She lacks class.

She refused to work with salman, akshay and many others by the way if you google about krish3 casting you will find out that at first she rejected the offer it took them 6 months to convince her, she was so upset with kites blink and miss role which wasn't what was written in the script. she doesnt care about a listers she is in a league of her own, if that adds to your knowledge though i feel silly to state the obvious.

Film makers A listers do not care about her. After she did Queen she was desperate to do big commercial movie, She Did Queen for free -no fee charged. Kangana is not in a league of her own- that is not true.
Kangana does not have commercial movies or commercial success. She is going to disappear soon.
Now she has open her big non classy mouth again.

Film makers A listers do not care about her. After she did Queen she was desperate to do big commercial movie, She Did Queen for free -no fee charged. Kangana is not in a league of her own- that is not true.
Kangana does not have commercial movies or commercial success. She is going to disappear soon.
Now she has open her big non classy mouth again.




Love Kangana to bits. She is crazy and real. Hrithik is too filmi. He s been groomed from a young age for a career in bollywood. Kangana us a free spirit. No god father in the industry. Hritiks been acting for years. With a couple of hirs. Kangana is an icon. Qhose given us cult classics. Love her to bits. She s honest!!

This !!!

''Yes, many lame rumours are doing rounds, even a dumb ass can tell where these rumours are coming from. I don't know why exes do silly things to get your attention. For me that chapter is over and I don't dig graves'' She is not only talking about Aashiqui 3 but many lame rumours. That ex can be anyone, right? Did Hrithik just make a mistake and expose himself by ranting on social media? I'm with Kangana on this one, she is talented and has always been a game changer. Don't be a hypocrite and blame Kangana only now. As far as I know, both are single, so why cry if they mingle? I just find it sad and kinda low that an A-lister like Hrithik would go on social media to blast off women...like they are good for you behind blinds but in front of the world you would rather go with the pope? Please, I would die for a sexy sassy and strong girl like Kangana, keep the pope for yourself Hrithik!

Thanks Shak!!! You're my doll!

''Yes, many lame rumours are doing rounds, even a dumb ass can tell where these rumours are coming from. I don't know why exes do silly things to get your attention. For me that chapter is over and I don't dig graves'' She is not only talking about Aashiqui 3 but many lame rumours. That ex can be anyone, right? Did Hrithik just made a mistake and exposed himself by ranting on social media? I'm with Kangana on this one, she is talented and has always been a game changer. Don't be hypocrites and blame Kangana. As far as I know, both are single, so why cry if they mingle? I just find to sad and kinda low that a A-lister like Hrithik would go on social media to blast of women...like they are good for you behind blinds but in front of the world you would rather go with the pope? Please, I would die for a sexy sassy and strong girl like Kangana, keep the pope for yourself Hrithik!

Kangana wants to erase dirty Aditya Pancholi from people's memories and replace him with handsome hunk Hrithik Roshan.

If any of this is true , For all those saying Hrithik cheated , how do you know this didn't happen after his divorce ? He has been single for almost two years now. Kangana just sounds bitter . She is going the Parvin Babi, Mamta Kulkarni way.

Hrithik should have messed with her, he is intellectually challenged and she is super intelligent he is fake she is honest he is fearful she is courageous. She has pseudo intellectual following and his fading career and bad image won't help. His career is not going anywhere and he is past his prime also... she is soaring and doesn't forgive her enemies, she didn't let deepika sign a single film, DP is practically over in bollywood and she ruined surai's career by talking shit about his father... R.I.P hrithik.

Where was this pseudo intellectual fan following during the release of katti batti. Lol. Tats one of the biggest flops of recent times. She is a good actress but so is Vidya or pc. So don't place her on a ibory tower, before the fall cometh the pride. She better watch her words and focus on her work.

No wonder it took her 10 years and others over night.

Oh I am so happy Kangna did this, though she din;t take HR's name but that moron confirmed it on his own. Tired of seeing these BW men cheating and not being given any blames for that. Be it HR Farhan Sohail gosh list seems never ending...I wonder if industry had few more of kangnas, these so called gentlemen will be standing naked outright in the public with their true faces.

Great someone has the courage to speak about all this intrigues in b´town. So many talented actors and actresses are fired only because of the ego of a vain a-lister and all are silence including Suzanne who made the sentence someone spread rumours about her to create bad repuation and what all this effects to the kids is terrible but it seems this all is okay for their dad Hrithik to save his good boy image.

I love Kangana. That hrithik sounds like a psychopath tho.

Salute, hats off! Kangy says it how it is. Love y

Did she say that in her own "oh I don't really care much about it" style? It would be so fun to watch. She is one gutsy girl who can call a spade a spade.

Anything to stay in the news Kangs? How low can one get. We know how you got the movie roles that made the industry sit up and notice. Your talents aren't just screen based, luv. No wonder you're a bitter woman. You just had to work the couch too hard.

Anything to stay in the news Kangs? How low can one get. We know how you got the movie roles that made the industry sit up and notice. Your talents aren't just screen based, luv. No wonder you're a bitter woman. You just had to work the couch too hard.

In conclusion, both Kangana and Hrithik are idiots who try to gain sympathy from the public by blaming it on each other, and acting like a sati savitri.

she surely knows how to be in news

She really likes to play the victim card. I don't think anyone forced Pancholi, Ajay or even Hrithik on her. She did it to advance her career. Did she really think it was true love when he nested up Pancholi? He was married with kids, a compulsive cheater and there were rumors of him raping Pooja bedi's minor daughter. Why did she shack up with him? Ajay is married with kids, Hrithik is married with kids. Agreed these men are dogs but she is no saint either. How does she even know these rumors were put up by Hrithik's PR? She wanted to out him and used this rumor as an excuse. Its her life and she can sleep with any man/ woman she wants to but please stop playing victim!!!

she was 17! just a kid

Was she really? That's debatable!!! According to her it was during her pre medical entrance exams(taken at 17) she realized she wasn't cut out for medicine, moved to delhi, did some modeling and then got trained in theatre, did some plays and then she moved to bombay, took 4 months of acting classes, shacked up with Pancholi and bagged a movie. All of it while staying 17.

1. Yes Kangana is not a saint and I think she doesn't even want to prove us that she is an angel otherwise she'd never admit that she had relationship with married man. 2. No one knows when she dated Hritik Roshan, it maybe after his divorce so don't claim that she dated him when he was still married. 3. I don't think she is playing victim card here, her statement is more like " I don't give a damn " than " I'm a poor woman, pls sympathise with me". It's ironical that you being Deepika's and Sridevi's fan ( at least that's what seems from your comments) advising Kangana to stop playing a victim and pointing at her relationship with married men, pls remember that one of your fav actresses played a victim for some years after her break up with her bf and the other one not only had affair with married men but also managed to get married to them ( first Mithun then Boney).

There is a simple fact here that people like you Gohar refuse to see. Kangana Ranaut is all bitterness and malice. In the guise of plain speaking she spits out venom. She should do some serious soul searching.

1. But she conveniently throws obvious hints about the affair once she has an affair with a married man. If I'm not wrong, she even gave an interview how she would never date a married man again after her break up with Ajay. 2. According to blind items, HR-Kangana started dating post his divorce and the reason he didn't want to flaunt her was because she wasn't classy enough. But she went out with Aditya and Ajay when they are married. So she clearly has no problems dating a married man. 3. Doesn't she like playing victim? All the hue and cry about how she struggled in bollywood, how DP didn't call her, skipped her parties, how Aditya was violent with her(Don't tell me she was oblivious of his philandering ways and being accused of raping a minor). She was with him to get into bollywood. She tried her best to put a bechari struggling small town girl image. She is a supremely talented actress and deserves where is she today. But don't tell me she didn't sleep her way to the top. She deserved better in bollywood but it was her choice. Deepika played victim card because she was cheated on by her boy friend not because she had an affair with a 50 something married man with two grown up kids to get into bollywood or a popular rival wouldn't congratulate her on her success.

I'm one of the people who never blames the other woman for someone's failed marriage. If Hrithik's marriage failed, Its just on Hrithik(his cheating) and Suzzane(her snorting). I don't blame Kangana or whoever the other woman might be. If not her, HR would have cheated on with someone else. The fault always lies with the person who is cheating on his/ her spouse. Similarly, if not Sridevi, Boney would have cheated on his wife with someone else. I admire Sridevi because she is gorgeous, talented, stylish and I grew up watching her films. Not because she is a great woman. Kangana is a brilliant actress. I used to like her. But I no longer because she also has a hideous personality and has just gone loco.

Its funny you don't mind slandering a 14 year old for her fashion choices but you seem to be perfectly okay siding with a woman who clearly made disastrous personal choices. You said Khushi is dressed like a hooker, why don't you say Kangana is a prostitute for sleeping with Pancholi to get into bollywood? I wouldn't say that because I have already said I really don't care who she or anyone sleeps with. Its her life. But i don't like it when she brings her personal life and spews venom on others just to be in news.

Ok so you want to tell me that Deepika can cry and play a victim card because her bf cheated on her but Kangana can not do that because her problem is mediocre she was just beaten by her married and much older bf? As if the fact that he was 50 years old married man with kids changes anything. If her not married bf would do that to her then it's ok she can cry. Sorry but no logic here. No matter why you play a victim card it's still a VICTIM CARD. And pls this story of kangana sleeping her way to the top is funny. I don't think sleeping with Pancholy did anything good to her. This man was finished soon he started his career in 90s. At the time Kangana did Gangster Pancholy was doing 2 min roles in some stupid movies, I don't think he could promote her though I'm sure he'd love to read these comments and think that he had that power to make anyone's career, one thing he couldn't do with his son and Salman came to help him. Next was Ajay devgan. They did OUTIM together, then she started dating him and he gave her a masterpiece like Rascals. I'm sure that was a big high in her career, then Devgan along with Dutt tried to boycott her which again I'm sure helped her a lot. And now don't tell me that Hritik also helped her with her career. The movies which helped Kangana to became a star like Fashion, TWM, Queen etc had directors who had nothing to do with the men she dated.
Don't worry if Kangana will wear what Sridevi's daughter wears then I'll tell the same what I said for that girl. No matter who wears those boots with shorts Kangana, Sridevi's daughter or Madonna. It's vulgar. I don't think that a woman who sleeps with a married man is a prostitute. For me those women have no morality be it kangana, Sridevi or anyone else but prostitute is a strong word for them. If any woman will sleep with my bf I'd blame both and believe me any woman can destroy any family even the strongest one if she would work hard. So when they say that if not her then someone else would broke that marriage is a lame excuse. And I don't think she is doing all these to be in news all time. If she'd like to be in news she could hire a good PR team which would keep her in the news for all good reasons and not with this statements and her negative image which she recieved because of her speaking her mind bad habit.

1) You really need to read something for what it is and not twist stuff according to your convenience. DP fell in love with a single guy and was heart broken when he cheated on her. Kangana didn't fall for anyone. She exactly knew why she was in relation with a known abuser. What was she expecting from that relation? So why play victim when she knows what she signed up for? Or do you honestly believe Kangana fell in love with Pancholi? If you do please do say so. I'm dying to hear this part.

2) I thought you would refer to Kangana as a prostitute for sleeping with Aditya(because he was giving her money and an apt in return for sex. His marital status has nothing to do with it). Since you already said someone is dressed like a prostitute because she was wearing short skirt and knee high boots, I thought you'd extend the same courtesy and call her a prostitute for sleeping for money. I personally don't think she is and for that matter prostitution isn't really wrong. Its their life, their body, their choices and its more honest work than what a lot of people do.

3) Have you seen rascals? Kangana definitely wore a lot more skimpier clothes than Khushi Kapoor did for sure. Again, I really don't care for Khushi Kapoor either except for the fact that she is a kid and people should leave her alone until she is grown up and start doing movies. You are free to judge her nine ways to Sunday post that. BTW, I just like her MOM. Neither of the girls could hold a candle for Sridevi's beauty n talent.

4) If you think Sridevi and Kangana have same morals, why do you insult one and support the other? If you think Kangana has no morality, what are you really arguing with me for? I'm confused now. That is exactly what i said. She has no morals and plays victim for every stupid reason!! She didn't know if HR planted this rumor. But that didn't stop her from foul mouthing him. If she was straight forward, she should have talked about the relation and why he dumped her. She just wanted an excuse to out him and she took the opportunity with this rumor. Boo hoo my popular rival didn't congratulate me on my success!!! Boo hoo she didn't attend my party!! Boo hoo he wouldn't leave his wife and kids for me!! Boo hoo he didn't acknowledge the relation because he thinks i'm classless(which she sure is)!! Oh wait, she actually didn't say the last one. She went her usual loco way!!

Since you are so against infidelity and would blame the other woman as well, how come you admire Madhuri? Madhuri had an affair with Sanjay when he is married to Richa who was battling cancer. I'd really like to hear more about this part.

You nailed it!!


Well written

I agree with comments well said.

She didn't even take Hrithik's name, so point nr.4 is invalid.

I like YOUR plain speaking, Hipsdontlie.

Spot on.

Kangana darling stay away from the Capricorns -aditya pancholi , hrithik , deepika.....all of them literally drive you crazy. . I hope you post guys.

Why is Kangana Ranaut honest only about Hrithik? Why doesn't she ever talk about Aditya Pancholi and Adhayan Suman?

Did you watch her recent interview during Barkha Dutt's book launch? She called Aditya Pancholi out for abusing and assaulting. She couldn't have been more explicit (without triggering legal ramifications from Pancholi).

She did not name Aditya Pancholi as always.

Aditya Pancholi could have filed a defamation case if she'd mentioned his name (since the assault charges were never contested in court). So the max. she could have done was tell her story w/o naming her assaulter. But it was so obvious to deduce who it was.

She didn't name Hrithik either, so whats your point

No she did not name Aditya Pancholi. People guessed it. She just wanted to play a victim and bring some dignity to her sleeping around with Aditya for 5 years.

You said it Hrithik. I always liked you now i like you more. AWESOME YOU ARE. TAKE THAT wierd lady who always blames others for your insecurities.

SAINT HRITHIK (OVER SMART MAN) ,,,, Feel bad for Sussanne and Arjun............

PS: Since Kangana just confirmed the rumor, HR was MARRIED while filming Krissh?? Right? They hadn't even announced their divorce then. No wonder Suzanne bolted.

Marriages are usually dead long before the divorce is announced, so I doubt Kangana was the reason for the split. And by the way: It's actually Hrithik who just confirmed the rumor. Kangana made a 'who the shoe fits'-statement and Hrithik wore and laced it up. LOL

Oh no, I wasn't blaming Kangana per say. Hrithik's marriage is his own responsibility. Hrithik's post divorce statement of "this my greatest tribute to love" seems like such a farce. I mean, he was already hooking up with other women long before that statement! What a liar.

No wonder Suzanne was missing from all the promotions for Krrish.

Ooh I see, no but people having been saying stuff about Suzy too.... So I don't know, I'm not taking sides when it comes to these two :)

Clever reply.


To all those who have problem with her opinion. Do you rally think she doesn't know her honesty can be problematic to her but she is still voicing her mind. Keep talking KR. This double standard and good people on the surface persona has to be challenged.

HR hits back. Kangana come on. You can't have that. You should hit back again. Don't be afraid or shy. Please give us some more of your truth and honesty.we love that

Did anyone else notice that she didn't mention any names ? And that the media filled it in for us ?

Just goes onto prove that people who are very talented as an actor or painter or singer or writer or a sportsperson are not necessarily the best human beings around which their fans want to believe. She is a good performer when the camera rolls and that's about it. It is true about most of the celebrities and that is why the likes of DP ,Amir,Salman,Mr.Bqchchan. Sachin Tendulkar etc.work so hard at creating an image however far from reality it is. They sell a concept , a brand. That is the difference between someone like Kangana and the big celebrity brands.Kangana needs to understand it if she wants to make herself a big brand. If she wants to sell honesty,truthfulness , fiery as her brand then it will be difficult to consolidate that because her early life has been lot of contradiction to that.

Wow... Kangy topic #1 (Not involving DP).... A BIG YAY!!! Thanks to all her followers (lovers and certainly, OF COURSE, HATERS!)

If she does have a mental problem she should go to Live,Love,Laugh ;)

"Wicked," Kangna has problems with only Deepika, "Friendly" Deepika has problem with all the top actresses, except for Priyanka, we all know why

Since when did Deepika come into this unless both of them dated, now that would be an interesting story

Kangana dear, Hrithik sure doesn't need your attention. Come out of your shell and smell some coffee. Hrithik was and is one of the finest actors in India and has enough love and appreciation from the public. Now you just shoooo off Kangana. You only have negativity and jealous filled in you. You need medical help and counceling.

Hrithik gave a fitting reply on Twitter.

? worthy? I'm probably going to have an affair with my dad, than with any of these wonderful women, you think this is normal?

LOL...He said the 'Pope'..not his pop !!

She has just fired a shot

Fired a shot or two... #BANGBANG

Please Kangy you are talented. Be careful. Don't make too many enemies. Roshans are powerful.

One question. why mens as SRK, Salman, and the like, may to say incorrect things in public, and womens not, from whence discrimination?

Priyanka chopra said incorrect things too do about guys and no one questions her

PC,Kangana,Deepika all are frustrated people.

And as a result, have a miserable fan base.

Yeah right, all these powerful men in the industry can play with these women's lives, have secret affairs, and then act like nothing happened. But if the woman in question speaks her mind, they are frustrated??

Conveniently forgot one name that is Katrina so I am guessing that this comment has to be from the Katrina fan. Always dragging Deepika into everything.....

Hrithik was cheating on Suzzane even before their marriage and continued to do that after marriage.

Wow Kangana way to go girl!! Wonder how many others heroines Hrithik had affairs with! no wonder Suzzane left him!!

Hahaha OMG hrithik just nailed it....Ther r more chances of me having had an affair with d Pope dan any of d (Im sure wonderful)women d media hs ben naming.Thanks but no thanks. HRITHIK VIA TWITTER

where the conclusion that she was talking about Hrithik? Hrithik name did not sound. her words, "these rumors are not true, do not believe," but where is the featured Hrithik?

good that she can not blame deepika for it!!

There has never been anyone like Kangana. I am not at all surprised people can't digest her and waiting for her to fail. Ignorance and prejudice is so deep rooted that it is a concern today too that says a lot about our society.

Thanks anon i agree with you i was taken aback with the regressive approach to someone's opinions. they rather have her politically correct and stereotypical.

Kangana is on fixing spree. She single handedly threw Deepika out of Bollywood and then revelations about Pancholi and now Hrithik. watch out.

You are so delusional!?
"threw deepika out of bollywood"
With awards and all eh?
Well that was quite the send off then :)

Kanagana is the one who said that no one gave her attention. No one cared about her or who she was. She was ignored...blah blah blah...BUT, but...when Deepika was nice and friendly to her, acknowledged her presence in BW, invited her, texted her...look at the back last Deepika got!!! Who would want to be associated with such a person??? No one! One minute it is, no one cares about me, the next minute she says they want her attention...seriously something is WRONG...utterly wrong with this woman!

Kanagana is the one who said that no on gave her attention. No one cared about her or who she was. She was ignored...blah blah blah...BUT, but...when Deepika was nice and friendly to her, acknowledged her presence in BW, invited her, texted her...look at the back last Deepika got!!! Who would want to be associated with such a person??? No one! One minute it is, no one cares about me, the next minute she says they want her attention...seriously something is WRONG...utterly wrong with this woman!

Kangana have some serious victim complex.

Those people who are supporting Kangana for being honest and blunt are not able to understand how her BIG MOUTH is going to bring her down in Bollywood. I feel bad for Kangana..Such a talent gone waste due to her own madness, arrogance and paranoia that EVERYONE IS AFTER HER


People laughed at another very talented actress called Praveen Babi, now we know she had a mental disease. Perhaps Kangana too has mental health problem. She needs some help, seriously...!

I just love Hrithik so much, the way he keeps ignoring Kangana all through this rubbish is Epic, he reminds me of Deepika, they don't have time for Crazy woman tantrums.

Kangana you can say all the crap in this world about Hrithik, the truth is that he never did and will never acknowledge having any relationship with you. As long as he doesn't acknowledge you openly in anyway you will keep sounding like a broken record. Remember how Deepika ignored you.

HR gets more than enough attention , he does not need Kangna for that . Yes , he's not acknowledged their relationship in public , but he has never spoken disrespectfully about her . Perhaps he's not like Ranbir who is comfy around an ex .

To be comfy around an EX, your EX needs to be like DP who makes you feel comfy and gives you the respect you deserve! Not like Kanagana who goes around insulting people around her.

Good, it didn't last and is way in the past. I just can't imagine these two together. One is bindaas, while the other looks in mirror 10 times!! And what does A3 have to do with her filmography??? She is much better off being far away from such meaningless movies... that are more suited for upcoming starlets looking to gain popularity on YouTube. You go Kangy, your rock solid support is with you! #Onwards&Upwards

Agree even Suzanne mentioned that he is addicted to mirror.

Nothing is her fault, guys. Everything that happens to her is because someone is out to destroy her. That's what we're learning. Ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe try some positivity, Kangana. Mean, ugly spirited, negative individual.

I agree completely.

Oh the irony...... The person who has never said anything good about Kangana advising her to be positive.

Hahahahahahahaha touche

Madam Kangana, a relationship is when 2 people acknowledge each other in it and are seen together, even though Katrina and Ranbir never openly acknowledged their relationship they were seen holidaying, and living together. A fling is when you hook up with no strings attached, clearly Hrithik never acknowledged you as his girl friend in any way instead he has denied you in every way possible through all his actions. Madam Kangana it is clear you are living in you parallel universe, keep blabbing after-all that is all you are known for, the hate in you for you colleagues will eventually consume you one day.

I agree. PeeCee should read this.

That is Hrithik a noble because quietly used, Kangana , and Kangana "evil" because it has committed a sin and said about this? Incidentally, Kangana did not say a single bad word about Hrithik and she did not speak publicly about romance with him, . You inattentive, but use every opportunity to pour out negative on Kangana

It is wrong was for the Hrithik used Kangana and then throw it saying status is not appropriate. this act does not characterize it as a decent man

I re-read 10 times answer Kangana the question. She said, "The rumors not true, for me all in the past," and nothing more. nary a bad word. But this is a post about Kangana, so as locusts will fly haters with the regular portion of negativity. They do not even read the article, as a zombie repeat the one and the same quotations

Like holy F. Before calling out to others, freaking read what you freaking wrote. Doesn't make freaking sense. Got it yo?

I knew only that you're sick anger that people here are sick with anger. but you hardly understand it

OMG!!!! Kangana just sucker-punched Hrithik in public. You go girl!! Men can't keep get away with this crap behavior. Having secret affairs, and then peacing out when they feel like it. And if that isn't bad enough, jeopardizing her career too. Good on her for speaking out!!

Kangana your reaction based on a rumor created by the media shows how tactless you are in handling issues. A relationship is between 2 people and not one sided, clearly you are very delusional and has been rejected in so many ways that is why you act so crude and shameless. Learn to have some self worth maybe then a guy will find you deserving, right now you are bad news from all angles. Take it girl your digging your own grave mark my word, it is just a matter of time.

Before Queen, Kangana was acknowledged for her acting skills but wasn't considers as a Top actress. Her fan following was small as she didn't play typical Hindi film heroine roles. Fashion and Krish3 became hits but she didn't have leading role in them. Then there were number of forgettable movies. She had no talent management or good PR working for her. The only way she was trying to progress her career was by hooking up with some superstars. Men being men they didn't do much for her at all. After queen she became the talk of the town and she wanted to be acknowledged by HR maybe . She thought she earned the respect and she finally belongs there. But HR didn't see it that way. Bollywood nen tread very carefully around scandals. His divorce is very fresh and may be he isn't yet in the space to have a comitted partner. May be she is too difficult to ha dle.They broke up. Kangana is not going to gain much by washing dirty linen in public.PV please post.

what is wrong with these actresses pc kang aditi going after maried men weird

Love love love. RS and KR my fabs... We can always rely on them for entertainment LOL.

Hhahhahahaah go Kang!!!

Wow!! there you go... i was sure about his affair she is super mysterious!!! what honesty is this??? she lied through her teeth and kept it a secret now that she wants to talk about it to hog publicity conveniently becomes honest and speaks about it. isn't that too convenient an honesty???

Waiting 4 hrithik... wonder how will he respond to this now? His secret is out he must be in shock. Poor him messed up with a baddie this time Pv post

I just generally feel her downfall is near now...

shots fired.

So this is hrithiks true face a lier and cheater...he behaves like a saint which obviously he is not.his pr does a great job though

So the reason behind hrithik and sussanne divorce is now officially out...it's kangana and hr affair. Sussanne must be in peace now. Poor lady she was blammed by everyone.feel sorry for arjun too

He has been all over every woman after his divorce... no wonder it didn't last but why is he messing with her now??? If he dated her he knows she is not the one you want to mess with... sigh!!!

I used to like her as an actor and appreciate her honesty but now she sounds like a narcissist with victim complex. She is always this poor innocent girl who is crying about how rude other ppl r towards her and blaming them

I used to like her as an actor and appreciate her honesty but now she sounds like a narcissist with victim complex. She is always this poor innocent girl who is crying about how rude other ppl r towards her and blaming them

I used to like her as an actor and appreciate her honesty but now she sounds like a narcissist with victim complex. She is always this poor innocent girl who is crying about how rude other ppl r towards her and blaming them

Wow.. she really knows how to fix people.

She couldn't convince him to go public with their affair. It would have been such an image makeover for her to be tagged as his muse. Now trying best to gain some footage as his ex. PV please post.

To the people who call Kangana or Sonam or Kareena honest - Talking bad and negative about others and being jealous and rude to others is not called HONESTY. And why is this honesty one sided? Why can Kangana, Sonam and Kareena not handle it when others are honest about them. Why can Kangana not be honest about her relationships with married bollywood men because she wanted to be in films. She sure did not come from no where into films, she purposefully pleased a lot of people to be where she is today. And why can Sonam not handle questions and be honest that if not for her father and nepotism she would not have lasted a decade in this profession when she cant act one bit. Why can Kareena not be honest that her sister and she married wealthy divorced men for money and she is not the only married woman having a career and doing item roles instead of working like an actress. Honesty doesn't mean bad mouthing others. Just because Hrithik and so many men are not talking about Kangana doesn't mean she doesn't have a past history, it says they are decent to give her some respect while she is still negative about everything. You never see Aishwarya, Deepika, Vidya, Tabu, and so many others talking jealous crap about their colleagues just for the heck of it.

Thank God for one sane person!!!! I just posted the same thing a couple of minutes earlier, but it hasn't been posted yet. I hope this one will be. I don't understand why people call Kangana honest and say her honesty is refreshing!?!?!?!? Helllloooo....since when has meanness and vindictiveness become synonymous with honesty?? I don't understand the need to talk crap about every individual. And just because she does talk crap doesn't mean it's honest!! Jeeeeeez, it's like every one is dirty but her. What the saying about people living in glass houses shouldn't be throwing stones.....she should apply it to herself.

Wohoo!!!! Imagine if someone makes a movie based on kangana's life! There will be so much to talk about. She has a string of interesting relationships to talk about. From relationship with married and 20 year older,Aditya pancholi to debutant star kid , Adhyan Suman. From British Doctor, Nicholas to married superstar Hrithik Roshan! There have also been rumours of her love affair with Ajay Devgan and designer Manish Malhotra (VaLentine day pic posted by him). Besides there is so much more to talk about her life: Her revolt and consequent escape from her parents house, Debut with seial kisser Emmran Hashmi , acid attack on her sister , her impeccable fashion sense, her mountain girl success story, her national award winning performance in Queen, her catfight with Deepika, her boycott of award function and her controversial statements!

Lol. Manish Malhotra, are you kidding?

There is much more! Her false claim of being appointed as a brand ambassador by Paris hilton with the latter refuting the same , her lip job , her humiliation on national television by Karan Johar (KWK), receiving an invitation to Paris Fashion Week, her wardrobe malfunction at Manyata Dutt's Baby shower, her allegation of always being treated as an outsider by the industry.... and so on. Her life is like a running Madhur Bhandarkar movie. Any actress who will play her in a movie will be required to be a badass . Playing this award winning actress will surely win the actress an award! And the best part is that Kangana has just started. We are meant to see more of her in the years to come.

Confirmation for gossip is very rare , this is probably the first one in years . Since everyone is linked to everyone , one cannot take anything seriously unless an actual insider comes forward .

I used to like Kangana a LOT!!! Then I stopped liking her...I still don't really like her attitude. But on this one, I think she is right to stand up against bad rumors about her and to clear it up. I do not think she said anything wrong or bad aside from making it clear that her and Hrithik did date. So, now that is confirmed. She just bashed the bad rumor doing rounds about her...! She did not insult Hrithik...which if she had...it would have been bad.

Well I think hr don't care...why would he try to get her attention now? But I do believe in their dating rumours...hr was newly single after his divorce with su and he used her for entertainment that's it but she is so dumb that she can't get over any thing without crying out loud in public.

this girl think every one is after her haha. i cant stop laughing i'm not a fan of hrithik nor deepika but no one of them gives a damn about her

So basically, she just admitted that Hrithik and Her did have a relationship!!!! She admitted to that and confirmed it. That is all I am interested in, to find out for sure that something I thought was just a rumor....was not! LOL!

When did they have affair?this is the first time iam hearing to this

so, HR with SUSHMITA N SHWETA nanda news r also true!

Gohar please stop supporting her. She is a great actress and speaks intelligently sometimes. But what she is doing now is not acceptable. Most of us don't even know about the rumours that kangana is part of A3. If she hadn't guven this interview and bashed hrithik no one would have even known about this issue. Why does she talk about hrithik. He is not her first ex. Why doesn't she talk about adhayaan Suman who has accused her of torturing him throughout their relationship, even in that ndtv event she conviniently spoke about her abuse but never spoke about how she was in relationship with a guy who was much older than her. She does come across as self obsessed and paranoid when she talks about her colleagues. I still admire her as an actress n will watch her films with good content. But will never consider as a well behaved person. If she is so good why did she get all those surgeries done to her face. she talks about not endorsing fairness products but she herself underwent aurgeries to enhance her beauty. That is the definition of double standards to me. She speaks intelligently about her craft and I admire that about her but anything else that comes out of her mouth is pure trash. It just to project herself as a superior person n in reality it just shows what a classless human she is.

I support her because I feel that speaking her mind always goes against her and many people are bashing her for saying the truth. She was asked the question and she answered. Hritik plays "oh so good man whose beloved wife left him" then dates Kangana secretly or just uses her for sex but feels that she is not good enough to openly admit their relationship. In this situation I'll Blame Hritik but not kangana, if she dated him while he was married and she is the reason for their divorce then I'll blame her but we don't know when it has started so I can not comment on that. What about her talking about Suman, Devgan , Dutt or Pancholi. I'm sure if someone will ask question about them she'll have no problem and will openly talk about them. Right now it was a question about Hritik. About her plastic surgeries. Yes, she was wrong. I think she looked horrible with her swollen lips during double dhamal and TWM, but I think she did it because of huge pressure like Anushka. She was criticised for her look and did it, I'm sure she understood that she was wrong, that's the reason she back to her natural look. She is not an angel, she did lots of mistakes, dated wrong men, some stupid movies and all... I can't say that she is my fav actress but she has talent and she is very different from other actresses and I like her. Women like her who swim against the stream always have lots of problems and enemies

suzzane was sooooo in love with hrithik i dont think she will leave him unless he cheated on her

Let me just start by saying that this whole Aashiqui 3-thing is news to me :D To comment on this: Kangana hasn't said anything wrong. Some people, for some reason, cant seem to let things go once a relationship has ended. They become vindictive and do things to try to mess up your state of mind and looks like Hrithik was having one of those moments BACK THEN. I'm sure we all know what I'm talking about here. (By the way, another blind proven to be true :P )

Why would Kangana date someone like Hrithik ?!! Then she says she is smart .,,hmm

Why would Kangana date someone like Hrithik ?!! Then she says she is smart .,,hmm

If she is so forthright then expose Devgan, dutt, bhatt and bhandarkar also why just Roshan?

If the marriage is strong and honest no one can break it not even apsara.

Ehh, She called Hrithik her Ex or said Some ex of her spreading the rumours about Her being outsed by HR,

Not just Kangana, after her Hrithik dated Bipasha too, also did trips to Dubai & Iifa , he even asked her on a date on twitter at iifa but that didn't go right with Bipasha & Harman, but Hrithik dated Bipasha after he left suzzane not before

So they dated and she was the reason for Susanne leaving HR. Married men are not a Tabu in Bollywood.

Oh Kangana, get off your high. Not everyone is trying to run after you or talk negative like what you do about everyone. At least not Hrithik. He is far more talented and nice than you, he doesn't need to do what you said about him. Now get back to learning some basic manners and stop cribbing and bad mouthing all your colleagues.

Bindaas! Hrithik has a very calculated image. Has has lots of skeletons in his closet, which his team does a good job of handling. Yes, they did date (insider info) - their romance was one of the reasons she did Krisssshhh 3. Kudos to Kangana for being honest.

i feel bad for suzzane and arjun but i have always felt that they are innocent

She did Krissh 3 because she had no work as she herself has said.

Kangana is so daring and honest that's what i love about her.

She loves to play the blame game, doesn't she? She is never at fault. Someone else always is. Ms. Ranaut is bordering on the obnoxious.

So now Kangana is at fault for the fact that people are spreading rumours about her ? Really ? If you're gonna hate, atleast hate in a way that makes sense.

Good decision by Suzanne to left him. Its obviously this affair was during Krrish shooting.

So its true that they dated each other at one point but I am happy hr left her I just don't like her don't know why

Admire people with voice. Oh HR messed with the wrong girl.

Kangana is the only actress who can openly talk about her exes. She is one badass girl and don't even try to play games with her because she's not the one who'll smile on the camera and will give diplomatic answer. Any way she is too good for Hritik. Yes, Hritik is very handsome and hot but he is still his papa's son and too self-obsessed to accept that there is a woman good enough for him.

Every one is playing game with her in her mind only.But the truth is she is one butthurt girl badmouthing her colleagues but nobody cares for her.Like someone said it is just one sided.And her points on relationships are very ficle

Really? And how do you know that it's in her mind only? Don't tell me that you know Bollywood from inside. When she was new and just did Gangster and voh lamhe, media along with some Bollywood insiders used to make fun of her english and also her look. I remember reading an article years ago about her that she is too thin , has no curves, her hair are too curly, her english is too funny for Bollywood actress. now when she became a big star no one can do it openly so I'm sure they do the same behind her. Years ago when Ajay Devgan and Sanjay Dutt openly boycotted her, that was also in her mind only? You think no one cares about her? In the film industry with lots of jealousy and competition Kangana came from no where and became a big star, gave some hit movies without help of Khans, did iconic Queen, got two national awards, also gave the biggest hit ( TWMR) that any actress could do solo and you think no one cares for her? Everyone cares about successful people.


WOW!! This is what attractive about her, never afraid to tell the truth.

Yeh, as long as it gives her some mileage Telling truth is so overrated

If putting your head under the sand and lying keeps you happy then do it.

Omg this girl is psycho...she really need some help!
It is impossible to be so negative!

And this is why you are an ex. No class and arrogance in the garb of honesty.

OMG so they did date???

So the blind item of Hritik not owning her in the public because of her past was true......They did have an affair.
Now I can see the bitterness in her coming from. No one is ashamed to be seen with Deepika, Sonam, Katrina, Anushka and all. Which is why she never lose a chance to hot back at those girls.

kangana wasn't blue-blooded enough for him so in the end hrithik might end up with sonam

What are you talking about. Sid malya never admitted to affair with DP either. DP fan do your homework don't just point fingers. It happens. Post PV.

Yeah, that's why RK never admitted that he is dating Kat. If Hritik would date any of these girls you mentioned soon after his divorce he will not admit it either because that was the time when media was speculation about his divorce too much. If he'd openly admit his affair with Kangana ( or any other actress ) then everyone would blame him for his divorce though till now they blamed Suzan for it.


yup she is awesome

Oh my!! I always thought its just a rumour.. so It Is true that hrithik was dating kangana and he WAS cheating Susanne. Poor Susanne she took all the blame for the divorce

Poor Arjun !!

There were rumours that they dated after the divorce, no? Not before.

No.. They dated during Krishh3.. Many ppl blame priyanka for the breakup.. but actually its kangana

Suzan and Hritik was over around the time of Kites. Nothing to do with Kangana.

I like Kangana, despite the negativity that surrounds this girl, she has the courage to fight and parry. honest smart beautiful and talented are not flattering, this is what I love

umm what now?! these two dated?! what rock was I living under???

WOAHHHHH. She pretty much confirmed that they dated. Love her or hate her, you gotta admit that she's entertaining.

QUEEN... That's y i respect her ... She is Lioness ...

OMG this affair is going to be ugly now

OMG this affair is going to be ugly now

atta girl.... :P

She is " entertainment entertainment entertainment"

This time hrithik messed up with a wrong person.she will set him straight if he try to spend roumers...best of luck to him hahaha

She is going paranoid.... Not everyone is after her.
And I never believed in HR KR relationship

Haha hrithik did a great job of leaving her.he was right she is not classy enough for him be be his partner

Ya kangu baby we all know where r the rumours coming from don't worry shit do happen in life

Haha great answer kangu u go girl

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