Women’s Day Special: I am a woman and I feel as human as a man: Kalki Koechlin

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With her bold performances, frank statements and exuding femininity, Kalki Koechlin represents a true woman in every sense. The multi-talented actress breathes life into every character she plays. The Margarita With A Straw star has donned the hat of a film and stage actress, producer, playwright, screenwriter and what not!

Kalki has been heard on several occasions and her voice has always favoured the essence of womanhood. Right from raising the issue of menstruation to equal pay for actresses, Kalki isn’t someone who keeps her views in the closet. The actress wears her opinions on the sleeves and they are downright truthful!

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, Kalki has a powerful message for women. She believes it is not just important but also necessary for women to speak up for their rights and what they deserve. Pointing out to a much-acceptable logic, Kalki says, “It is obvious for me or anyone to speak up on these issues. It is about women’s safety, rights and their lives. Even today, it is difficult for women to go out in the night or get paid equally as a man for that matter. There are hundreds of reasons for us to voice. For me, it is outright important, as I am a woman and I feel as human as a man.”

With her straight approach and the simplest of the concerns, Kalki is the voice of women in the country. But, being born as a girl in an Indian society, she too had to face her own demons. The actress had been a victim of child abuse. She was molested by one of the relatives when was nine years old.

When she had opened up about the ordeal, it became the talk of the town. Well, many applauded her for the courage she had shown, a few couldn’t take it in the right sense. Asserting on her freedom of expression as a female being, she said, “The reason I spoke up about it is I know of so many women who have gone through this. To some level and other, child abuse can be anything from molestation to sexual abuse. It is very common in our families and yet nobody talks about it.”

The actress deems that it is imperative to speak up on such issues as the victim feels very lonely. She said, “People feel very lonely when they do not talk about it. And, that’s what made me talk about it. But, I also realised the repercussions of it. When a celebrity speaks about certain kind of issues, it is publicized in a really big way.”

When Kalki spoke about her child abuse episode, she had to face a lot from all the spheres of the society. However, she was constantly on the radar of limelight, as people wanted to dig out her past. However, she gracefully faced the issue, its aftermath and yet stood tall.

When the victim of any sexual abuse speaks about it, the person is often looked down upon by the society. And this is the major reason many do not come to the fore. Talking about the upshot of the episode, she said, “It was also important for me not dig up my past as it involves a lot of people, my family and everything. It is really important that I keep my privacy and protect myself. However, at the same time, I think it was important for me to acknowledge that it happened, as it gives more power and inspiration to many, so that they can come to terms with their issues.”

It is not necessary that you speak about this publicly or on a public platform, the actress opines. “You can share it with a friend or therapists. It is important as long as you speak up.”

Kalki’s ideology of womanhood literally sums up everything that a female being lives by. For her, womanhood is about dealing with periods, giving birth, menstrual cycle, hormones, ambitions, depression, frustration and so many things. Kalki laughs as she tells us.

While on the other hand, she has some serious things to put in the picture. She said, “Feminism is a really crazy idea that suggests men and women are equal. Women are not a doormat. We are equivalent to men. It’s just that we have different bodies and different biological needs. We have capacities which should be celebrated and rewarded in the society.”

The lady with the beautiful smile prefers gender neutrality over equality. “Sometimes in gender battle, we make it men versus women. It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman you can be an a***ole or a better person. It is all about what kind of human being you are. People should be rewarded for the merits of what they are and the work they do and not on their gender,” Kalki signs off.


She is a true badass! I love that she advocates for feminism and other social causes and is unapologetic about it! She is one and only real, smart and talented actors in Bollywood.

She is so awesome! probably the only b-town lady with grey cells!

Løve you Kalki..So inspiring

Kalki is the best of the best. Immensely talented, genuine, and gorgeous. Hope to meet you some day!

Only love and respect for this woman!

she is far more real than these manufactured A-list actresses. We need more Kalki's please.

I would always hate you Anurag Kashyap for letting her go !!

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