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PINKVILLA EXCLUSIVE: 'CBI had told me, Sooraj is Beastly, Cruel, Inhuman,' says Jiah Khan's Mother Rabiya Khan

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Everybody told me that I will have to spend all my life earnings to get justice for Jiah -  Rabiya Khan

When Jiah Khan was found dead in her Juhu apartment on June 3, 2013, it was presumed to be a case of a disheartened starlet ending her life due to lack of offers.  She had a dream start opposite Amitabh Bachchan and indeed, her career was downhill. But her mother Rabiya Khan maintains that her daughter had an indomitable spirit.  She was not weak. Her tumultuous relationship with Sooraj Pancholi resulted in her death. After the Bombay High Court lifted the stay on trial against Sooraj, the accused and his family have asked for the case to be sped up.  On a phone call with us from London, Rabya talks to Pinkvilla.com about her fight with the Bollywood bigwigs and lethargic legal system to get justice for her daughter, reveals shocking details about Sooraj and the half-baked investigation that has been done in this case. It is heartbreaking account of a single mother's fight for her daughter whose life was brutally cut short.  

What do you have to say about what happened in court today?

I am shocked. We had gone to the court to demand something else. No arguments or petitions were accepted. The judge asked us to wait because they first want CBI's answer. Now I am waiting for the hearing on June 7. It is a blow to me but all wars are not straight line. I have to take the step forward and see what God has in store for innocent Jiah, whose life was cut short

It is said that CBI will levy charges against Sooraj on May 5...

The CBI chargesheet is there, everyone is aware of the discrepancies in the case. But the CBI hasn't concluded the report. How can he be charged when the forensic department hasn't completed their job? If things do pan out based on preconceived notions, then my fight is a waste. Everybody told me that I will have to spend all my life's earnings to get justice for Jiah.  But I don't see anything happening. Can money buy justice in this country? Why is everything so black and white? I have had faith all along but despite enough evidence it looks like the conclusions are drawn on power and preconceived ideas. 

Aditya Pancholi recently said that he wants the case to speed up..

I have never seen any accused trying to rush up their case. I feel like laughing at it. Only Aditya Pancholi can give such a statement because he knows what is happening behind the scene. He knows the truth!

The public prosecutor hinted that the other party is requesting for matters to be rushed because they want Sooraj to be accused under Section 306 (abetment of suicide) and not 302(murder).

That is crystal clear. The police hasn't investigated. When we went to the High Court, the case has only dragged on. We haven't got an answer to anything yet. The CBI is saying it is a murder. In mere 10 minutes time malmal ka dupatta thodina yeh kar sakta hai meri bacchi ko? We have 4 forensic reports and all are assuring us that this is a murder. I am not President Obama and neither is my daughter is a President's daughter. I am a simple lady and my daughter had gone to the big city to showcase her talent. Ab wahan kisi dhokhe main aajaye aur yeh ho jaye kisne socha tha... It isn't written on anyone's face with what intention that person is getting friendly with you. My daughter is gone now and we don't know what will happen. I, as a mother, am alone. The media, CBI, Police is with him. Why will a confident girl like Jiah, who has a strong family, and who shared every little thing of her life with me, will take such an extreme step? Why will she do this?

In December, reports surfaced that Sooraj extricated foetus out of Jiah's body. Were you aware of this?

(Gets emotional) I start crying listening to these reports. My stomach was in knots. The guy who can do something so brutal is going scot free. CBI cops had told me that is beastly, cruel and inhuman. But they can say this only behind his back. Why can't they tell this to the whole world? If he can do this then he can do anything. Why can't they get the truth out from a 23-24 year old boy? They have said he lies a lot, gets violent easily and has a quick temper. And the psychological reports suggest something entirely different. Isn't the CBI contradicting themselves? It makes me feel sad. Nobody knew my daughter, as well as I did. I knew what would make her smile, what would make her cry! My daughter loved me (cries). Wo abhi bhi mere khwabon main aati hai aur poori kahani batati hai. She says 'I am healing!' 

Did Jiah talk about her equation with Sooraj ever to you?

Yes, she used to discuss a lot. I had told her that Sooraj didn't love her. I asked her to leave him so many times. Even she knew he didn't love her. I had messaged him one day saying, 'Why are you playing games with her and why are you manipulating Jiah?' That didn't go down well with him. He replied saying 'Yeh ladki agar meri nahi toh teri bhi nahi'. CBI didn't show the message to anyone. I still remember, I had sent this message to him in front of her, when she was applying cream. She had told 'I am leaving for London mummy on Thursday. I cannot see this non-sense'. I told her not to meet him. Ek pal nahi chhoda usne meri bachchi ko. He kept telling Jiah 'Your mother is lying, I love you so much. I cannot live without you'. He told me the same thing that he cannot live without Jiah. I told him that this is not love, when you cannot give each other any space. How did you live for so many years? He stayed with a servant. How did his parents let him live alone when he was only 14 years old. Aisi kya harkat ki usne? I have told all these things to the CBI but they haven't investigated. That night, what did my daughter see inside that house? What was Sooraj Pancholi's relation with his friend jisko wo chhod nahi pa raha tha? Jiah used to suspect him. Did CBI find out? He slept with anyone, girl or boy... Is this a relationship? My daughter had understood that her mother was right. Who will have a better instinct than a mother?

Forensic reports suggested that the stangulation marks were deeper and that they couldn't be caused by a dupatta...

It might be a wire. First and foremost, my daughter's track suit went missing. Her clothes were missing, the knob of the drawer, which was next to her bed, was missing. There was blood on the bed. CBI hasn't investigated anything. He should be charged separately - for domestic violence and all. They have charged him only for abettment of suicide. Do you think my daughter was that weak? I read an article on Sooraj Pancholi where he spoke about what he experienced in jail. He said there were mosquitoes, there was urine, vomit and all. He didn't cry in front of his parents or else they would have felt bad. Are these things to be discussed? He said that he had called me up and met... rubbish! The day Jiah told me about him, I told her at least make me meet him. He didn't want to meet me. He met me over skype and usne andhere main baithke mujhse baat ki. I told Jiah, he doesn't have any confidence. He didn't even show his face to me.

What did Jiah react when you told her such things?

Initially, Jiah was very happy. She used to say that we laugh a lot, we go to the gym together, he brings karele ki sabji, his father has given a jaguar too! Things were fine till January and then things didn't go in their favour. On Valentines Day, she came to me. When I saw her, I told her there is something wrong. I asked her not to be with him but Sooraj kept messaging. He sent numerous messages and kept texting sorry. Jiah melted and she told me 'Mom we should give him a chance'. I told her at least try and find out about his background, because I had no clue. I have lived in London for last 30 years. I tried to find out from Anju Mahendroo. That is when I came to know that Aditya Pancholi gunda aadmi hai. Usne toh Kangana Ranaut ko maara tha aur wo 11 baje Anju ke ghar aayi thi. Aankh kaali peeli. Aditya Pancholi had told Anju that Sooraj and Jiah have broken up. Then I asked Jiah about it and told her that I am listening to these things. Anju told me that Sooraj's father is with someone else, mother is away and all. We didn't know who he was and what he did. I didn't know uski jeb main kitne politicians hai aur bahar kitne. What do I know? Anju told me that Sooraj denied his relationship with Jiah to Aditya Pancholi. Then Jiah showed me Sooraj's messages. When I told her Sooraj is lying, she told me no Anju must be lying.  The next day Sooraj's sister met us and hence Jiah didn't believe Anju. I could speak to her about this only till a certain extent.  I didn't want this to look like a blackmail. She was adamant so I eventually gave in. 

There were reports that the night before Jiah's death, you met the Pancholis. True?

I was in Kashmir. I haven't met him akele main ever. I returned on 2nd and that same evening I went to meet Anju. She had called me because she wanted a few things from Kashmir. Where would I meet these people?

Recently, there was also a report that FBI will probe this matter. Can you tell us anything?

How can FBI probe? They have said a yes to our offer, but Indian government has never allowed any foreign agency to get involved. The FBI has been involved for the first time in the Sunanda Pushkar case. If they can get involved in that case, then it is possible for our case as well. If Sunanda was someone's daughter, even Jiah is someone's daughter. Why should they refuse us? 

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sallu bhai will save & accompany sooraj, thy both are culprit in a whole life. quick or late, thy will get the punishment.
aunty, u hv a full of love as a mother....stay strong!!!

These charming, charismatic wannabe hero Kill woman after winning their trust, t’s a way only to abuse in the most appalling ways. Such tactic has enabled many to get away with a lot of deviant stuff behind closed doors.’

Its easy to blame someone else for your failure.. And this lady is doing exactly that

Exactly! She neglected her daughter's mental issues while living it up in London

Suraj is a mess. It makes me mad that salmas khan endorsed him

Sooraj is a two bit thug. I do hope there will be justice of Jiah and hope her soul is at peace.

If she was a good mother then Jia would have been with us today. Jia was looking for love that she never received from anyone.

Aditya Pancholi is ascumbag. He had an affair with Pooja Bedi while he was married and I have witnessed it myself. Then he raped her maid. What upbringing will he give his son. He trapped kangana and it was only after she got some success she was able to get out of that mess.

While it's true that parents have a great influence on their children, I think it's silly to use that as a reasoning to question Sooraj's morals. I am not defending him, but from a logical point of view, I am just pointing out that if parent's character could be used to judge their children then wouldn't all nice people have nice children? That's not always the case.

sooraj's scandal with jiah, aditya's affair with kangana. this pancholi family is seriously messed up. why are they even still relevant? aditya was a flop actor and sooraj never made it past his debut.

In my opinion if Jia had past record of suciede attempts then Sooraj can't be blamed. She had fallen in love before she met Sooraj so it wasn't her first experience at heartbreak. Besides she was also an adult with more exposure than Sooraj. Hence case closed.

I think Jia was more messed up than Sooraj.

The power of $$$$$$. I truly feel sorry for Jiah's family.

Ince again pink,villa have deleted comment this site won't last its biast.,

His only mistake was he didnt end his life. Thats why ppl r bashing him and supporting jiya who dint have courage to face life.According to me he has gone through more difficulties and depression than jiyA. Imagine how depressing it must be to have a father like aditya and to live alone at d age of 14.

Incidents like these make me feel ashamed to be an indian.

Your daughter killed HERSELF, Rabiya. Get over it !!!!

Oh really??? Why don't you appear in the court as eye witness?

You talk as if YOU witnessed Sooraj murdering her.

HI Soooraj!

why does the Indian judicial system always come off so weak, biased, neglected, corrupted and these cases never go completely clarified. its ridiculous, i dont know if its just in bollywood or all rich communities.. still hoping jiah khans cases is justified. p.s. if aditya pancholi beat up kangana ranaut to bloods then he is capable of murdering..it was most likely him behind jiah's death.

Absolutely! But we unfortunately live in a country full of star struck people and journalists for whom Celebrities are nothing less than god.

Lived alone at age 14, with a servant and no parental supervision? In some countries, parents can be jailed for such neglect. Didn't his sister get caught in a drug raid?

Again this is what Rabiya claims though. Maybe he was living with relatives?

I cannot even imagine what her mother must be going through.

From hearing her I feel Pancholi's have a solid political background to hush up things, also with the recent implication of the CBI scam in the augusta westland case, we can't even trust CBI anymore.

I don't get it, why does't the Indian Gov. allow the Feds to investigate cases such as these involving US citizens espeically since its clear the CBI isn't very competent.

Not surprised but he was young when it happened. There's nothing positive about the outcome. Yes, Sooraj is a complete ayhole but ultimately, it's your daughter's decision to quit her life. You can't go around blaming others for your own action.

She says Jiah wouldn't kill herself. She is telling that it is a murder not a suicide. And she accuses that the police and CBI has never investigated properly but they simply filed it as a SUICIDE case.

I don't know why GOVT pay for the CBI officers!!! All know what happened to the Aarushi Talwar case!!! I can just see the same fate coming for this too!

this mother should know that what ever she says about Sooraj it can have very big consequences for this young man.
And everyone now that Jiah was mentally ill, so just leaf it to god if he is guilty, he will get it back.

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