EXCLUSIVE! Alia Bhatt's date with Shahid Kapoor's baby girl Misha

4 years ago  |  36.8M

Even though their film Shaandaar failed at the box-office last year, Alia Bhatt and Shahid Kapoor continue to share a rock-solid friendship.

The actress dropped by at Shahid's seaside home in suburban Mumbai yesterday afternoon to meet baby Misha and the new parents, just two days before she's scheduled to travel to Singapore to film the remaining portions of her new film, Badrinath Ki Dulhania.

"Alia has been wanting to visit Shahid and Mira and their daughter Misha, and she could finally do that yesterday. It was a great reunion," says a common friend of Alia and Shahid. The friends had lunch together and caught up on baby Misha's (who turns a month old this week) habits and TV shows that they have been watching. 


Anonymous : Next kid can be called "Shami"
REPLY 6 4 years ago
Anonymous : that's siddharth malhotra hand
REPLY 1 4 years ago
Anonymous : When will Misha be revealed. We need to lay our eyes on her. T
REPLY 7 4 years ago
Anonymous : mira is prettier than alia
REPLY 42 4 years ago
Anonymous : Mira actually looks more bollywoody than Alia. I don't think Alia would have a chance in the industry if she wasn't a Bhatt
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REPLY 7 4 years ago
Anonymous : Anything to stay in the news for this man. Even using old pictures
REPLY 9 4 years ago
Anonymous : So many flop movies, erm may be time to consider a career change? Oh no lets pose with the couple who are talk of the town with their new baby
REPLY 10 4 years ago
Anonymous : Flop movies? Where?? Lol not even a fan but at least do your research it's no fun this way
REPLY 5 4 years ago
Anonymous : Guys it's vikas bahl's finger lol it was a picture for Shaandaar's promotion from shahid's instagram account read the caption and you know
REPLY 29 4 years ago
Anonymous : so udta punjab isnt a success .
REPLY 18 4 years ago
Anonymous : Glad that Alia and Sasha have been able to maintain a friendship beyond their movies. :)
REPLY 41 4 years ago
Anonymous : omg at first i thought that arm in the middle is shahids but his is underneath. but its mira's? its soo dark n hairy..im confused!!
REPLY 28 4 years ago
Anonymous : no there is another person with them, the picture doesn't show the face but if you look closely you can see the shirt the person is wearing and it's different from Mira's.
REPLY 21 4 years ago
Anonymous : Maybe Sidharth Malhotra...
REPLY 8 4 years ago
Anonymous : Vikas Bahl shaandaar director
REPLY 13 4 years ago
Anonymous : This is an old pic
REPLY 11 4 years ago