EXCLUSIVE: Harbhajan Singh wants Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma to get married soon

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Wedding season is definitely on for our men in blue! From Ishant Sharma to Yuvraj Singh, we witnessed a series of Indian players hanging their boots of bachelorhood and tying the knot to their sweethearts! 

We recently caught up with our offspin bowler Harbhajan Singh in an EXCLUSIVE tête-à-tête in Alwar where he's currently shooting for the reality show- Roadies Rising. Talking about the ongoing wedding season in the cricket world we asked Bhajji (as he's fondly known) as to which cricketer should get married next and he was quick to name Zaheer Khan. "Dekho meri hogyi hai so I am not waiting anymore (laughs)."

When we quizzed him further if he wished to see our favorite Virushka settling down anytime soon he quipped, "Of course! Virat-Anushka and all other cricketers who're in a relationship should go ahead and marry each other soon. Though they're the ultimate decision makers but I'll be happy to see them settled. Zaheer Khan should get married this year itself."

Are you listening guys? Bhajji wants you to settle down soon!

While Virat-Anushka professed their love on Valentines Day by posting a picture which read, "Everyday is a valentine day if you want it to be. You make every day seem like one for me- Anushka Sharma”; Zaheer Khan on the other end is yet to disclose his closeness with Chak De India actress Sagarika Ghatke.

It is interesting to know that Harbhajan Singh himself tied the knot with actress Geeta Basra after dating for a long time. The couple was blessed with a baby girl Hinaya Heer last year in July.

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Hhahahah.Guys they r happily married now. See her love for him in their weeding ceremonies. Madly in love they r

Don't like their pair,harbajen should Not suggest anything thing,let them make them decide it..

What does he see in her?

anushka is with virat only because hes famous, once he will reach a downfall she will dump him !!

She did it already, she'll do it again.

Begani shaadi mein Abdullah diwana... Jab man karega to kar lenge woh log shaadi... kyuṅ ṭaaṅg adhaani hai beech mein?

Sadly, Anushka just ain't that into Kohli. She will keep putting off marriage. Kohli is too blinded by his love for her to see the reality.

Anushka should marry Ranbir. They are a better match and she seems like she has a thing for him despite Kohli's PDAs.

she deserves better

Nowadays actresses are more interested in live-in relationships than marriage.

Anushka should marry Ranbir

Yeah well, he also said that Australia would lose 4-0 so what does he know? Disregard.

Please God, no. Why can't Kohli see how publicity-hungry she is?

Anushka will never marry virat cuz she dont love him ! Fact

So true.

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Pinkvilla has updated its Privacy and Cookie policy. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and show you Personalized advertisement