EXCLUSIVE: Shilpa Shetty shares her secret diet mantra

In a conversation with us, Shilpa Shetty Kundra has revealed her secret diet pattern.
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Call her sexy or glamorous, she is the perfect example of the perfect woman. Yes, we are talking about none other than Shilpa Shetty Kundra. People have always talked about her perfect figure and are always eager to know her diet pattern. 
We got in touch with Shilpa and got to know about her secret mantra. In an interview with us, she got candid about her diet and she believes it in rigorously. She started off with giggling when we complimented her and told us that, "First and foremost, I don't believe in dieting. I have made a lifestyle modification and that's what I tell to people. I tell them to eat a big breakfast. I start my morning at 7.30 and end it at 7.45 in the night and after that, I don't eat anything. And this is the biggest lifestyle modification I have done." 
We delved into more details of what she eats the entire day and how is she able to maintain that decorum. She said, "My diet is very clear. I have three big meals and then I do two snacks in between. My first meal is a very high-fiber kind of porridge or oats made in water and also has a dash of milk in it with jaggery or honey. I workout twice a week, but most people think I do it more that that. I do my workout between 9 to 10 in the morning as my son leaves for school by the time. Post workout, I have my breakfast which is a protein based meal with an egg and a high-fiber multigrain toast. After this, I have my tea with coconut milk and sugar. Around 12.30 or 1 pm, I have my lunch which is usually brown rice or normal rice with chicken or fish and a veggie on the side. With it, I have something raw like a carrot or cucumber. Some days I also have buttermilk along with my lunch." 
Like most of us that craving for eating something sweet, Shilpa is not different -  "If I have a sweet craving, I take a small piece of black jaggery or a small piece of chikki."
Moving on to her evening snack and dinner, Shilpa went on to explain to us how a low carb and high protein is what she has been practising since ages. "After that, I don't really and after I am done with meetings, I have my snack around 4 or 5 pm. It can be either an omelette or a cheese slice or may be nuts. Eggs are something I try and eat in the evening as it's a full meal and it would stop your craving. I have all my life used this pattern and in fact, I have lost my 32 kgs post-pregnancy eating eggs. I used to have 3 to 4 eggs in a day - 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening and 1 egg yellow at night. I eat my dinner at 7.30 or 7.45 pm with my son. It could be a barley salad or a boiled beetroot. It is always a protein salad and a clear soup for my dinner. After this, I don't eat anything and if I feel hungry or I have to attend a friend's birthday, I eat my dinner and then go out. If I have to stay up until 2 am or something, I will have some protein snack," added Kundra. 
It was almost 10 minutes into the conversation when out of curiosity we asked about what should be the ideal gap between the last meal and the sleeping time. Answering to our query, Shilpa said, "I would suggest around 3 hours and if you are a non-vegetarian, it takes 3 hours to digest and also depend on the amount you are eating. I have a heavy breakfast - sometimes I don't have porridge, I eat muesli with almond milk and it takes time to digest. I would suggest a high-fiber breakfast as it keeps you fuller for a longer time."
Then came a point, when in the conversation I interrupted her and asked her that does she believe in GM diet which has been a rage and people have been following it. Well, then answer is NO! Shilpa believes in a balanced diet. Explaining it to us further, she said, "There are so many diet patterns out there - there is kinetic, there is GM. Honestly, I am someone who does it in moderation. I don't suggest it but with due respect to all who have been researching on it. But, I lead a simple life. I believe in being modern in your outlook but living the old way. For me, it's low carb and high protein diet in the evening."
The funniest bit of our conversation came when she said, "I don't do fasting except on Navratri that to be the last day. I hate fasting on Karvachauth and that's the only day I regret being married to a Punjabi." 
Yes, we all have been aspiring to have a figure like that of Shilpa, but for all those who think she doesn't cheat on her diet, well then this is something you should know. Clearing off the myth around the cheat meals, she said, "I do cheat days on Sunday and the only thing I put out on Instagram is my Sunday Binge - the sweets I eat. That day I eat a lot of things. I eat biryani, butter chicken, puranpuli and pani puri. I encourage people to go the healthy way for the rest of the week and one day eat whatever you want. Your body also gets fed up otherwise."

At brunch with family, my Sunday Binge today is my fav #rossogulla. Ate 3 #nowords #soft #fresh #sundaybinge

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Now, we were at the end of our conversation and we thanked her for enlightening us with so much information about the concept of balanced diet. 

Will you follow her diet? Now you know what Shilpa eats in a day!
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Love this woman. She is so dignified and humble even though she is so famous. She is really putting an effort to make people live a healthy lifestyle with her website and wellness coaches. Even our parents don't push us so much. Hats off to her.

Shilpa has the best body in Bollywood and she has stayed in great shape for the longest. Good to know about her meal plans as well as cheat plans. She is truly an honest and positive person. I think she is the only major bollyeood star who admitted to her nose job. Such a wonderful woman.

Really wanna know katrina kaif diet and exercise she has best body in Bollywood......if only she was as honest as shilpa!

i have to say, her diet plan looks honest and doable and it is not too extreme like you see from some celebs. i like eggs, so am def gonna try have it in different ways more often...egg salad, omelet etc. unfortunately only thing is i can't sleep as early as 10pm so what to do if some days you have to be up beyond midnight.

Very detailed interview and I am glad Shilpa is so honest,looks believable

She is such an inspiration.

her trainner said she had worked out 3 hours a day to lose pregnancy weight and ate fruit salad just after workout. once you reduce - its 80/20 .. 80 is food and 20 is exercise.

Thank you pv for doing this interview with Shilpa as she truly is a good role model as far as health and fitness is concerned. I have done the low carb n protein diet that she mentioned and it really works however hard part is maintaining it. She sure is disciplined but was hard giving up breads and pasta.

Very nice! I love how simple her meals sound and it does sound very doable. I will try slowly but surely I can have a body like Shilpa. can't believe she only works out 2x a week! I notice that people who eat healthy don't really need to work out that much, it's more just maintenance. I have so many friends who are quite thin and they just do some light yoga here and there but otherwise they are super fit and no fat on their bodies!

Thank you shilpa.. your diet tips are very helpful. not every actress come forward and shares it so openly, so thank you for that!

Thank you for this article. Shilpa has fantastic body. I really wanted to know how she manages to keep that body so fit all the time

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