EXCLUSIVE: Kajol: I want Ajay to stop smoking

Kajol gets candid in an exclusive interview with Pinkvilla.
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Kajol is truly a live wire and we miss seeing her on-screen. Last seen in Dilwale with Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol has gone the choosy way. What we love the most about this gorgeous diva is that she doesn't believe in mincing her words and yes, she loves every bit of this trait in her. Flashing her radiant smile and looking breathtakingly beautiful, Kajol made her way to the capital city where Pinkvilla caught up over a late evening chat and deluged her with questions on relationships, her partner-in-crime for nearly two decades- Ajay Devgn, Golmaal Again, daughter Nysa's Bollywood debut and more. Check it out!

Why are we seeing so little of you?

Kajol: These days? Nooo! I think you're seeing more of me these days than you did earlier, trust me on this.

As in why aren't you signing any Bollywood movie? Your last movie Dilwale came around 2 years back!

Kajol: I know..But I feel I don't want to do films just for the sake of doing work. I want to do a good film if I have to work where I feel that it's worth the time and effort which I am taking away from my family to go ahead and do a film. And yes, I am doing a Bollywood film per say. It's my home production which hopefully I will be starting in September. I can't reveal much about it right now. I have also finished VIP 2 which is a lot of work for me. 2 films in 1 year? God, you're seeing too much of me these days. I already need a break.

When was that moment in your life when you realized, "Okay. I have made it."

Kajol: Ahh! I think it was a kind of slow realization that creeps on you slowly and maturely. It's like 1 morning you wake up and you're like worrying about who's going to be outside your room and who not etc. I think it's something that you deal with as time goes by.

You have worked with all top-notch actors of the industry like Salman, Amitabh Bachchan, Saif, Aamir, Shahrukh. Who was the toughest to work with?

Honestly, these actors have been too easy to work with. The toughest that I have worked with have been the kids. Not the kids that I have worked with in the movies but the ones I had worked with in advertisements. They have been extremely difficult to deal with. I remember there was one project where we shot with kids who were like 8-10 months old. It actually became the moment when I realized how good of a technical actress I am (laughs).

What is the strangest compliment you've ever received from a fan?

Kajol: I would tell you one of the weirdest things to have happened to me. This fan in London came up for something and I told him we'll do it later man, hearing which he got stunned and reacted, 'My god, you speak English.?' I was like 'YES! We speak English and NO, there are no Elephants roaming around Indian streets anymore and we can find snake charmers once in a while for you!

Do you think an actor is easily subjected to any controversy today? 

Kajol: It's not just today, I think it's being done since time immemorial that actors are easier to make their point on. I feel they are easier to say what one needs to say.

Is that why you clarified things beforehand, regarding your recent 'beef lunch video'?

Kajol: Honestly, that is not something I am going to talk about right now. Because a lot of people have said a lot many things so let's just cut this topic short.

Ajay is all geared up for Golmaal Again! how excited are you?

Kajol: You know I am very excited. I think it's going to be the most awesome movie which I have seen so far. The whole star cast of Golmaal Again is really mad and they're having a great blast shooting for the film right now.

When you and Ajay fight, who is the first one to say sorry?

Kajol: It depends on whose fault it is. And it is never my fault, always remember that! So I am not saying who says sorry first but I am telling you that I am never at fault.

What is that one annoying habit of Ajay which you'd like to get rid of?

Kajol: Do I have to mention just 1? Okay, let's start from one (laughs). I think I want him to stop smoking at some point but again that has to be a personal decision. So I hope he makes that decision soon.

Your daughter Nysa is already a hit on social media. She's being loved on Instagram! Are there any plans of joining Bollywood?

Kajol: I don't know. She's too young right now. And to tell you, she was famous 8 years back too. I remember people used to stop and come to me at the airport and telling me, 'hey we recognize you because of Nysa, we saw her first.'

Many of your contemporary actresses have transmuted their path out to Television. Do you intend to join it too at some point of time?

Kajol: I wouldn't mind yaa. I would agree to do a TV show of some kind but again it would have to be worth my time and effort. It ought to meet my picky and choosy criteria.

They say marriage is for keeps but over the period of time, it is losing its sanctity. What's your take on it?

Kajol: I think we're losing tolerance (and no, it's not an intolerance remark btw) it's about losing patience. We're just losing willingness to go that little bit far ahead or to give people their second chance. We don't give any benefit of doubt to our partner anymore. Today, we're just waiting for the person to make a mistake so that we can pounce on him and tell, 'hey now I am one up there. Now you see.' I think marriages and relationships cannot be like that if they have to be successful. I once read this beautiful line somewhere about an old couple who were asked to reveal the secret of their 63-year-old relationship. They said, 'We come from a generation where when things broke, it was meant to be fixed and not thrown away.' Now that pretty much tells you what's wrong with the world today.


Thank you for posting the whole interview, PV.
For those who called Kajol "regressive" in her view of marriage, she isn't saying "stay in an abusive marriage". She simply meant "fix it if you can. Don't be in a hurry to throw your marriage away". Most people divorce for silly reasons. Some couples could have saved themselves the pain of going through a divorce if only they BOTH worked hard to keep their marriage. She's not saying women should suffer in an abusive marriage.

Gosh she is so full of herself.

She says I am never at fault. Shows her arrogance that's why I never liked this mean irritating aunty

Kajol>>>>>>>>>>>>>> rani madhuri aishwarya sridevi kareena juhi karisma preity deepika katrina priyanka anushka

hi queen rani

I just hate her so much, one of the rudest and most arrogant Indian celebs

flop kajol who has only 7 hits in her entire career loooooool

Lol It's out of topic Queen_Rani,You are the only different person here.
Flop rani who has only 5 Hits in her Entire Career Loooooool
Out of 30 Films Kajol has ATBB-2 BB-2 SH-1 Hits-9 Semi Hit-1 Average/A.Avg/B.Avg-5 Flop-7 Disaster-3
Out of 42 Films Rani has ATBB-1(KKHH-Supporting Actress) SH-1(Veer Zaara-Supporting Actress) Hits-5 Average/A.Avg/B.Avg-13 Flop-18 Disaster-4
If you have Any Doubt Check it dear & Yes Kajol has Better Career & Best Actress than your rani.
I just wrote this only for you otherwise who cares this.For me Quality is important and always better than Quantity.As An Actress Kajol has that Best Acting Quality that's enough for her fans.

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