EXCLUSIVE: Salim Khan reveals how Salman Khan and the entire KHANdaan celebrate Eid

Salman Khan's father Salim Khan tells us how the family celebrates Eid.
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Eid Ul Fitr or call it Meethi Eid - finally all the Muslims across the country end one month of roza or fasting and then comes the day when special delicacies are spread across on the dinner table. The festival is celebrated over a holiday of three days and is additionally called Choti Eid, beginning on the day of Shawwal (tenth month of the Islamic date-book).

The end of Ramadan usually depends on when the moon is sighted and today, it's celebrated all across the country. Any celebration is impossible without that perfect Bollywood tadka and if you talk of Eid, one name that pops up in our mind is that of Salman Khan - our very own Bhaijaan. The occasion of Eid al-Fitr has become synonymous with the 51-year-old actor ever since he released Wanted in 2009.

Like every year, fans throng near his residence in Bandra wherein he and his family make it a point to oblige all of them by greeting them. As it's EID, we got in touch with Salman Khan's father Salim to know how do they celebrate the occasion.

Talking to us, Salim Khan said, "Eid is just like a normal day for me. We don't have any special celebration. The concept of Eid is basically to end all sorts of animosity and stay with each other with brotherhood. For me and my family, all the festivals be it Eid, Diwali or Holi, they all hold an importance."

Elaborating on it, he added, "Eid - we end our roza and make special sweets like seviyan on that day. Back in old days, Eid was more fun and now it's more like guests come over and then we cook special food on the special occasion. We keep roza for a month."

Last year, Salman's Eid release was Sultan and keeping up his tradition, he showed up in the balcony of his apartment and did his signature wave. He was accompanied by his father. It'll be interesting to see If he obliges his fans this year too.

Just day before yesterday, Salman attended Baba Siddique’s Iftar party and became the star attraction of the night.

Eid Mubarak to everyone!

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Why celebrate Eid when you don't even keep to the traditions of Islam like fasting?

This is a really nice picture

Salim Khan is such a Sensible and Secular person....Very Balanced in his opinions.

Eid did use to be more fun back in the old days. Can't figure out what happend.

eid mubarak

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