EXCLUSIVE - Anil Kapoor: My children call me AK, they call my wife Sunita as Sonu and not mom

Anil Kapoor made an interesting revelation about his family.
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Anil Kapoor is one of the coolest actors we have seen in Bollywood. His camaraderie with his co-stars and also with his family are a treat to one's eyes. Now, the veteran actor is all set to be seen alongside his nephew Arjun Kapoor in Mubarakan.

We recently caught up with Anil and asked him about his experience of working with his family. To which he replied, "Arjun Kapoor, Ranbir Kapoor and Varun Dhawan, I know all of them since they were kids. So, I have a comfort level with all three of them. Especially Arjun, because he is my brother's son, he grew up in front of me. What I like about him is, he bonds very well with all his cousins and my children. Usually, sometimes what happens is, cousins, live separately in different cities, so it becomes difficult to bond. But now, everybody is living in the vicinity of Juhu, Lokhandwala, Bandra and Pali Hill. It's like one full gang and I am their eternal uncle/chacha."

Anil revealed an interesting fact about himself saying, "They don't call me uncle, they call me AK. Even my children call me AK, they call my wife Sunita, Sonu and not mom."

That's an interesting revelation, isn't it?

He further added, "I have been friendly with all these kids and it's great fun. It was amazing to work with Arjun and we always used to get along very well. Now, we have spent so much time together professionally."

Anil concluded by saying, "There are ups and downs in these kinds of situations when you are working with your relatives. We have to be very sensitive and we all are very careful."

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Even westerners dont call their parents by name unless it s a step parent or something. These silly wannabes of bollywood....I tell you.

He didn't mention his other nephew, Ranveer .

watz so cool abt calling parents by their name? why cant they call dad & mom? rich people and their stupidity...

why? do they have other parents? how silly.

Sonam calls Anil Kapoor papa, Rhea and Harsh call him dad and they refer to Sunita as Mom........but when they talk about them in interviews both print and video, they use AK and My mom, Sunita..........that's what I've noticed.

Kardashians part 2.

Well that is badly educated, where is the respect ???

It is true that you can consider parents as friends, but they are not, they are more than that, they are your parents and your superiors

I think I could not call my parents by his name or some other name, then he would be ignoring his authority and superiority.

This is plain weird.

Why is this news?

Sunita kapoor is so elegant.

Kapoors rock!


Who cares anyway? All your children are flops

thn why r u even here at first place huh

This is strange why not simple mom and dad

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