EXCLUSIVE - Angad Bedi: Neha Dhupia is very outspoken and honest; It's a rarity to find such a combination

Angad Bedi and Neha Dhupia tied the knot in an Anand Karaj ceremony attended by close family and friends in a Gurudwara in South Delhi. In an interview with Pinkvilla, he talked about his wedding and praised Neha.
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Angad Bedi and Neha Dhupia tied the knot in an Anand Karaj ceremony attended by close family and friends in a Gurudwara in South Delhi. They made the announcement via social media on May 10. All the fans were confused and shocked after they saw the picture of the two going viral. 

We recently got a chance to meet Angad and we asked him was it a sudden decision. On this, he told us, "It wasn't a sudden decision. We have known each other for 15 years. Time and place have to be correct and fortunately, everything fell in its place. Hum toh Delhi gaye the to ask for permission and we didn't know that they will agree. Our parents were like kar rahe ho toh abhi karlo. We both realized that we are packed with work. We wanted to have a private affair. We wanted our privacy so that the families get to know each other." 
Further, into the conversation, we said it's like half the battle has won if you get a friend in your partner. Angad, too, agreed with our statement and said, "I am very fortunate that I have found Neha. I do believe in the fact that if you find the right partner, uske bhaag aapko lagte hai. I couldn't have asked for more. She makes me feel very special and she is a giving person."
Adding more to it, he said, "She is strong and I wish I could have a career graph like her. She comes from a navy background and is a self-made woman. I like that about her. She doesn't come from any film background. She is working really hard and has done many films. I am very proud of my wife. She is very outspoken and honest. It's a rarity to find such a combination."
What about the proposal then? Well, Angad didn't go down on his knees but directly approached Neha's parents. "I went straight to her parents - old-school way. I was like bohot ho gaya hai. I went to her house and I asked for her hand from her parents and luckily they didn't say no. The kind of name she has, I am a small brat that way. I will work hard to make her feel proud of me. Somehow from the beginning, it just felt right," an elated Angad told us expressing his love for beautiful wife Neha," said Angad. 

Isn't that just perfect?


That's a sweet interview, i don't know why people are being so mean. They seem like a nice couple.

They are so many who are outspoken n honest y is it rare?

Whatever happened to staying low key after marriage?

Did they not get fresh gajra for the wedding. her gajra is 3 days old.


Its only rare in your mind and you are biased towards her. Kareena is very outspoken nd honest.

yes we heard Kareena's comment about women equality and feminism...just she is very outspoken ..pv pls post.

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