EXCLUSIVE: Aurora opens up on her hit trending song Runaway, new album release plan & love for India

"I feel my own little universe is out there with Runaway," says Norwegian singer-songwriter Aurora on her viral song that has taken social media by storm.
Aurora's exclusive Pinkvilla interview on her song Runaway. EXCLUSIVE: Aurora opens up on her hit trending song Runaway, new album release plan & love for India.
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If you're an enthusiastic Instagram user, you already know the 'Runaway' trend that has taken social media by storm. Norwegian singer-songwriter Aurora's hit track 'Runaway' which she wrote when she was all of 11 and released it in 2016, has made millennials rediscover and fall in love with it. The song has made it to lakhs of Instagram reels and TikTok videos with its dreamy colours coupled with the stars and moon.

Pinkvilla caught up with Aurora for a fun chat and to gauge her reaction on being a trendsetter, plans for her new album and if she ever plans on visiting India. Read excerpts from Pinkvilla's interview with Aurora:

Runaway has taken social media by storm. People have become extremely creative with your song. Have you watched the reels and TikTok videos? What has your reaction been?    

Well, I have actually seen lots of videos. They're so beautiful and I feel my own little universe is out there with Runaway. The way people have created this beautiful world, everything is just so good. It is very moving. I am really impressed with how creative people are and how aesthetically it is just beautiful.

You wrote Runaway when you were 12 or 13 and released it in 2016. The song has come so far and now become an international trend. What do you think about the song's journey?

I was 11 when I wrote this song. It's so strange to think about, it's unbelievable. I never really dreamt of being an artist, it was never my plan. It happened by accident. I love to write in my room for myself and I found so much comfort in the music and that was enough. So when I wrote this song, I didn’t even think anyone would hear it. I would be the only person in the whole world to know that this song ever existed. Now, it is very strange to think that people are listening to my song.

When I wrote it, I just wanted to put sadness into words and the longing for a safe place and for things to get back to normal. It was actually just to comfort myself.

Do you have any specific memory that comes to your mind when you hear Runaway?  

I remember the day I wrote it. I was sitting in my childhood home by the piano and next to my piano I have a window and outside of that window is the ocean. And I was just looking outside the ocean and I remember so well that I was thinking... 'Wow, the ocean is so big and it's so beautiful, yet it is so scary and dangerous and dark'. It just blew me away and I was just staring at it. That's when the 'hmm hmm' (mimics the beginning of Runaway) came into my mind because I felt that was the sound of it.

It has this complex feeling and then the first line of the song is, 'I was listening to the ocean'. So, it was basically what I was doing right there. I was just writing about it and all the thoughts came in my head...so I remember that really well. I also remember the first time I played it for people and they were singing along with me. How moving it is to hear many people say, "Oh, take me home!" It is really touching.

Have you heard Indian or Bollywood music? Are you familiar with the music of India?

I think the most beautiful thing in life is traditional Indian singing and my biggest wish is to sing like that. Because it just touches my heart. It sounds like all the elements. Sounds like fire, wind, water and earth at the same time. For me, it sounds like what music originally is. What the seed of music is like... and it is just the most beautiful thing I know. I'm incredibly inspired by that way of singing.

As for Bollywood music, I think it is amazing. All the rhythmical instruments and also the Sitar... I think that's the most beautiful instrument in the world. There is something really magical and special about all the sounds that comes from your music. I can't put it into words but the way you sing and the way instruments sound like meditation. It opens up your head and you can feel the sky and everything. It's magical to me. So I'm a very big admirer.

Have you come across any Indian musician that you particularly like or have heard over the years?

I don't know anyone. But it's quite funny because I learned about Beyoncé like three years ago. (Laughing) I live (under my) hair. But we have a lot of music at home that comes from India. It's very rude of me... I haven't learned the names yet. But when I come to India, I will know all of them and hopefully I can meet them.

India has been on my bucket list for a really long time. There is something magical about India. A part of my soul belongs there and is longing to go there. I wanted to come years ago but I think not a lot of people knew about me in India. So, my team said there's no reason to go. But maybe now...

What are you working on next? Is there any new music on the radar?

I'm working on lots of new music. I'm actually making an album which I think I might release this year. But it will be sooner than you think and later than you hope. It's a very exciting album. It's quite different. It's very Aurora but it is a bit different especially from Runaway what people know now. But it also has a lot in common with Runaway. It has a lot of darkness and light. It is very complex.

In multiple interviews, you've mentioned that your music is inspired from elements of nature. What's the element inspiration for your next album?

Yes, this has a lot of fire in it. The last album had (inspiration) a lot of water and then I had an album with a lot of earth in it. This one has a lot of fire in it.

Do you plan on collaborating with anyone from across the global music industry?

I'm still looking for someone to collaborate with. But I don't want to collaborate with all the really famous people...the big names. I want to find someone new. It takes more time because I have to find them. Maybe I meet them on the street, maybe I meet them in India, maybe I meet them in Norway...I don't know. But I feel like I have to find the right person that has a hidden talent which the world doesn't know about yet. So, I'm looking for someone not famous.

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Anonymous 1 week ago

Her appearance,name and songs .. doesn't seem like she's a human ..but more of angelic.. remember she was the one who added the mystical voice in frozen 2.and all things rotate around it ..so her music just rotates arounf nature..not only nature .but around the mystery of nature

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Fun fact: The landscape scenes with the ocean in the video are from her childhood home garden and practically the view she had when she wrote the song." I was listening to the ocean"

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Thank you for this interview

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

My aurora you are so kind... hearing all the things about my country......and your desire to come in India...has always been my dream so that I can meet you in person...I love you ❤️

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

We need more musicians like her now a days how ever is in the world we need dreamers change makers yesss!!!

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

We honour your love for India. India is made up of colours.we respect your love for India.we love those who love India.

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

i love her her music changed everything for me.

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Most irritating song ever

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Chal foot

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Well its been praised my many Critics who know a lot more about music than an idiot like you

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

You dont know anythig about real music

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Just like your opinion *giddup*

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Runway is amazing song, i love it