EXCLUSIVE: Batti Gul Meter Chalu actor Divyenndu: I didn't want to play safe and stick to one particular genre

We got in touch with Divyenndu to know his reaction to the appreciation he got post Batti Gul Meter Chalu, his experience of working with Shahid Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor and his journey till now.
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Divyenndu or call him Tripathi from Batti Gul Meter Chalu is currently soaking in all the applauds for putting up a brilliant performance in Shree Narayan Singh's film. For the actor, the journey to fame wasn't an easy one. Starting from the character Liquid in Pyar Ka Punchama to now playing a strong character of Tripathi, Divyenndu has come really far in his career and trying to make sure that he doesn't stick one sort of genre but focus on the aspect of versatility. We got in touch with Divyenndu to know his reaction to the appreciation he got post Batti Gul Meter Chalu, his experience of working with Shahid Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor and his journey till now. 

We started with asking him if Shree Narayan Singh gave him some tips for his character as he was the voice of the common janta and how did he come on board. On this, he told us, "Basically, how it happened was that I came on board pretty late and these guys were about to start the shoot in a week's time. Shree sir told me that 'just trust me on this and do this for me and I was like fine'. I just followed the script and the main object was to make the character lovable because when he dies, people should feel for him. His death is crucial to the film. This character was the conflict of the film and that's how I decided to take up the role. Like I said the whole point was to make him likable but at the same point you can't make him look too 'seedha-saadha' so that people could connect to him. That was the whole objective."

For those who have seen the film would agree that one of the unique point was that of the dialect. We asked him was it really difficult to pick up the accent. Divyenndu said, "Yes, it was really difficult to pick up the dialect. I remember the whole script in Tehri and I was like this is not easy to pick up. When it comes to dialect, it become even trickier. I was just sticking to my lines and I sat with local guy to get the hang of the dialect. As an actor, I believe to read the script again and again and understand the crux of your character."

As his character in the film goes through the issues of inappropriate bills, has he in his real life come across something similar. On this, he told us, "I come from Delhi and you do have power-cut issues. It's painful but those are on very personal level. While doing Batti, I realized the gravity of the whole problem. I still remember doing the scenes when my character shuts down his office and I understood how this issue of electricity pushes someone to take such extreme measures. A suicide is never solution but here it's about his family. The vulnerability of the character was my focus."

In Batti Gul Meter Chalu, Divyenndu starred opposite Shahid Kapoor who himself is an amazing performer. We asked him were there any apprehensions per se playing his role in front of Shahid. To this query of ours, Divyenndu had a perfect reply. He said, "I only and only concentrate on playing my character. I was very concerned about the fact that whatever happens, I am just going to focus on my character and that's the rule I will follow all through out. If you play your character with honesty, you will get rewards. I am from a theatre background and we are never taught things like more screen space or making your character look more heroic. The main focus is to just make the character look convincing for the audience."

Further into the conversation, we asked him how was his experience of working with Shahid and Shraddha. "I think it was pretty fun to work with Shahid Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor. The vibe on the sets was easy. Shraddha and I bonded really well since we were paired opposite each other. It was very nice of Shraddha Kapoor to say on the very first day that she wanted to work with me. I was glad. With Shahid, it was equally nice. He also knew my character was crucial to the film. Just to add, I never cross that boundary and make the other person uncomfortable by being over-friendly. I am very reserved in that sense," said the actor. 

It was Divyenndu who stole the show in the first half, but was he expecting such a response. Well, the answer is - "Not really, but I always wanted such a reaction. I was just thinking that I had to give my 100% to character. Sunder Mohan Tripathi is a pure soul and you can't really interfere with how he thinks or the character moves in terms of the story and I didn't want to manipulate it or rather contaminate. When the audience sees Tripathi's character, they should think it's pure and it's relatable."

Talking about the first half, many viewers had an issue with the length of it. Addressing this, Divyenndu told us, "Everyone is entitled to their opinions. I believe you should follow your director's vision or otherwise it will get all messed. I completely respect what people are saying but I totally stand by my director. Whatever he thought was good for the film, he did."

His journey has been a roller-coaster ride as he did not want to limit himself as a comic actor post his debut in Pyar Ka Punchnama. In a nutshell, talking about his journey, the actor said, "The whole objective was, for me, to not sticking to a particular genre and not to play safe. After delivering Pyar Ka Punchama and Chasme Badoor, I would have easily dominated the space of comedy. But, what's the fun in that. I knew it was going to be a tough route ahead. At the end of the day, the artist in me always want to do something different. I know I doesn't sound sensible to many people but that's how I am."

Before we finally say him a bye and end the conversation, we asked him some tips that he would want to give to all the struggles who have come to Mumbai to try their luck in the industry of showbiz. "To start with, don't come here to try your luck. It's a very serious business - be it script writing, direction or acting. If you really want to be an artist, then only come to Mumbai. You should have the basic quality of being an artist. Don't come here to be an Instagram personality and for followers," Divyenndu said and signed off. 

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