EXCLUSIVE: Bollywood celebs react on Black Lives Matter; Kangana Ranaut says still no word on Sadhu lynching

Anti-racism protest post the death of African-American George Floyd at the hands of a white police officer in the United States has gained support from all across the world. Kangana Ranaut speaks if our industry would speak against it.

The actor feels it is a shame Bollywood celebrities continue to live in a bubble and never fail to jump on the bandwagon. Anti-racism protest post the death of African-American George Floyd at the hands of a white police officer in the United States has gained support from all across the world. In the last few days, celebrities from various countries and industries (including Bollywood) have come out in support of Black Lives Matter campaign. 

Kangana Ranaut, who is known for her no-holds-barred opinion on such matters doubts that many of them are just trying to join the bandwagon. 


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Kangana says, “The Sadhu lynching happened a couple of weeks ago; still no one said a word. It happened in Maharashtra where most of these celebrities reside…Bollywood anyway is a derived name from Hollywood. It is a shame they [Bollywood celebrities] continue to live in a bubble and never fail to jump on the bandwagon, which can give them two minutes of fame, but ‘white people’ must drive the bandwagon. Perhaps, it is because of their pre-independence colonial slavery genes.” 


Watch Kangana Ranaut's interview below

She questions the industry’s selective outrage, “Even for environmental issues, you see them fight for a white teenage kid but so many incredible elderly women and even children. They are doing exceptionally well in India on environmental matters without any help or support. Some of them were honoured with the Padma Shri award. I was amazed to see their stories, but they never get the same acknowledgement from the industry. Perhaps, sadhus or tribal people aren’t fancy enough for the Bollywood crowd or their followers.”   


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Kangana has always faced the brunt for her choice of words and bluntness. Whether her comments are right or not is a matter of debate. However, she isn’t far from truth when stating that several Bollywood celebrities aren’t as prompt at commenting on issues which happen closer home.

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B***h how about muslims being killed in your country? You remember why your sister account was suspended from Twitter?
Firstly it does show your upbringing with the kind of language you use. It’s totally understandable the community you belong to at this point. The same language try directing it to the ladies if your house.
  • 1 month ago
B**h, her account was suspended because of liberal bias. She had called out the Tabligi Jamati as Terrorists who were throwing stones and bricks on doctors and police. But LW wing get away with calling RSS as terrorists even though they helping people nationalwide in COVID-19 Pandemic. Since then what happened to Twitter and Jack you didn't see? Twitter is against RW voices in every country. They even tried that in US and President Trump has passed a legislation against Twiiter and Jack is s***ing in his pants and making excuses.
  • 1 month ago
Yet again Kangana makes more sense than the whole Bolly celebs combined together, Bollywood people will refuse to take sides in Indian political matters cause they are afraid of backlash but continue to do PR in the name of Black Lives Matter. And most of these "woke" celebs will go back to endorsing fairness creams and doing blackface in their movies
She is so right
How shameless. Kangana fully supported Rangoli when she demanded that all Muslims should be shouted by making them stand in a line.
Yeah psycho sisters wanted mass killing of Muslims, abuse Muslims, threatening muslims and now doing drama.
Chup bh*****le
  • 1 month ago
Its hypocritical of her to lecture bollywood over selective outrage on social issues, while she expresses selective outrage herself and often biased towards the BJP. Has she expressed any concern over the plight of migrant labor during this time?
Iska r***i rona khatam hi nahin hota
What she is saying is absolutely right
100% correct! Bollywood will only stand for injustice if it’s far removed from them and if they won’t face repercussions from it. The industry is run in profit and if they say anything their movies will be banned or boycotted.
So whats wrong in that? Why would anyone jeopardize their investment?
  • 1 month ago
Similarly, BJP is pumping money into her production house and other ventures. This explains her bigotry.
  • 1 month ago
Perhaps, sadhus or tribal people aren’t fancy enough for the Bollywood crowd or their follower Awesome and so very true
That’s exactly her point and she is right
  • 1 month ago
You are the best actress in bollywood .. hats off to you we all are with you dear .. but Kuch log iss desh ka Khate hai or iss desh k sath hi gaadari karte hai .. unh jaise log kabhi bhi kisi k nahi ho sakte ..
Selective outrage? How about she comment on Jayalalitha's corruption case and jail sentence and then lets see the fate of her movie
She's 100% right!!! The only one with guts among the other Bollywoodiyas who have to make a noise to show their sickularity. Pseudos!!!
White bandwagon? Pre colonial? What is she talking about? A black man was murdered by the police in the USA. Black people have been brutally oppressed by the colonial era and beyond. As usual her lack of education shines through. Read more stupid!
Kanganas opinions are always fiery
Fiery with distorted knowledge of history! It's pointless. She is a bigot, period!
  • 1 month ago
because bollywood is full of hypocrisy
Exactly like her, who is also a part of bollywood
  • 1 month ago
because bollywood dsnt has the ba**s or even pinch of humanity left
Wish this uneducated and ignorant woman knows that black people also matters. She should get some knowledge first.
Does this garbage need to say anything about current affairs with her limited IQ. Hide in the mountains you r*t n live in ur lala land. First have the ba**s to speak about migrants, the minorities n then show your loyalty to the ruling parties. Hypocritical idiots like you who talk about patriotism n endorsing Indian products display foreign brands in every given occasion. Ur sister has named her house with an exotic title n not k**r or ghar.
That too her patriotism made a sudden appearance when Manikarnika was about to release!
  • 1 month ago
Idiots endorsing her here are seriously toxic n negative. Please understand her motive.
Who would be that David that can bring this Goliath of hypocrisy down? Seriously too much of moral policing from her.
Not you for sure
  • 1 month ago
The lady is really frustated and wants to constantly stay in news.
Looks like you are frustrated because she nipped your chances to get paid for social media politics
  • 1 month ago
Kangana anything u say these days is not taken srsly and u urself r rrsponsible for this.ur constant lies and hypocrisy has totally exposed u
Sadhu lynching was not a hate crime and it was one off. The criminals were of the same race and religion as the sadhus. Apparently there was misunderstanding that the victims are kidnappers. The criminals will be punished anyway.
That’s got to be the worst normalization and dumbest
  • 1 month ago
Where was her outrage when her fav guru justified lynching when she interviewed him?
Watch his interview again! Wrong and serious allegation made by you.
  • 1 month ago
The sadhu lynching happened because the murderers of muslims lynching were rewarded by her masters instead of getting jailed.did she spoke for those muslims. Pot calling kettle black.
There has been no comment from the PM about the palghar sadhus. Perhaps, sadhus or tribal people aren’t fancy enough for Namo ji
Modiji hasn’t turned his profile pic black.
  • 1 month ago
Indians care too much about what's happening in America. There were so many deaths of migrant workers but no one cares what's happening here?
Kangana is a illogical toxic woman... she n her sister definitely have some upbringing issues....
She and her sister are oppurtunistic thats all. All this spewing hate and creating divisions are deliberate tactics
  • 1 month ago
Your comments are toxic and your upbringing is on full display!
  • 1 month ago
Not really a fan but nobody who is honest can deny what's she said.
Kangana rocks and liberandus suck
Kangana is brutally honest. If the victims had been from the Muslim community, the whole liberal brigade of Bollwyood would have come on the roads. But for the sadhus they didn't even utter a single word when all have been caught on camera.
But didnt kangana justify the crime when victims were muslims?
  • 1 month ago
Kangana always shows mirror to the pseudo intellectuals of Bollywood.
This attention seeker started again
Kangana is right and she voices what she feels
Very true Kangana
You can’t deny what she has said - we worry about environmental issues of west and don’t bother our neighborhood issues
The west are talking about global warming and climate change, not local issues.
  • 1 month ago
Where was her outrage when Drs and medical staff were being harassed and ostracized for being in contact with covid patients? when the visuals of the toddler trying to wake up his dead mother were doing rounds? has she said a word of praise for Vikas Khanna, Sonu Sood and many others who are seflessly serving the society in these tough times?
Sonu Sood is her enemy
  • 1 month ago
I thought the whole tweet by rangoli was about protecting doctors and medical staff. It was colorfully worded for which her twitter account got deleted but she was saying exactly about protecting our medical community and punishing those who harm them.
  • 1 month ago
There is a great deal of hypocrisy in how Bollywood treats racism in-house and what it pretends.
Very true, Bollywood propagates the worst stereotypes of dark skin!
  • 1 month ago
Who made Kangana the monitor of Bollywood?
She appointed herself coz she's 3 time blah blah, more blah blah and some more blah blah blah...
  • 1 month ago
Who made you the monitor of Kangana? Practice what you preach and don’t try to organize a lynch fest if someone decides to express her views.
  • 1 month ago
Why is Kangana so upset if people want to protest against racism? Just goes to show the sort of person she is.
She is not so upset, don’t spin her comments. Nor has she said anything about Muslims.
  • 1 month ago
Kangana is the only celeb in whole of industry who makes sense. Rest are all hypocrites
She's the true GEM among bollywoodias.
The outrage is selective. She makes a valid argument that we in India love to follow movements of the west. We butchered me too movement too. Another thing we do is twist things of west like we did for me too.
She is attention seeker lol. She is preparing for political career post Bollywood career. I can guarantee you she will join politics the dayher Bollywood career is exhausted.
Why won’t she she has great leadership skills, she may just be hugely successful politician as well .... why not ... meanwhile you will still be obsessed with her courage and intellect writing good bad all kind of comments to vent your frustration.... story of your useless little life
  • 1 month ago
How many dark skinned people has Bollywood endorsed? There is huge amount of hypocrisy in Bollywood which Kangana is pointing to.
She is spot on!
Bollywoodias are full of idiots . They have a colonial hangover Dumbooos like deepika...kareena..sonam endorse creames 1st ...
Bollywoodias never uttered à word against alia baaaap Who released book blaming rss for 26/11 just after the attack .in 2008 Who these people are helping.?????
Gosh that headly connection story was creepy
  • 1 month ago
Well said Kangana
Love u Kangana
I have so much to say but I'm afraid of the attacks ppl doing in comment section so I'll keep mum.
True, they are seriously twisting her words to meet their agenda. She said nothing about Muslims or doctors. The sadhu bit is about an example that’s about all. We never acknowledge our own environmental warriors. Is anyone saying a word about Sunderbans and tigers after ampham?
  • 1 month ago
Have you seen any movement in India being picked by the west? People in Europe & USA coming out in solidarity if an Indian movement. We ape and jump on bandwagons of social media. And we look through issues which are not buzzing on social media or don’t appeal to hashtag campaigns. Well done Kangana for saying it as it is! And please, she has not for once said anything about Floyd’s killing so chill.
Bollywood people hyperventilate about Greta thunberg. Why don’t you support our myriad environmental warriors in India itself? Why don’t you raise awareness for our rivers drying? We fail to acknowledge our own hero’s and for hashtags see what the west is talking about!
Love the racial awareness tokenism but where are dark skinned people in Bollywood?? Do we see any dark person in ads or in movies? And we don’t discriminate on skin color in the marriage process??
So is Bollywood responsible for the mindset of the people? Was there no obsession for fair skin before bollywood?
  • 1 month ago
If people didn't boycott and try to threaten actors lives when they give an opinion about what goes on in the country maybe then they would speak up more. Why do u think most actors have not spoken about the issues going on in the country? Because when they say something that goes against what others think people start to attack them for being anti-national. You have all seen what happens when actors speak up about topics. The Black Lives Matter movement is mainly in America yes, but black people face discrimination in other countries as well. This is a human rights issue. A black man died being suffocated on video by cop who could have cared less while other cops did nothing to stop it. Kangana needs to stop making everything about her. Colorism is a huge issue yes, but it's not the topic on hand right now. The topic right now is getting the other cops involved arrested and helping get black people the rights they have always deserved!
Kangana did not make it about her. Don’t understand how someone could infer that from what she said. Her point is we copy movements of the west. We believe in tokenism. We don’t speak about our issues. We don’t introspect where we stand on racism. Ask African students how they feel in Indian universities. Many paid by tweeters openly support issues - done are flop actors and other stars. This is not about movies being targeted either. PV pl post.
  • 1 month ago
Waiting for the day when average Americans or Europeans will actually follow our campaigns without pity or biases. Just like we follow everything of theirs.
Yes. How long suffering and martyred you are.
  • 1 month ago
The killing of the sadhu was a terrible crime and those responsible must be punished, but there is a fundamental difference between his murder and that of George Lloyd's. The Sadhu's murder was not racially or religiously motivated, but the second was. Secondly, George Lloyd's murder was at the hands of the very law enforcement officials whose job it is to protect its citizens equally. Thirdly, there is a repeated pattern of black Americans being killed by White policemen. PV post...
Racism is not new, it’s being filmed. If you believe that racist atrocities have happened off late you are living in a fool’s paradise. The differences you pointed out are valid but that’s totally off the point Kangana is making.
  • 1 month ago
You are right but in the sadhus' case also there were policemen who were either unable or too negligent to do anything, which should be investigated. The BLM movement is important but India also has many issues. There's room to speak up for both.
  • 1 month ago
And kangana ranaut is nobody to point fingers because she preferred to use her voice to defend buses rather than protesting students in Delhi, was absolutely shut during Delhi riots when minorities and their houses were burnt and supported her sister when she incited violence against Indian minorities and used categorical hate speech. She is the white supremacist equivalent in India, always has been plus she tries to act as a victim which makes her the biggest Karen ever
Agree, she has the same sense of entitlement & hate for others, as the racial supremists.
  • 1 month ago
You are wrong and your allegations are biased you bigot! Riots are planned and organized, they fall into a different category. Death of sadhus didn’t lead to riots! Killing of a black person and sadhu is a solo incident not a planned organized thing. You have majorly twisted what Kangana has said to a Hindu-Muslim thing. It’s not! Don’t spread communal hate in her name.
  • 1 month ago
The same way the people supporting rights of black people are taking to looting now (some of them), during the anti-CAA protests some had taken to vandalism. There's a limit to how far people should go, in spite of their causes. Kangana comdemned that violence but since she was pro-CAA, she wouldn't support the protestors. Freedom of speech is important but some do hijack and misuse the protests.
  • 1 month ago
Have Bollywood people ever cared about how African students are treated in our universities and targeted socially as well. Or for that matter people from northeast. Did we give as much importance to any of our hero’s who are fighting climate change or saving rivers or forests or wildlife? What Kangana said is right, we have a slavish attitude for movements of the west.
Valid point Kangana agree with you. Not scared to make unpopular comments.
She took the pants of those who get paid for social media liberal antics. Now they calling her names. You can present an alternative opinion but this organized lynching of Kangana views by politically motivated group is so unfair. There is also the usual suspects who jump at every Kangana article and write nonsense. They are getting paid by a lister.
  • 1 month ago
If people want to protest against racism or climate change or whatever, who are Kangana & her chamchas to poke their noses into that? This woman should really start to mind her own business because her sense of entitlement is getting out of hand now.
By the same token who are you to start getting hyper because she expresses her views?
  • 1 month ago
Love her candidness and she articulates her thoughts well. There is great deal of hypocrisy in Bollywood!
Kangana is fearless to express her opinion. When people fear such an attitude, they try their best to shut the woman up. They use every trick to twist her statements, to shame and to instigate.
Dear Chamchi, we dont need you tell us how "fearless" she is.
  • 1 month ago
Love this girl, she speaks her mind and makes sense. But those blinded by jealousy twist her statements, assign motives and try to shut her. Wont work. Her point is very valid. Please see how racism is dealt with in our country - ask african students studying in our colleges, ask people from north east and ask how terrible bollywood is to dark skinned people. Not even going close to the ad industry and the fair n lovely beauties it employs from bollywood.
It is true that we join badwagons led by westerners but the other way around never happens. Also we love killing terrific movements like me too because they didnt suit our narratives and would have caused a lot of harm had they been leveraged effectively.
Did any bollywood a lister raise a toast for Thimmakka amma who won padma shri last year? Did anyone say we should support her and many like her to protect our dying rivers? But we were waging our tails for greta thunburg. You rock Kangana!
Fully concur with kangana
The same haters are probably the ones that shout at their waiters like they do at Kangana. They don’t belong to India because they lost their mother tongue. It’s easy to blame but when someone is reading it carefully they notice more than others in unique ways that’s why Kangana is a human and haters are just fear dividing like Modi.
"Probably" that sums it up. All diversion tactics by Kangana PR
  • 1 month ago
she is right, bollywood people are known for selective outrage
Totally agree with kangana spot on and very pertinent
It’s sadly true that we follow bandwagons driven by west and the other way round never happens. They don’t care we exist but we copy them. The issues exist n India too but the players are not as fashionable to talk about by hashtag followers.
Stop writing in english then
  • 1 month ago
Kangana nailed it again proud of you
Nailed what exactly?
  • 1 month ago
So true, the sadhus were Jain monks who were peaceful people. Yet no outrage. And those assigning Hindi Muslim motives to Kangana should know she did not mention any of that. She is right that we are essentially copy cats who look through our own heirs who are fighting the same causes with more credibility.
Kangana Ranaut Ji is a role model for us all. We admire her so much; not only is she honest, but she also has the courage to speak out on contemporary matters, with the intention to bring social reform. Thanks so much for another incredible interview and this articulate article. We love you Kangana Ji.
She speaks her mind fearlessly and her argument is compelling whether you agree or not. We should look at how we treat dark skinned people, African students or how Bollywood perpetuates the wait stereotypes.
People who support the government and have support of the government have no need to fear(they have govt power backing them). It is people who go against the power of government who are fearless. What she is doing needs no courage.
  • 1 month ago
Kangana is ridiculously judgemental. She is a negative person & will always spread negativity. Bollywood are a protesting againt racism, that's a good cause and their efforts need to be appreciated.
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