EXCLUSIVE: Deepika Padukone's ex-BF Nihar Pandya to marry singer Neeti Mohan

Singing sensation Neeti Mohan is all set to get hitched in the year 2019. She will be tying the knot with Nihar Pandya, who once dated Deepika Padukone. The couple has been dating each other for the past four years.
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It is indeed the wedding season in Bollywood. After Neha Dhupia and Angad Bedi's hush-hush wedding, we are all set to witness two grand weddings this month - Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone, followed by Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas. These two massive weddings are followed by business tycoon Mukesh Ambani's daughter - Isha Ambani's D-day with Anand Piramal. Now, we have got to know from our source that actor Nihar Pandya, who once dated Deepika Padukone, is all set to walk the aisle.

Nihar will be tying the knot with the popular singer Neeti Mohan in early 2019. While Neeti Mohan is best known for songs like Jiya Re from Jab Tak Hai Jaan, Ishq Wala Love from Student of the Year, Nainowale Ne from Padmaavat among many others, Nihar is making his Bollywood debut with Kangana Ranaut starrer Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi. The film releases in January 2019.



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A source close to the couple confirmed the news to us and added, "Neeti and Nihar have been dating each other for the past four years now. They recently decided to take their relationship one step ahead. They would be tying the knot in February 2019 in Mumbai. Their family and friends from the industry will be a part of the celebration. While the sangeet, mehndi and the wedding is a close-knit affair, the reception invites will go to their friends from the industry."

Adds another source, "Nihar is currently busy with the prep for the wedding and is also gearing up for the release of his debut film Manikarnika. The movie hits the screens on January 25, 2019. Post that, he will dive deep into the last minute wedding prep."

Well, here's wishing heartiest congratulations to the lovely couple!


Lol! Will anyone even bother to wish these two or is this post all about RK Deepika and Katrina!

Katrina has dated them all models,sportsman ,businessman,actors etc

And katrina has the audacity to act innocent.Hypocrites.I 'm not judging everyone has right to date who you like but katrina is something else

Salman and katrina both lived as man and woman in the same apartment.Salman is from a rich family.

Katrina has dated gulshan grover too ,my my out of all the people gulshan grover ?

gulshan grover was katrina's ex top cant believe lol.

Katrina wanted kids with salman khan

Ranbir is a saint compare to Katrina

Salman is katrina's ex partner or ex significant other.She has 5 ex boboyfriends and one ex partner and that is salman khan.They lived as a couple.

this is seriously wierd - that was 14 years ago??? like when she was a teenager and not she is 32? at this point no point in referring him as even x, in few years even ranbir wont count - she was with him only for 2 yrs and ranveer and she dated for 6 already.

Damn. Nihar’s post has so many comments but all about deepika and no good wishes to him and neeti ? It’s about nihar’s wedding guys not deepika’s. rofl

Nihar is her ex partner or ex significant other. She has 5 ex boyfriends and one ex partner and that is Nihar Pandya. They lived as a couple.

So what you want to do about it now ? The wedding in on 14-15 November you can’t stop it with this bs

I can clearly see kjo's hand in releasing articles for d past few days which are throwing shade on dp n rs as he is not able to digest the fact dat dp n rs both of whom are outsiders are all set to become the power couple of bollywood officially ,whereas his pet project aloobir has been shunned away by the people n hv been called out as a fake pr couple .Everybody has a past, what matters is the present n future .Post my comment pv , n don be a kjo mouthpiece plss ..

Well said. People here are commenting as if they haven’t done anything wrong in their life.

Ranveer is a saint compare to Deepika

Deepika is good for RK kind of person , Ranveer Singh is too good for her. Ranveer has no scandal

Ranveer literally just said on Karan's show recently that he was dating three girls at once. but yes, let's drag Deepika for having exes

Feel bad for Katrina in all this coz everyone ended up with someone or the other but she is the only one single and it doesn’t look like she will find someone as high profile as Salman or RK anytime soon....she should have stayed with Salman...she trusted RK way too much!

She is marrying RANVEER, a winner always

Then Ranveer is the looser

We all know who are The losers

She wanted kids with vin diesel.

You were the one saying she is not getting married to Ranveer ? Right ? Bring something else to shame her

DP------ one down, six more to go. all your x-BFs tied up with some one.

We Indians can never get over others exes

Hahaha awesome comment

Wish Katrina get tied up too. Good wishes to her

That’s an average number of boyfriends to have in college

Wow she’s so innocent nah ? Lol.

Upen Patel her ex too can’t believe lol.

She dated rahul gandhi too

She has dated upen Patel too , my my out of all the people upen Patel?

Nihar and Deepika both lived as man and woman in the same apartment. Nihar is from a rich family.

You must be living in the same building ?

You must be working the maintenance

Deepika was Nihar pandya’s live in partner till she got her break in Bollywood. RK came between Deepika and Nihar. Deepika left Nihar for RK and RK left Deepika for Katrina. Karma is a Bytch

Your personal karma stopped at Katrina. Why ?

Karma works for everyone.

But did you notice Karma stopped working at Katrina

Yaar school college se hi aajkal ladkiyo ke boyfriends hote hai till they get married and their family have no clue about it. It’s normal these days so why shame these Bollywood actresses.

Poor guy his claim to fame is as ex of DP? He will be forever known as PD's ex.

She used him until she got famous don’t forget that.

and you're shaming her for a relationship she had when she was still a teenager. excellent!!

What a joke. Nihar is no Salman

He is not Sallu

Come on yaar even Neeti is more of a known name than Nihar who can use him ?

He is not Salman Khan. No one can use this guy. Please

He himself got a break now after all these years. Used for what ?

Basically Dp has always been hot and popular. This guy is amongst the many famous men who were behind Dp. This girl literally worked since she was 18. While she zoomed past in her career and was climbing the ladder of success, this guy couldn't achieve anything in his career. The more successful Dp became , the more insecure he became. They fought and later they broke -up once he strteď becoming more and more insecure, and obstructing her choices.

Popular lol. Easy you mean.

So all the popular ones in your minds are the easy ones ?

Popular is not easy

So all the popular people are cheap. Popular = Cheap ?

Whatever your twisted mind thinks

And she has the audacity to act innocent. Hypocrites. I’m not judging everyone has right to date who you like but she is something else .

Look at the audacity of katrina cheated on salman and went back to him again just for few item songs and protection ?

But the society demands a woman to act innocent as it’s the woman who will be asked and reminded about the exes.

That’s right otherwise look how ppl come back to taunt you with your exes

Oh please Rk is bashed right left and centre for dating why not her ?She has dated a string of men but acts as if she has only been with Rk .If that’s the case that let Rk live in peace too but you DP fans won’t will you? In your eyes she’s an angel who can do what she wants.

Not every DP fan is a RK or Katrina or anyone else basher. I refrain myself from
Commenting on their relationship as I don’t know them personally or don’t know what happened between them. I would Just wish her well as well as RK and Katrina too.

Her fans are like her too everywhere you go they bring the past as if RK was married to DP with kids .They dated for less than 2 years like DP dated with other guys but they don’t let him live do they.

RK is all cool with DP otherwise he wouldn’t have invited her. We all know which ex is not on good terms with RK

Nope not everyone is same my dear.

Wish them both good luck. It’s a sin to be exes in India. No wonder people hide their relationships

the mohan sisters are lovely..

She has dated them all models, sportsman, businessman, actors etc

When she is so close to her wedding date "Pinkvilla" was this necessary to post .

Ok kat has long list of exes omg

Ok she has long list of exes omg

Just like Katrina hai na?!!!!

Damn, the girl has been around the block.

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