EXCLUSIVE: Guess Who? This actor's philandering ways may land him to the JAIL

Can you guess the actor in question?
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This actor has the habit of befriending the women on sets. The actresses he has worked in the past played along - some didn't mind it and some ignored him. There were reports about the acts of him getting over-friendly with a debutante but that girl didnt mind it. This resulted in the actor's girlfriend getting upset with him. But, then once the film shoot got over the actor forgot about the debutante and went back to his girl.
Now, again there have been reports about the actor get over-friendly with this new girl who is an outsider and didn't quite appreciate him trying to get too close for comfort and shirked him away. She even threatened to walk out of the project but the actor was warned and work began now we hear there is a security stationed on the sets. One mistake and the actor may land in jail... there is one big schedule to held overseas one has to wait and watch how does that go.. considering the director and the actor are friends wonder what the actress is going to do to be safe-- on set!
Can you guess the actor in question? Tell us in the comments below!


Masand Tum to soch bhi nahi sakte what that potent and formidable soul will do to u jisko tumne itna pareshaan kiya hai. Good luck mate !

We curse everyone behind suffering and death of SSR. You all will beg for God's mercy.

He suffered because of you guys! Shame on you! Karan Johar and the star kids (who are not talented at all), karma will hit you hard

Shame on you Karan Johar

Karan save your bf first

Someone please expose kjo

so when is Karan Johar's me too expose coming out. I am sure he has harrassed enough boys.

The SSR blinds are becoming tiring now, Karan. They are fake as hell.

Why does KJo have a hate on for SSR? Is it because he refused KJo's advances? Too bad KJo. Enjoy your nepo kids.

Why there's no blinds like this on kartik,ayushmann,vicky,rajkumar...why they only target ssr as his fans claiming?!...or maybe his ex doing this...

No wonder he's gone..!! Poor guy, they literally harassed him.

Leave Kartik out of this. He's only just made it big and I highly doubt he's as sinister and letchy as the names being bandied about.

its not kjo ,not his ex. i think some pr company is trying too hard to have him , for god's shake he is in half of the blinds .

Why kjo and his team is after ssr so badly , anyone has any clue.

I want to know too. Can PV do some investigating.

This guy always has the creep articles about him in blinds and rumors and somehow we are supposed to accept people are hating on him by the ZeeTv Fans? For what reason are people hating on him? Is he a star or anything? Dhoni gave him his only hit and RajKumar took leaps beyond him after KPC.. Who is out to get him ? What is there to take ? What is he holding on to that you can stop him from achieving... another flop?

Rajkumar got his 1st recognized hit 4 years after Kai Po Che...what are you talking about ?
Now that RKR has a hit, Rajeev Masand already did a blind on him cheating on his gf with Shradha.

Dhoni has given him a hit the same way azhar had given a hit to emraan and there are so many examples.Sanju was a massive hit not only because of sanju. In kpc he outshined rr rao ,(although I am very big rr rao fan) , sdr was a hit because of whom? And now just after the chichore poster came out yesterday suddenly a new blind came out of nowhere ,and regarding this his director had given the explanation .

Ah ! So the SSR blinds are back after a holiday !The article's not very clear as to what exactly he's supposed to have done -made a pass , touched them inappropriately ,bullying, offered them work for favors ....

SSR didn’t even spare Aishwarya Rai at a party who really got very upset with Sushant singh’s Behavior.....he is a Creep and has turned way too ARROGANT......time for the newcomer to open up abt Sushant’s harrassment....

how can philandering land someone in jail unless it is non consensual?

So soon Hamza will join(ME TOO)against Fawad...we need to support him guys...

Kjo and gang trying hard to pull SSR down.Have some shame karan .SSR is musch more handsome and talented than your nepo kids

Oh very well said!

The entire nepo brigade is trying to defame SSR because he is out there with some exciting projects and they are left with senseless comedis. Truth will be out

Boycott SSR

SSR it is ..fault in the stars remake

Sushant singh rajput

Ya your father KARAN JOHAR also got great things like this. Shame on you.

Sushant Singh Rajput. Such a shame. When will these men learn??

Are you glad now that he's gone. Celebrate, have a party. That's what you wanted isn't it. Demon

He is dead..hope you are happy now..these all were internal politics against him to throw him out by ruining his public image..such an intelligent and humble guy he was.. these all lead him to take such a drastic step

Please think for a second befire barking. Thus is a clear opportunistic attack by a rival PR to defame him. Even if you hate Sushant for whatever reason you still don't have a right to call him a predator when you have nothing to back your accusations.

SSR his director friend Mukesh Chabra, outsider newcomer Sanjana Sanghi.
Movie: Kizzie and Manny

Sushant Singh Rajput?

Akshay kumar?!! Maybe I’m not sure


Sushant Singh Rajput

Sushant Singh Rajput

Sushant Singh Rajput

Sushant Singh Rajput

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