EXCLUSIVE Guess Who: Newly married actress chose to uninvite Bollywood superstar because of their steamy past?

Can you guess who the actor and actress in question are?
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2018 has been all about the weddings; whether it be Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh's Lake Como festivities or even Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas' Umaid Bhavan extravaganza. We craved for the updates on everything and anything regarding these big, fat Bollywood weddings - whether it be the bridal trousseau or even the decor and food menu. But let's face it, one thing we really look forward to is the wedding guest list. Or more like, who was invited and who was not!

This Bollywood actress recently tied the knot with her handsome beau in an elaborate wedding which had two ceremonies, in accordance with their respective customs and traditions. They also had two wedding receptions in Mumbai which saw the who's who of Bollywood attend and bless the newlyweds. However, with such a jam-packed guestlist, one would assume THIS rumoured ex's invite got lost in the mail, but in fact, the said ex never got an invite to begin with. The said actor has worked with this diva in 5 films and all were a hit. 

A steamy affair between the estranged couple and the suspiscious wife was once the talk of the town, but ultimately it fizzled out. They ended things at first on a bad note but are now cordial with each other, but clearly not cordial enough to get an invite.

Can you guess who the new bride and her alleged ex are? Let us know your guesses in the comments section below.


It’s Akshay and priyanka guys. Akshay said in Adaalat he made 5 movies with her

Regarding Gauri. You know, i'm always on wives' side in such affairs, but not when it comes to Bollywood wives. They're all as evil as their hubbies, just remeber how they all defended their pervert husbands when 'MeToo' happened. So i feel no sorry for them. They get what they deserve.

It's Akshay, people. PC fans are so obsessed with SRK. You think PC loved him? Please!!! She was in love with the power, not the individual. Don't get it twisted. The real victim in this drama is Gauri. SRK and PC are not good people.

Problem here is , affairs are between two people . It takes two to clap . There is no solid proof of an affair . Wives can be insecure with friendships too. Gauri is not close to Juhi , Madhuri, Deepika etc. She is only a little close to Alia becoz there is no potential threat from her. Lollllll

It's not SRK. She never did that many movies with him, only Don series. Even if you want to count things as tiny as guest appearances, I don't think there are five movies, just Billu and Om Shanti Om. It has to be Akshay. Wonder what it is about PC, Akshay Kumar is notorious for affairs, even SRK has had more than one, yet Gauri and Twinkle have banned Priyanka. It might have actually gotten serious that they thought she might take their husband.

could be DP and rk. she prob uninvited him

I'm starting to think that when it comes to these two, there will always be news on them. I don't think anything happened beyond flirting. Until proof comes out that they both had an explicit affair (same with Akshay) I will take all news with a grain of salt. One day these Celebs will start suing for slander, defamation and false reporting not for money but because the can.

I was surprised Bachhan swere not there and nor was Madhuri

madhuri is on vacation. she is not part of any camp. no clue of bachans

Nor were Saif-Kareena, Preity- husband, Larra Dutta- husband....

PC i am proud of you.. You invited Govida jee and Himesh Reshamaiyya both are very talented .

How does it matter about the past? Nobody even knows if this is true or a rumour which stuck. Even so, if it is pc, srk or akki definitely are leading thejr own lives. And what does it matter who attended the reception. Some did some didn’t. May be they were busy or didn’t want to also. It didn’t stop from pc’s Day being any less special. And for some of them writing deep veer made the crux of the day. Lol @ poor souls. Dp knew kat, anu and kangs will attend and she didn’t want to lose her ground in her aloofness or be left out. So she May have made it & made the most of it which is good. Looks like they had fun. And how does it matter who stayed for long or if those attended accordingly are not a listers. Its a party after all not time analysis’s to see who logged in logged out when. And if ther is no bw space for pc , think she is capable of selling sand in a desert and move on wherever. Just send good wishes if you wish to and let all of them be. Rest is trash talk. Ultimately therr are no friends or buddies, they hve their own set. This is just a social relevance set up as they had all worked together like our office parties. But we all go back home to only a few good friends.

Best comment. People would like to believe the worst in people. It doesn't matter, everybody is living their life's and we shouldn't be the one giving out character certificates

Is it SRK or Akshay? Whom did she do 5 films with ?

Its perfectly alright to not invite an ex to your marriage. In fact the whole being friends with ex's is just weird if the relation ended on a bad note. I know it's difficult in film industry because they run in same circles. But its best to remain civil and cordial and just remain acquaintances.

But she invited Shahid and Harman

I think people are more obsessed about Srk & Priyanka! Their affair ended more than 4 years ago?! Affairs are fairly common in Bollywood but they are usually kept hidden from the media(although the wives are fully aware of it). In Srk's case, the media got a whiff of it because the affair got too serious and SRK considered leaving his wife. They have both moved on since then and people need to get over it as well. Why would she invite men who she had affairs with? It's not really shocking or something!

SRK - PC did five films together?? I don't think so.. Most likely it is Akshay.. Was pleasantly surprised to see both Harman and Shahid at the wedding. Especially Harman because it looked like he was quite sad when they broke up..

Lol Pc shah and gauri

Lol Pc shah and gauri

People in Bollywood tried to finish off PC. But Pc chose to work and keep going. Everyone cannot do that. She is extremely hardword, determined and does what she feels like doing. If paid PR works , the rich would have surely opted for it. But I dont think success comes with Paid PR. It comes with hardwork and luck purely. Period.

Srk and Gauri chose not to attend or not invited, that's fine. With what Gauri and her Chamchas did to PC, It is good that they r not invited.

What happened? What did they do? I haven't heard about this. Sounds juicy.

Yeah I also wanna know

yea im seriusly dying to know toooo

SRK PC, everyone knows, Gauri is one amazing woman, and she must love him dearly, of course when you are together more than 22 years , you have almost spend a lifetime, love does not disappear quickly you see, not possible so I get her being with him, not easy when you have kids so Srk is lucky to have such a woman in his life, any other woman’d ve kicked him our. Such nasty person he is.. I can never forgive him for what he did to his wife, looser.

HHHA, stupid paid trolls are inventing their own facts how "Akshay is cordial with PC" HAHHAH, they all are "cordial" with each others and of course, people have hand in your career, look what happened to Tanushree Dutta, her career got destroyed and due to Akshay and SRK why PC got tons of offers and of course, she is narcissist and manipulative and she tried her "best" to make it and now she lives on her paid PR, paparazzi and social media machine, this woman knows how to get her "name" out and now she is famous for month long wedding!!! HA

Sad if that was it, then ab junior, bobby deol or arjun kapoor would have a field day in their career graph. Yes push will be given but its your gritt to build career and peoples perception. Fans are no more blind. Content & substance matters. So if either of like you insinuate got her chances she worked too else she would be a daisy or a jackie.

At least she survives on her skills unlike starkids!

She seems to be very skilled between the sheets by all this stories

At least she survives on her skills unlike starkids!

When stories are written about your idols affairs with married men and you can not even decide which exact one it is ......,

Kat and Terry Stephens.

who cares, Bollywood star"s way of life, affairs is part of their life. Finally they find a guy to get married, wear Sindur act like Satisavitri keep Karva Chauth. End of story.

Sonam is PC's most sincere supporter. She was the only actress who not only shared wedfing pics but defended when that ugly article came out. I was shocked by her absence. Does anyone know the reason ??? On the other hand i was pleasantly surprised to see kajol there

Sonam and Rhea Kapoor both are very big supporters for Priyanka. Sonam is in London
but Rhea should ahve attended. Sonam has been absent from Isha Ambani wedding too.
Sonam attended Isha Engagement party in Italy. Sonam and her husband, Nick, and Priyanka were spending time together in Italy at Isha engagement. I thought Sonam and Rhea will attend Priaynka wedding or reception.

Sonam and Rhea Kapoor both are very big supporters for Priyanka. Sonam is in London
but Rhea should ahve attended. Sonam has been absent from Isha Ambani wedding too.
Sonam attended Isha Engagement party in Italy. Sonam and her husband, Nick, and Priyanka were spending time together in Italy at Isha engagement. I thought Sonam and Rhea will attend Priaynka wedding or reception.

Kat and mukesh ambani

PC with Akshay or SRK. Shahid and Harman were single men ;fully entitled to mingle unlike the married daddies who either did not turn up or were not invited at all in the first place.No wife will allow her husband to attend the wedding of a woman who nearly finished off the happiness of her own home.For that matter Priyanka herself may not want reminders of her not -so-happy past. Nick is not Indian and won't really be aware of personal Bollywood dynamics to have much of an opinion himself.

Now i know HR & KR fling. These whiter then white are the culprits of society.

I don’t even need to read the whole article to know that it’s about Priyanka and SRK.

Didnt even invite Akshay either,, hahaha, like Akshay or SRK would attend, hahah, even Karan Johar didnt even attend who she just shot KWK episode with, Karan just cares for the rating and no wonder, he paired PC with Kareena who PC was/is always jealous of!!! Her blind fans still wont admit she has had two affairs with married men to get ahead in the industry and Akshay is the one who gave her the boost the most in the beginning when she was nobody and they did tons of movies together and then she jumped on to Srk and joined Don franchise, which is obviously co-produced by Srk!!! If she hasnt had any affairs then why hasnt she done any movies with AKshay since then, neither both speak to her..hhhaa..And no wonder she is sucking up to Salman, that's he ronly last hope to get any work in Bollywood, her career is over and even Dailymail is sick of her wedding parties, sick woman!!
and her wedding wont last, Nick aint staying with 40 years old woman, when he is getting so many DMs from 20 something young Insta models and no one even knows their timeline when they started dating, apparently he slid in to her DM, a year ago but he was hooking with other women, about a year or so ago..wtf!!!

Umm Karan was there

Lol and ask your poor srk to save his career .. and akshay is cordial with pc, pls see old awards night on YouTube . Nobody can make or break anyone’s career. Either you get there or you don’t other than maybe slight push.

Lol thank you for the clarification. Now maybe you can sleep peaCefully without these details burdening you. Peace!!

It’s Akshay

DP & Aloknath perhaps.

PC apparently also had a wedding ceremony in USA with SRk front of her dad, clearly he can have two wives according to his Muslim religion and IDK, why people are feeling sorry for PC, she likes fame & and money more than anything, more successful you are, she'll try to benefit it from you!! And, is anyone going to talk about her friendship with Bips, didnt even invite her either she doesnt even follow her on Insta anymore!! And, wasnt it PC who broke to the world Bips engagement/wedding on Insta and Twitter and how PC was apparently so "friends" with Bips, and then PC dumped her when Bips stopped getting offers from Bollywood!!

Do you know pc didn’t invite Bips? Lol check ur brakes

Awee, then why isn't Bips there, she is never there, despite her posting and wishing them on Insta and why is that PC doesnt follow Bips on Insta, hahah loser!!

Shahrukh khan and Priyanka chopra

SRK or Akki with PC

PC had so many steamy affairs lol

It's PC & Akshay not SRK. PC only acted with SRK in 2 movies. She acted with Akshay in 4 movies.

SRK and PeeCee. sad,

Jaya bachan and Tiger shroff

Ranbir and Deepika

the very fact they neither was srk invited nor did he attend despite him&pc having worked together so many times validates the fact ''YES'' srk did have a torrid extra marital affair..with PC.

yup it was a clear give away on the dirty laundry interview where pc came with srks jacket..they clearly were in a deep relationship.He could have married her without divorcing gauri&it would have been valid..but i guess she got tired of waiting&of being led on&being made false promises..

While it is never okay to have an extra marital affair, theirs is a heartbreaking story - it was clearly an important relationship for SRK-PC and not just about a fling. SRK was torn between two women and PC gave up waiting for him to acknowledge her. Gauri, meanwhile, has always reminded me of Shefali Shah's character in Dil Dhadakne Do

Pc and Akshay. She only did the don series with srk but 5 films with Akshay. I had to go on IMDb and it made me realise how many crappy movies she’s been in!

PC & Sharukh

pc-srk did 4 movies together, so it's not them. also, they never were 'cordial', they don't even talk!

Rekha & Amitabh

PC and Akshay kumar

lol twinkle would never let akshay go

PC and akshay. she did 5 films with him

Canadian kr

SRK also had the perfect excuse not to attend... he had his movie screening last night.

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