EXCLUSIVE: Guess Who? Woman alleged of sexual harassment in this production house

A film organisation has received a complaint against a female creative producer, who is also involved in making some of the most crucial casting decisions in films, alleging her of sexual assault.
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The Me Too movement is spreading in India like wildfire. After a few prominent names from Bollywood came under the scanner for their alleged involvement in sexual harassment cases, a lot of women have opened up on Twitter and have shared their harrowing experiences. From their bosses to co-stars, no is being spared. While the audience is still coping up with the shocking revelations made by the women across, we have stumbled upon yet another shocking incident of sexual harassment, this time done by a woman to a man. 
A film organisation has received a complaint against a female creative producer, who is also involved in making some of the most crucial casting decisions in films, alleging her of sexual assault. A copy of the complaint has also been sent to the production house, where the female employee has been working. A source in the know revealed about the same and also added, “The complainant isn’t willing to disclose his identity. But if he agrees to come on record then the film body will register an official complaint and only then the production house will also be able to take action. But an unofficial complaint has been raised against the lady in question.”
Well, looking at the number of Me Too revelations that have come out on social media, this is indeed alarming. Though we are yet to see what action is taken against the offenders. 
Meanwhile, can you guess who are we talking about? Let us know in the comments below.


Hey guys, is it true that Shanoo molested Saqib Saleem too? Please tell me if it's true or not :(

Everyone know who it is. Not a mystery

BUT Shanoo is not creative producer. She is casting director only.

It could be Prerna of Kriaj Entertainment (SG)

if she's thick with rani..rani might persuade aditya to keep mum..maybe shanoo shud issue a public apology ..but we all know that aint happening ever.

Everyon eknows about Shanoo Sharma...she openly brags about guys she slept with even to random people.

There is a rumour that Shanoo uses lots of toys to traumatise young men...

Shanoo is safe as she is very close to Rani....in fact she is one among Rani's inner circle along with choreographer Vaibhavi Merchant

Rani's own brother was accused of molestation. I understand Rani's inner circle is like that. SHe herself slept around a lot.

Why does everyone think its Shanoo. As far as I know, she and Ranveer are very good friends

Are sure guys it's shanoo?!...I mean she is so overweight...she will be shy to involve in this sexual acts or even asks for it...

She uses lot of toys.

shanoosharmamarrahihai...so apt..just like her instagram handle...karma is coming for her.

YRF Is one of the most well established and respected production houses. If they investigate and fire Shanoo Sharma their esteem will grow. It simply needs to be said her crimes do not reflect the values of Yash Chopra's Production House. I'm sure he would be saddened by his production house being accused of being so cheap and low.

Boner killer-Shanoo Sharma

Tharkan Shanoo.

It is rumoured that her two assistants cleaned up after she was done with her act with hopeful young men. YRF how could you let a predator like Shanoo loose?

This woman should do walk of shame...how can she predate on young men. The worst is that men don't even get to talk about it like we women do.

Your dirty karma will hit you Shanoo. You will be exposed soon. Truth will be out soon.

Shanoo Sharma, secret Mission should be conducted. She will be caught red handed. Somebody should record and let world see what happens behind glamorous yash Raj films.

Why is a casting director described as a creative producer?

shanoo sharma and sushant singh?

Shanoo sharma, Kangana & Farah Khan are the worst!

I doubt even after the so called favors, they get work. These people are sick. It's disturbing that in this industry getting work equals to selling your soul.

This is from a big fan of YRF...please fire Shanoo Sharma...everybody knows about her ways. Don't go down like Phantom.

if yrf has to fire shanoo they would be in a limbo..they r quite dependant on her,but i hope justice is served if the allegations are true.

omg..never expected this from shanoo sharma..she's related to the producer romesh sharma&the entire family is pretty well respected&they are wonderful warm people..

Its not shanoo, she is just casting director not creative producer.

Ranveer mentioned casting couch on kwk and I think he was hinting at shanoo

Shanoo is obsessed with Ranveer and is constantly posting comments under his posts which he ignores. Think she tried it on with him roo

Shanoo...why don't you go to a brothel...stop ruining young men's life.

Shanno, Chhabra, Kjo et. al - they all bloody emanate from the same gutter

Gender has nothing to do with #metoo. Punish the perpetrator so that no one ever dares to do any such thing in the future.

wow Shanoo, nothing lasts forever when its built on the worng things! time is up!

Ranveer was molested and harassed by a male casting couch.

There was a Rajeev Masand blind last year about Shanoo too. Look it up. She was allegedly asking for sexual favors in return for casting opportunities. The blind also pointed at casting-Chabbra. Since Masand wrote it, I'm pretty sure there's some truth to it.

Shanoo Sharma.

Shut up dont accuse Shanoo

Rules are same for every man and woman....please deal severely with Shanoo Sharma.

I Completely agree with you. Unfortunately we are in a world where she will get more chastised than any of the men out there who have been outed. I just wish that in both cases (men vs women) EVERYBODY will be punished!

Shanoo Sharma...aurat ke naam par kalank.

Yeahhhh....shanoo sharma is going...Time's Up!

It should not matter whether it's a man or woman , anybody who has done something wrong to harm/hurt another person should face the consequences .

Shanoo you had it enough!! TIMESUP!

Shanoo sharma, the Lady creep..

Shanno sharma yrf

Casting director: Shanoo Sharma

Production house : YRF

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