EXCLUSIVE: Hazeel Keech - No, I am NOT pregnant

Hazeel Keech, exclusively, told us that she is not pregnant.

The wedding ceremony of Yuvraj Singh and Hazel Keech was one of the most talked about shaadi and the pictures of the two just went viral. Yesterday, the pictures of Hazel from the airport led to people speculating that she is pregnant. We decided to get in touch with her and she confirmed us that she is not pregnant.
Hazel exclusively told us, "I appreciate you are not copying and pasting the rumours since you're the only media person to actually ask me - No, I am not pregnant."
Earlier, when we got a chance to talk to Hazel,  we asked her a personal question - When are you planning for a family? To which Hazel responded back giggling, "Nothing set stone as of now. It'll happen when it has to happen as our marriage happened. It's destiny. I don't know how will it happen, if I am pregnant will he be around as he has to travel so much."
We also quizzed her on the fact that has anything changed post marriage. Her answer to our query was simple - "Between us, not really. I think we are kind of happier now and we both have the security of marriage with us. You know he is far busier now, so I hardly see him post marriage. We are exactly the same. We are very transparent in that sense."
We wish we get to hear the good news, soon! 

Credits: Pinkvilla

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When did media become this pados waali aunty always asking newly weds for khush khabri??? On a serious note, asking someone constantly if they are pregnant is very insensitive. You don't know what that couple is thinking/ facing. They may not be thinking about children right now, they may not want to have children ever, they may have some health issues. Your nagging questions just add to their agony

so so true. people think once u are married you should have kids within a year or two . oh please. let the couple decide. start speaking and deciding for yourself.

I wish and pray for you guys. having a kid is a great thrill and a great parenting experience and The JOY and The Dreams makes life very interesting. Good Luck guys.

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