EXCLUSIVE: Kalki Koechlin on Tanushree Dutta, Nana Patekar controversy: It is not my story to tell

We met Kalki Koechlin at the screening of her film, Ribbon. We asked her take on the Tanushree Dutta and Nana Patekar controversy. Check out.
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We got to meet Kalki Koechlin at the screening of her film, Ribbon recently. The film is basically about a young Mumbai married couple who get pregnant and are not ready for it. Ribbon shows the struggle that they go through as they take care of their baby. In a video interaction with us, she talked about the film and her reaction when was she offered the Ribbon. Well, considering her outspoken nature, we asked her about the much-debated issue that has currently stormed up the whole nation. 

We asked her take on the Tanushree Dutta and Nana Patekar controversy. On this, she told us, "I have no take on that because it’s not my story to tell. I am very clear when I talk about the issues from what I have experienced and I cannot speak on the behalf of somebody else". Not just Kalki, celebs like Salman Khan, Aamir Khan and Amitabh Bachchan have refrained to talk about the whole issue.

Check out the video here:

Considering Kalki has always spoken about issues and things that matter, it does come as a surprise that she chose not to speak openly about it. For those who are still not aware, Tanushree Dutta has renewed her against Nana Patekar. She, in an interview, claimed that she was harassed by him on the sets of Horn Ok Pleassss in 2008. 10 years back too Tanushree had spoken about it, but now it has become a rage, courtesy the social media. Many celebs like Sonam Kapoor and Swara Bhasker are in the support of the actor. 

On the other hand, Nana has denied all the allegations. Going by the recent reports, Nana is planning to send a legal notice seeking for an apology by the actors. Social media users are calling it India's very own #MeToo movement. 

What's your take on the entire controversy? Tell us in the comments below!

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Not expected from Kalki.. you made all these intellectual movies and when it comes to actually intellectualizing your answers you say nothing..

Perhaps Kalki didn't feel like she is in a position to comment where she doesn't know the truth about what happened. Instead of the media focus on these random stars, maybe they should focus on Nana himself, who seems to be brushing this all off and getting away with it.

LOL ! Considering the way Tanushree bashed Priyanka after the latter showed support, I'm not surprised Kalki chose not to interfere.

Arre didn’t expect this from her. What a fake.

i expect this from her

well she was a homebreaker so i can expect such an answer from her!

Then why not telling the world her story?

Oh for god's sake....she probably doesn't know either party! You can't force people to make a statement. This is why female protests fizzle out because you start attacking everyone who doesn't jump in and support and eventually everyone gets tired of the drama.

What?? Such a hypocrite... I never liked this Kalki anyway.

Lost every bit of respect for her and will never watch her movies again


Wow. Didn't expect this from her, she always positions herself as a feminist. If everyone behaved such way, reacting only to what concerns them personally, this world would be even worse than now. Shame on such people.


Kalki was offended that such a question was asked to her! So spineless and what a clear expose of their farce feminism mask. She was asked about tanushrees allegations and experience of sexual assault and not a word of empathy!media, Pls don't let a single actor go away without asking their opinion and their stand. Appalling!!

What does this even mean? Yes, it's herstory to tell but Tanushree is looking for support. She has already shared her story and she is asking the industry to stand with her. She wants people to stop working for people like Nana Patekar. People need to take a stand. Such a disappointing statement from Kalki... :\

The truth of a self-proclaimed feminist, who can’t even speak up to support an another woman

Lol!What else we can expect from these so called feminists..

I don't understand why media and press r going after stars, the ones who had nothing to do with it instead of the man who did it..every one is talking about stars so much to the point that nana is getting almost no backlash..Why?!!..focus on him not others who didn't do it or weren't even present when it happened..I understand why some stars r not commenting on it, because we need to know all details before judging..maybe tanushree is lying (not saying she is) so why should they support her blindly?..because she's a woman?!!!..we need to get rid off that mentality..we shouldn't believe a woman just because she's a woman.. there r women who lie, remember the actress from secret super star, she accused a man of molestation but later it turned out she was lying, let me tell u from a personal experience if someone accidently touches ur arm, that is not molestation...molestation us much more than that and a lot more painful..also the jasleen kaur case when a girl accused a guy of misbehaving with her but turned out to be a lie also..both cases people immiadetly supported the girls and started bashing the guys (stars, press and common people) but then the truth was revealed..it's not about men vs women, it's about supporting right and punishing the wrong and more importantly punishing the one who did it, don't drag ones who didn't do it just to get yourselves out of fire while the one who did it doesn't get his share of bashing that he deserves..pv please post it took a lot to write..

Maybe Manisha Koirala and Ayesha Jhulka should comment as posters here have said they were involved with Nana and he treated them badly.

she probably has no work as it is..*if she opens up her mouth probably wont be offered work..as she's not in an influential leading lady position..she's simply intimidated by the thugs of bollywood.

She’s right tho and not being disrespectful at all.

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