EXCLUSIVE: Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’ Mumbai reception date revealed

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas will be hosting a wedding reception in Mumbai on December 20, 2018. The couple got married on December 1 and 2 in Jodhpur.
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Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’ wedding in Jodhpur was dreamy. Photos from their wedding were featured in Hello! Magazine and the couple looks just perfect in them. They tied the knot on December 1 and 2 as per Christian and Hindu ceremony. The pre-wedding festivities began on November 30, 2018 with the Mehendi ceremony and sangeet function. The couple invited 225 guests to the Umaid Bhawan Palace Hotel where their festivities took place. For the Christian wedding, Priyanka was dressed in a Ralph Lauren dress with 75 feet veil.

For the Indian wedding, the couple dazzled in Sabyasachi outfits. Priyanka looked stunning in the photos as she poses with the Jonas and Chopra family. The couple hosted a wedding reception in Delhi on December 4, 2018 after their wedding. The wedding reception in Delhi was graced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The couple will be hosting a wedding reception in Mumbai for their friends from the industry. We have learnt EXCLUSIVELY that the couple will host the reception on December 20, 2018. The newly weds will be inviting their friends and Priyanka’s colleagues to the reception.


Priyanka Chopra will be heading to Sikkim for her film Pahuna with her mother Madhu Chopra and after coming back will dive straight into work. She will be shooting for several commercials besides her film, The Sky is Pink.


She will also be shooting for an episode of Koffee with Karan with Kareena Kapoor Khan in the second week of December.



Kareena and family will be in South Africa during his birthday so please stop all this and have a life. For any celebrity kid not even a normal people change their reception then why will pc.

Let the kid and pc both enjoy and get a life.

Does Taimur and his parents have copyright on Dec 20 that no one else can plan things on this day because of it his Birthday.
That is absurd. When do you celebrate 2-year-old birthday in day time? When do you celebrate reception at night time?

Priyanka is a working lady and she is also In Isha wedding.
She had to plan things according to her schedule not Taimur birthday. Seniors comes first Priaynaka is senior to Taimur.

I have really grown to like these 2 as a couple. I wish them the best! I am eager to see photos of them from their reception

Can't wait for pictures!

I'm confused about something. If someone is excited about Taimur's birthday, which they're entitled to be, why are you so angry? Bashing someone else's happiness won't make Taimur's birthday any better. Will Taimur be upset if someone else celebrates something in their life on the same day? I highly doubt it. Go and be happy about his birthday :)

I feel sad for the person/people bringing up Taimur. They've become so desperate to spew hatred on someone they're bringing up a child. Shameful.

Nick and Priyanka : class and crass

We are excited about prince Taimur’s birthday not global con artist’s fake marriage reception.

Then go post about your excitement in his topic about his birthday. Why are you here? LOL

Taimur is not just any ordinary baby of Bwood, he’s the National Treasure......PC did this on purpose to one up Kareena, she never stops with her nasty competitiveness. Kareena should ask her on KWK where did she get her accent from again, as it still applies. She went to live in the USA and Canada but ended up with a fake British accent.....lol, the global con artist herself....nobody speaks like that there.

All the nasty comments about PC are by Gauri and twinkles hired trolls & PR. God bless PC. Burn Gauri budhi & co.

Global con artist is active again

Watch her this artist will be much more famous and richer than any actress in Bollywood.
Only intelligent people can understand her. Not auntiejee who just do auntijee gossip.

Ok finally you guys have admitted her agenda and that is ok if she wants to be the richest and most famous but please do not pretend that this sham of a wedding was for love. Maybe the lady who wrote the article about her was right.

I love how DP fans have suddenly turned into Taimur fans awwwww

Come on , why is an innocent little boy coming into this ? Taimur's b'day has never been a Bollywood bash for adults ,why should anybody change their dates for this? On an unrelated note ,isn't there any reception in USA?

Nasty comments here. Priyanka and Nick have a clean heart. God bless them. They dont have a dirty mind.

Hope she invites Shahrukh and Gauri Khan.

PC's paid trolls are writing up an essays now, yikes, no one is reading that shi**T!!!

Nha it’s easy to type ..

Honestly, the haters writing rude things about PC's reception clashing with Taimur's party are NOT Kareena's fans. I'm almost certain they're DP fan masquerading as Kareena's. Incase you weren't aware, kids' birthday parties happen in the daytime and BW celebs' parties happen at night (usually after 9pm). Nobody said anything when DP conveniently held her BW reception on the same day as PC's wedding knowing full well that PC, Pari, and Arpita wouldn't be able to make it. And another huge wedding was taking place in Bangkok and stars like Salman and Akshay couldn't make it either - so why didn't DP change her reception date to make sure everyone could attend? Why did she hold her party knowing full well there would be comparisons made with PC's wedding? Nobody cared, because that's life. PC's fans didn't say a thing because it's not a big deal. Dates are limited, sometimes things will clash. But all of a sudden, PC happens to hold her reception on a child's birthdate and DP's fans are up in arms?! Get over yourselves. PC and Kareena are friendly (or why else would they agree to come on KWK together?) - the only people who are worried about this 'clash' are DP fans who are trying to create a problem when there is none. Kareena can hold Taimur's birthday party during the day, and PC's reception will be at night. No problem. DP fans, I request you to please stay out of these articles if it causes you to act so unreasonably for no reason at all. PV please post!

Did you honestly feel you made points when you typed this??
If PC is the victim or innocent one in all this as you claim, could you answer this: Why did she choose that date knowing fully well it would clash with DP-RS reception? DP planned her wedding for a yr, PC met and married in 5 months and you still cant see that its PC that should have adjusted her dates?
Everyone are big girls and boys. No big deal if dates clash but do not accuse DPRS. That is sheer stupidity

Except for the white wedding dress she copied dp and rs in every single thing. That's why her wedding was set two weeks after. She is also getting a lot of press with the comparisons. This lady is a real piece of work. Besides her trolls she also comments on Pv ( she is also on oneshot under some new names ) 24/7. Notice there is a response to almost every comment posted against her and those responses are typical of her style of speaking. She is out to get dp and again I ask the question why ? Is it just plain old jealousy ? Is it competition on a professional level? Is it a personal grudge ? One thing I can say she is very in your face aggressive.....its like she is on a rampaging marauder ! Pv please post my essay too .

HAHHA, PC's PR team has learned a new word: "stratosphere." LOL..and trying to down play her motives why she picked Taimur's birthday for her stupid reception...hahaah, such low lives...

Admit it. You had to look up the meaning. She’s a self made international global star. Why are you obsessed with a child. Creep

Excuse me ! that's a normal everyday word for people with even a little education........please do not judge others by your standards.

LOL, you mean you are obsessed with Taimur and projecting and her others "creep" when you are the one and so is PC...and hahah self made, you mean getting horizontal, look that up bimbo

Can’t wait to see what she will wear. She’s been killing it. To the person repeatedly crying about this Taimur. LOL. Are you for real? He’s probably not even in her stratosphere right now or anybody else’s. Calm down.

global con artist is back at it again!!!

Global con artist and her trolls are at it again, she stole Deepika's thunder and now after little baby..and ppl defending her just her paid trolls and possibly her corrupt mother as well..LOL

This woman is at it again, whatever she does is with an ulterior motives, everyone knows, how famous Taimur is so of course she'll have the party on his birthday!!

She is so jealous of Kareena that she married poor nick so she could get a baby looking like her son. You know the white skin and all that........

excited for their reception. loved seeing pics from her wedding the most.

Her lehenga is similar to Drasti Dhami's wedding lehenga.

I feel sorry for that one person who is crying about Taimur's birthday. They must be Kareena's only remaining fan.

AWEE, PC 's trolls at it again, fee; sorry for you that you are brainwashed


Why is it a problem if Taimur's birthday and this reception are on the same day? It wasn't a problem for people when Deepika had a bunch of receptions during Priyanka's wedding festivities. Why the double standards now? PV please post

Maybe because DP has been planning her wedding for at least a year and PC pretty much had a shotgun wedding (an expensive one).

PC is a fantastic businesswoman and kudos to her ambition but let’s not pretend that she’s a sweet, innocent angel. She’s shrewd and knows how to work things to an advantage (good for her!).

All this over the top support for actors who don’t know you exist is mind boggling. Btw, all of this can and probably does hold true for all other actors (before some of you idiots think I am a fan of any of them).

Whatever their motives these women are married - wish them well and move on.

Why is that one person so angry? Taimur's birthday is not a national holiday where it's a crime to celebrate something else lol

Hahahha I think after :
1) Sonam’s please don’t leak my info
2) Shraddha’s she is made of platinum and diamonds heart
3) kajol’s How did she become this fair
4) sara’s obsessive age calculator
These comments of taimur’s bday clashing with PC’s reception takes over the above 4 & is unbelievable comedy... thanks for the laughs.. lol

so true

LOL, you sound mental, get help soon...hahaha

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Lol, you really need mental help!! Someone lock this up one mental who may cause harm to others and him/herself because they get triggered by the hate PC gets!! No one is reading your BS, makes no sense!! Lol

That one person is probably his mom! LOL

And who are you,PC's mother, LOL

Shame on you for throwing this on Taimur's birthday!! loser

Demented woman stealing Taimur limelight on his birthday now, sick and pathetic this woman is even threatened by 2 years old popularity!! Now she is going to compete, this is horrendous

OMG< this woman is sick, why is she stealing lime light from Taimur on his birthday, she is throwing her Mumbai reception on his birthday, she did that on purpose!!! I bet she is trying to stay under the radar because not many will show up , at least NOT Kareena, Srk or Karan Johar!!! If her affair wasnt true then why Karan Johar doesnt like her or why SRK doesnt talk to her???

OMG< this woman is a sociopath, stealing little kids's lime light!!!!! Just burn u little Bi****tch

So that means hundred topics after the December. 20,then the torture here will have an end finally? Halleluja!

BW is not worth it but it’s their wedding reception so...

Lol, that's why sie begs for a film offer in India since months and why she created this "wedding show" since ten days there. Makes sense low brain!

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